Abdulatipov: Russia needs to conduct an audit of resources and sources of development in the Caspian sea

Ramazan Abdulatipov © Sergey Bobylev/TASS MOSCOW, 19 Oct. /TASS/. Audit resources and sources of development of Russia in the Caspian region – the primary task that needs to be addressed the country for fruitful cooperation with the Caspian neighbors. This opinion was expressed by TASS on Thursday the former head of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov appointed as special representative of the President of Russia on cooperation with the countries of the Caspian region. Abdulatipov has resigned from the post of head of Dagestan, which was led for nearly five years, at the age of 71 years in October 2017. On the same day, October 3, the interim head of the region was appointed 68-year-old Vladimir Vasilyev, former Deputy speaker of the state Duma and the Chairman of the faction “United Russia” in the Duma. “First, it is necessary to conduct an audit of resources, sources of development, which Russia has in

Putin has promised to prevent a massacre in the Donbass

Vladimir Putin In Moscow, there are fears that in the event of the closure of the border between Russia and Eastern regions of Ukraine, in the Donbas may occur the repetition of the tragedy that occurred in Srebrenica in 1995. On Thursday, October 19, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, reports RIA Novosti. “What are we afraid, I tell you. So to say that we are afraid of something. If you give the opportunity to political issues, until the decision on granting to these territories (the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk national republics (DND and LNR) — approx.”Tape.ru”) special status in accordance with the law adopted by Parliament and has now been extended for a year, if not to adopt the law on Amnesty, if not to do all this, then the closure of the border between Russia and unrecognized republics will lead to a situation on a par with

Trump was suspected in the substitution of wife double

Trump was suspected in the substitution of wife double The network has paid attention to the plot of the TV channel CNN devoted to the communication of the President of the United States Donald trump and his wife Melania with the press about the White house. Twitter suggested that for some unknown reason, the American leader has replaced the spouse to double. The suspicion of the audience was caused by hiding the face sunglasses first lady, oddly shaped nose and the phrase of trump, who said that with him right beside it is the Melania. “My wife, Melania, who just got here, too, considers that this issue [of Iran and financial transactions] is very important,” he told reporters, putting a hand to his wife. Users of the social network began to actively discuss the theory of the substitution of the first lady and to publish a funny message and theme

French at all times

French at all times Passed away the oldest French actress Danielle Daria, who had to celebrate this year its centenary. The date of her birth is the proletarian symbols: 1 may 1917, but her life is not recouped. Having received musical education, Daria, the daughter of a military doctor, started acting in movies at the age of 14 and graduated in ‘ 93, setting a record for the duration of her acting career. However, in her filmography, there are short film dated: 2016. Mourning the passing of #DanielleDarrieux, AKA the #Divine, at the age of 100, immense icon of modernity in acting, precursor of BB & Jeanne pic.twitter.com/JZ3ia6JOkG — UniFrance (@uniFrance) on October 19, 2017 During the download an error has occurred. In his youth, the actress starred in the lyrical comedies of her first husband Director Henri Decoene, also played in the films of Russian immigrants “Volga in flames”,

Presenter of the First channel spoke about sexual harassment Weinstein

Presenter of the First channel spoke about sexual harassment Weinstein Russian TV presenter Ekaterina Mtsituridze stated that they had been sexually harassed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. On Thursday, October 19, reports The Hollywood Reporter. According to her, Weinstein for over 10 years trying to persuade her to a private meeting. During the Venice film festival he met her in his hotel room in a robe and asked to massage him. As explained by the presenter, she was invited to discuss business issues and was convinced that the meeting will take part the assistant producer who at some point disappeared. Mtsitouridze said that the producer told her that she didn’t even think to tell anyone about the incidents. The first meeting TV presenter and Weinstein occurred in 2003 at the Berlin film festival. Mtsituridze interviewed actor and Director George Clooney; producer of his film were made by Weinstein. “After the interview

Police in Nizhny Tagil scored detainee

Stanislav Golovko Employee of Department of police №17 “Nizhny Tagil” will be criminally liable for the death of a detainee resident of Nizhny Tagil Stanislav Golovko. On Thursday, October 19, the human rights organization “Area law”. According to investigators, an unidentified policeman beat Golovko from 27 to 30 September, followed by multiple head injuries the man was hospitalized in an ambulance. October 3, the victim died in the hospital. The identity of the suspect is established. Criminal proceedings were instituted under article 111 (“Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health, entailed death of the victim”) and 286 (“Excess of powers of office with application of violence and with causing of heavy consequences”) the criminal code of Russia. According to Interfax, the police Department, a man came from suspicion of committing a theft. All in all since the beginning of year criminal cases have been initiated against 47 police of the

The inhabitant of Samara fined for reposts about same-sex marriage

The court in Samara has fined 27-year-old resident of the city Evdokia Romanova for reposts on the page in Facebook of links to material about same-sex relationships. On Thursday, October 19, according to Pro Gorod Samara. According to the newspaper, the meeting was held on Wednesday, October 18, in the closed mode. It lasted five hours. The Romanov court found guilty under article 6.21 of the administrative code (“Propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations among minors”), and agreed to pay a fine of 50 thousand rubles. In July 2017 at the Romanov made an administrative Protocol and called the police. The occasion was her repost in Facebook news, the leading website on the “Youth coalition for sexual and reproductive rights”, as well as The Guardian (on holding in Ireland’s referendum on gay marriage) and BuzzFeed (of holding in St.-Petersburg exhibition of Russian LGBT Teens). According to the girl, they were made

Company in Komi will be fined for a bribe to an official robe and a skullcap

Gave Uzbek robe and a skullcap to the head of Department of Rostekhnadzor of the city of Ukhta in the Komi Republic, the company will pay a million rubles administrative fine. This is stated on the website of the Republican Prosecutor’s office on Thursday, October 19. The court declared the company “ERIELL NEFTEGAZSERVIS” guilty of illegal compensation of the official (article 19.28 of the administrative code), signed her in April 2016 without proper verification acceptance of a new drilling rig in Sosnogorsk district. The value of the gift of things is estimated at 13 thousand rubles. The official, as noted in the Supervisory Agency, was prosecuted for “bribery and committing other corruption-related crimes”. For a bribe to the same head of Department in January for a million rubles fined the company “Gazenergoservis-Ukhta”. On 27 September it was reported about the detention of 61-year-old resident of Great Novgorod, who tried to

In Yekaterinburg lit two-story house in the area of 600 square meters

In Yekaterinburg lit two-story house in the area of 600 square meters MOSCOW, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. Two-storey dvuhpodezdny house caught fire in Yekaterinburg, the fire managed to be localized in the area of 600 square meters, told RIA Novosti a source in the emergency services of the region. “Fire in the house 16 on the street Dagestan localized on the area of 600 square meters. Previously there were no injuries,” — said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, the fire is carried out according to the raised number of complexity.