Disclosed is the unexpected danger of thinness

Scientists from the University of Massachusetts found that women, who in adolescence or in middle age were underweight, higher risk of early menopause. The authors, who published in the journal Human Reproduction. Briefly about the scientific work is told on the website EurekAlert!. The researchers analyzed 78 759 women aged 25-42 years in 1989 and 2011 participated in a long-term study, the Nurses’ Health Study II. Consideration was given to such factors as body mass index (BMI), showing the extent of the ratio of the mass of the person and his growth, the distribution of fat on body weight changes with age and time of menopause. By the end of the long-term observations at 2804 women’s menopause came early. Experts found that excessive lean (BMI less than 19) the risk of early onset of menstruation end grew on average by 30 percent. Menopause usually occurs from age 45 to 55

In the assassination of the Chairman the person died

The explosion of the editorial Board of the TV channel “espresso” in Kiev killed people, announced on Wednesday, October 25, the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko on his page in Facebook. According to him, the victim’s identity is established. According to preliminary information, at the time of exit from the premises of the TV station was blown up by a parked motorcycle mounted with a explosive device, he said. Injured people’s Deputy Igor Mosiychuk, a political analyst Vitaly Bala and guard of a Deputy. They received injuries of varying severity and were hospitalized. In homes around the broken glass. According to preliminary data, the explosive device not less than 1 kilogram in a trotyl equivalent. For specialists on clearance, the staff of service on emergency situations, the investigative and operational group. “One of the versions of the investigation, among others — the actions of the Russian special

The President of Germany spoke about unresolved issues in relations with Russia

Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Vladimir Putin (archive photo) The President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier after talks with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, said that relations between the two countries, there are still unresolved issues. His words leads RIA Novosti. “We agree that the current situation can not satisfy us, and should not satisfy us,” — said Steinmeier. “From a normal relationship, we are still far, there are still open wounds, unresolved issues, primarily the annexation of Crimea and conflict in Eastern Ukraine, which are a burden and continue to be a burden to our relations,” — he stressed. On 12 February, the delegates of the Federal Assembly of Germany Steinmeier was elected President of the country, a 12-m account. Earlier, Steinmeier was twice headed by the foreign Minister of Germany (from 2005 to 2009 and from 2013 through 2017). Additionally, in 2007-2008 he was Vice-Chancellor.

“An attempt to raise the populace against the government”. What the newspaper wrote in October 1917

“An attempt to raise the populace against the government”. What the newspaper wrote in October 1917 How the press described the events of that difficult time. 13фотографий13фотографий13фотографий “Russian Gazette”(Moscow), October 20 (November 2), 1917: “During the day, the Minister-President of the A. F. Kerensky drove many of the members of the Provisional government to inquire about the situation in Petrograd in connection with the expected performance of the Bolsheviks. A. F. Kerensky on the basis of the available data indicated that, apparently, the demonstration of the Bolsheviks will not take place. Campaign being waged in favor of speech, does not have much success neither in the army nor among the majority of workers. The individual attempts to violate the order and peace of the capital will not be allowed by the government.” And in Smolny at a meeting of representatives of the regimental and company committees and a speech by

Checked “Beacon”: how to find and get the right help

Checked “Beacon”: how to find and get the right help How can users find the most necessary to be in a difficult situation, or, conversely, to learn how to support charitable projects — this “Social Navigator” said Alexander Babkin, the head of “Good Mail.Ru”. New project “Welcome Mail.Ru” called simply and succinctly — “the lighthouse”. It was created in order to link those who need help with specific charity. It contains data on more than 130 charities with a solid reputation. How can users find the most necessary to be in a difficult situation, or, conversely, to learn how to support charitable projects — this “Social Navigator” said Alexander Babkin, the head of “Good Mail.Ru”. — What is a service “lighthouse” who were you targeting? Over four years of work of the project “Welcome Mail.Ru” we realized how important it is to give people the opportunity to navigate a difficult

