Aksenov dismissed the chief architect of Yalta

Photo: RIA Novosti The chief architect of Yalta and several of his deputies have written the letter of resignation at the request of the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov. On Monday, July 24, the press service of the President. “In Yalta, on my behalf wrote a statement and resigned the architect and several deputies. After having carried out a full audit including an assessment will be given law enforcement agencies the actions of officials, a decision will be made for the rest of the deputies who work there”, — said Aksenov. He did not specify any names of officials, nor how many servants quit. 6 Jul resignation, Aksyonov has announced the resignation of the mayor of Yalta Andrew Rostenko. The head of the Crimea said that it was “a natural and necessary process aimed at improving the efficiency of government.” On 1 June the head of Crimea instructed the

Lavrov said on

Photo: The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov in an interview with the Kurdish Rudaw channel said that Russia in the framework of the “provocation” issued at the end of 2016 sample text of the Constitution of Syria, with the aim to intensify the negotiations. The transcript published on the Agency’s website. “At the time we circulated a sample text of the Constitution as we saw it, but not as something imposed from outside parties, and as if you want a provocation,” – said the Minister. According to Lavrov, at the time of the Constitution, not many people wanted to speak, and in these efforts to resolve each pursuing its goal. “We make a rough draft of the Constitution largely served as a good trigger to ensure that all intensified in this region”, – said the head of the Russian Ministry. He added that the work on the

For the first time the Ministry of education demanded that the University return funds for government programs

For the first time the Ministry of education demanded that the University return funds for government programs As it became known “Kommersant”, the Ministry of education demanded that the MIFI to return the funds to the state grant — this was the first time in the history of the program, launched by Vladimir Putin in 2010. Officials claim that the University should pay in the budget of 22.5 million rubles, because his laboratory did not achieve the promised state results, and the lead scientist, a U.S. citizen, “has not fulfilled obligations on the personal presence.” Scientists say: the problems with the research started due to the fact that the leadership of the MIFI refused to provide funding. The administration calls these claims “dependent position,” the University administration is convinced that the laboratory itself should earn money. Now the Ministry is preparing a mechanism for the return of the grant budget:

Scientists: the impoverished sperm with humanity facing extinction

Scientists: the impoverished sperm with humanity facing extinction Men in Europe, Australia and North America produce half the sperm than 40 years ago, discovered by scientists from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. If nothing can be done, humanity will die out, they warn. Sperm count in men in developed countries has halved in the last 40 years. If nothing can be done, humanity will be extinct, scientists warned. “The future worries me, said bi-Bi-si one of the study’s authors Dr. Hagai Levine. — In the future it is fraught with problems of reproduction in General and may lead to the extinction of humanity”. Levin with the colleagues from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem based their publication Human Reproduction Update on the results of 200 studies in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North America. In Asia, Africa and South America, this decline is not observed, the scientists write, but note that

The Creator of “the Simpsons” will make a movie about a Princess and an alcoholic

The Creator of “the Simpsons” will make a movie about a Princess and an alcoholic MOSCOW, 26 Aug — RIA Novosti. Producer and writer of the popular animated series “the Simpsons” Matt Groening will create a cartoon for adults Disenchantment (“Disappointment”), which the main character will be suffering from alcoholism Princess, reports the American portal Coming Soon specializing in news about the latest in movies and video games. As writes portal, the viewer can watch the misadventures of Princess, her friend the elf Elves and the personal demon, Lucy in the medieval Kingdom. On their way to meet the ogres, trolls and fools. Cartoon about life and death, love and sex, and also about how to continue to laugh in a world full of suffering and idiots, despite what you say the elders and wizards.Matt Groening It will premiere on Netflix in 2018, will be released simultaneously ten episodes. The

Party may day demonstration with a poster for veganism fined

The Tver court of Moscow has fined the activist Rostislav Chebotareva, marching during the may day demonstrations in the capital in a convoy of vegans. On Wednesday, July 26, “Interfax” reported the press service of “Open Russia”. The man was found guilty under part 5 of article 20.2 of the administrative code (“Violation of rules of holding rallies and demonstrations with participant”) and ordered to pay 15 thousand rubles. “The decision the judge stated that the activist and other members of the column vegans “violated the rules of the procession, and it showed posters and symbols for the preservation of the animal world, while promoting vegetarianism and non-traditional orientation”,” — said the lawyer Olga was Dimitroglo representing the interests of Chebotarev. The lawyer also said that he sees no real crime in the actions of his client. “The activists were inspected twice on the frameworks of metal detectors and guards

Moskalkova has advocated the right of women to enlist in the army

Tatiana Moskalkova Women should have the right to bear military service in the army. Such opinion on Wednesday, July 26, was expressed by the Commissioner for human rights in Russia, Tatiana Moskalkova, according to RIA Novosti. “Maybe not everyone will support me, but I think that the girls we have infringed the right to serve military service soldier. They are not allowed, it’s wrong. We are tough, we can… worse than the boys serve in the army,” she said, speaking at the forum “Territory meanings on the Klyazma”. According to the Ombudsman, she gets calls from girls who want to be pilots, but can’t because flight school will only accept men. “This reserve. It seems to me that the emergency service today in the social and material plan, and plan for the future is still very weak,” she added. Moskalkova noted that today the Russian army has become stronger than

Sailed along the Neva river from lake Ladoga to the Gulf of Finland, the man was taken to the police

Police detained 35-the summer Petersburger Alexey Seredkina, sailed along the Neva river from lake Ladoga to the Gulf of Finland. On Wednesday, July 26, informs “Fontanka.ru”. In Management of transport Ministry of interior in the northwestern Federal district the publication explained that the activist, together with a support group was taken to the Department due to the fact that they did not have the necessary approvals to locate in the seaport water area. “We have to get to shore, we sat down and I warmed up. Then we were taken to the police station, took statements. We are told what was done, after which we were released”, — said the Seredkin “Rosbalt”. Swim thinks he is finished and to repeat it is not intended. Now his goal is to overcome the English channel (Strait between France and England — approx. “Of the tape.ru”), last year he failed to do so.

In Greece, the Russians detained for laundering $4 billion through bitcoins

In Greece, the Russians detained for laundering $4 billion through bitcoins In the Greek city of Thessaloniki arrested 38-year-old Russian. He for six years has headed a criminal group that laundered money. Russian arrested on US request. The Greek police detained a Russian citizen who was wanted by U.S. authorities on suspicion of involvement in the money laundering through bitcoins, according to the website of the police. The name of the detainee is not disclosed, but listed age: 38 years. He was detained in Thessaloniki. According to police, the Russians, in 2011 led a criminal organization. During this time the band have legalized at least $4 billion In the message of the Greek police, the Russians called the “brain” of the group. The Russian was arrested on the morning of July 25. The police also raided a hotel room where he lived. The arrest was made at the request of

Completed the investigation into the “drunk” the boy from Balashikha

Completed the investigation into the “drunk” the boy from Balashikha The police gave the court the case of death in a road accident in Balashikha six year old boy, in whose blood discovered alcohol. On Wednesday, July 26, said “the Tape.ru” in the interior Ministry. The investigation into the accident is completed. The investigation of negligence forensic expert, who claimed that the baby’s blood had 2.7 per Mille of alcohol continues. The dock will appear 31-the summer local resident. She is charged with as regards 3 articles 264 of the criminal code (“Violation of traffic rules and operation of vehicles, entailed on imprudence death of the person”). The woman is threatened with real term of imprisonment. On 6 July the culprit of the accident was detained as it violated the recognizance not to leave. On the same day the boy’s father Roman Shimko acknowledged victim in the case of negligence

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