#It was me: men in social networks is recognised harassment and violence

#It was me: men in social networks is recognised harassment and violence Social networks continue to debate painful for the whole world on the topic of sexual harassment raised in connection with the scandal around Harvey Weinstein. After an extensive investigation The New York Times and The New Yorker dedicated to one of the major Hollywood producers, sexual harassment and sexual violence on the part of the Weinstein told several dozen women who were not mentioned in the original investigation. Among the women subjected to harassment from the famous producer — Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Lea seydoux, Asia Argento, Cara Delevingne, Ashley Judd, rose McGowan and many others. On 19 October they were joined by the Oscar-winning actress, Kenyan actress Lupita nyongo, and then talking about the issue all over the world. Recently, the actress alyssa Milano (Phoebe from “Charmed”) started in the Twitter flashmob #MeToo (“me too” or “Me

Krasnodar scientist hid from collectors from Islamic state terrorists

Candidate of technical Sciences Krasnodar Denis Khisamov joined the militants in Syria because of pressure from collectors. On Tuesday, October 24, the newspaper “Kommersant”. As it became known publication, the scientist was unable to pay for the borrowed BMW X5. Used SUV cost 1.3 million rubles, but Khisamov has not paid even a cent for the first month. The Bank has attracted collectors, who began to chase the man. At the end of 2014, he sold the car through an advertising site, and with the money bought a fake Tajik passport and a ticket to Istanbul. “Dennis, despite all his achievements in the scientific world and a successful career, still quite a young man. I think his psyche just couldn’t handle the pressure from creditors”, — told the newspaper his father Firangiz Khisamov. According to the Ministry of the interior, 34-the summer native of Krasnodar Denis Khisamov in may 2015,

Responding to the journalist “because” the Governor presented her with flowers and wine

Anton Alikhanov The Governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov said through his assistant a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine journalist, which one of her questions at the briefing said “in the head”. This was written by the reporter itself on the page in Facebook. “Came the assistant to the Governor Dennis Kalinowski. Brought flowers and Brut. Said Governor, and Anton A. apologizes. After Dennis had gone, the girls in the editorial said that the bouquet was very beautiful. And that it motivates them to go to the briefings and to ask the Governor of awkward questions (well, then this bouquet had been given),” wrote Oksana Mitkova. Earlier, on 20 October Anton Alikhanov explained the lack of compensation for kindergarten to low-income families with children “a head” and asked not to return to this issue. Audio recording of the interview was published on the website of the

The Chechen spoke about the payment of increased grants for attending matches, “Akhmad”

Students of educational institutions of Chechnya have to visit the game of football club “Ahmad” to get increased scholarships. The radio station “Moscow speaking” on condition of anonymity, said the graduate of one of the Chechen institutions of higher education. According to him, the Republic has a academic scholarship in the amount of 1.5 thousand rubles and increased by about 10 thousand. The last pay including personal achievements in sports and attending sporting events. “Achievement is not necessary if you have a normal relationship with the Department. But, if you’ll teach say for example, “dear johnny did not attend the event, let them run”, then the teacher will complicate the life of a student,” explained the source station. He noted that those who do not go to matches, during the session, difficulties arise. Therefore, students prefer not to miss such events. “I don’t know a single person who in the

In Kiev, the explosion injured Verkhovna Rada Deputy Igor Mosiychuk

In Kiev, the explosion injured Verkhovna Rada Deputy Igor Mosiychuk Verkhovna Rada Deputy Ihor Mosiychuk was admitted with a wound hospitalized in one of hospitals of Kiev. His press service said about the assassination, claiming that the MP suffered as a result of the directed blast. Verkhovna Rada Deputy Ihor Mosiychuk was admitted under attack in Kiev, reports his press-service. The Deputy was injured, he was hospitalized. “Only that Igor Mosiychuk was an assassination attempt. At the exit of the channel “espresso” when he left the building, have been directed explosion”, — said the press service, published on the website of the MP in Facebook. The TV channel “espresso” with reference to eyewitnesses said that exploded the bike, which arrived two people. One of them was severely wounded, the second escaped with lighter injuries. During the download an error has occurred. The fact of the explosion confirmed in the Kiev