North Korea has tested a new air defense system

Kim Jong-UN DPRK leader Kim Jong UN was present at test-driven the air defense system of a new type. On Sunday, may 28, Yonhap reported, citing North Korean state Agency KCNA. The exact date and venue of the test are not reported. Under the statement of Pyongyang, the new air defense was developed by the specialists of the national Academy of military Sciences, and, in comparison with last year, the system was improved in the detection efficiency and tracking purposes, as well as precision strike. Kim Jong UN said that it was possible to correct some of the defects discovered during last year’s test. He was instructed to organize its mass production and to place its elements across the country. 2 APR 2016 North Korea has tested a new anti-aircraft missiles, and the current tests are an attempt to improve its performance, says Yonhap. The situation on the Korean Peninsula

The mother of the founder of Uber killed while riding on the boat

In California during boating killed the mother of the founder of Uber Travis Kalanick (Travis Kalanick). About it reports TV channel ABC News referring to the company. 71-year-old Bonnie Kalanick and her husband, 78-year-old Donald, ran into a stone on a lake, pine flat, near the city of Fresno. The woman died at the scene, the man was taken to hospital with injuries of moderate severity. His condition doctors assessed as stable. In circulated within the company a letter called the incident “unimaginable tragedy.” “All in the family Uber know how Travis is close to his parents”, — stated in the message. 1 Mar entrepreneur Travis Kalanick had a fight with the driver of his company Fawzi Kamel (Fawzi Kamel) due to the low wages of taxi drivers. The video with the fight the day has gained more than 400 thousand views. Uber, an international taxi service operating in 68

The White house is thinking about creating a staff to deal with critics of trump

Donald trump and his team are considering the possibility of establishing a headquarters in response to the ongoing criticism and accusations of alleged links with Russia. This writes The Washington Post, citing a number of supporting the President sources. According to the publication, in the White house are already meeting on this issue. While trump participated in the summit “the Big seven” in Italy, his senior aides, including chief of staff of Primus Raines, Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner met to discuss the candidates. In particular, we discuss the option of the invitation to form a team of some colleagues from the election headquarters of the trump, including laid-off in June 2016 campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski and David Bossi, who made his name in politics for two decades investigating the activities of bill and Hillary Clinton. In addition, the newspaper, in the near future may change the approach of the

Fedor Chudinov lost to the British George Grows TKO

Russian fighter Fedor Chudinov lost to the British George Grouse in the battle for the title of super champion by the WBA in the super Middleweight division. On Sunday, may 28, reports R-Sport. The fight was stopped by the referee after the Russians missed a series of punches. Now in the asset 29-year-old Chudinov 14 victories on a professional ring and two defeats. The 29-year-old Groves 26 wins and three defeats. For the British it was the fourth attempt to win the world title. The previous three title fights he has lost twice by knockout to compatriot Carl Trochu and once — close decision of the judges Swede badou Jack. Chudinov in may 2015 win German Felix Sturm, won the vacant title WBA champion, and in February 2016, the German took revenge. Later it became known that the doping test of the Assault showed the presence of banned drug stanozolol.

Cell Libyan “al-Qaeda” declared self-dissolution

Libyan terrorist group “Ansar al-Sharia”, associated with the international organization “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia), announced about its dissolution. According to Reuters, the decision was taken due to heavy losses. In particular, the terrorists have admitted that they have lost their command. U.S. authorities accuse the group in the attack on its Consulate in Benghazi in 2012 which killed four American citizens including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. “Ansar al-Sharia” is included in the list of terrorist organizations by the UN security Council. On Friday, may 26, the Egyptian air force struck six blows to terrorist camps near Derna in Libya. In Cairo believe that there are militants responsible for the perfect on the eve of the terrorist attack against Coptic Christians. Then the Islamists fired on a bus bound for the monastery of St. Samuel. According to the latest data, 35 people were killed. May 18, in an attack on an airbase

The United States will send a third aircraft carrier to the coast of Korea

The U.S. Navy will send to the shores of Korea the aircraft carrier “Nimitz” (USS Nimitz), to increase the pressure on Pyongyang. On Saturday, may 27, according to Japanese Asahi Shimbun, citing American sources in military circles. “Nimitz” will join the already located in the area the aircraft carrier “Ronald Reagan” (USS Ronald Reagan) and “Carl Vinson” (USS Carl Vinson), forming the strongest connection to the U.S. Navy for the past 10 years. Only the U.S. Navy have 11 ships of this class (10 aircraft carriers type “Nimitz” in the Navy and not yet transferred to the customer latest “Gerald Ford” – approx. “”), and the concentration of three of them in one region is an extremely rare event, the newspaper notes. While it is likely that the “Nimitz” moved to change “Carl Vinson”. According to sources of the newspaper, “Nimitz” was 1 June to leave the place of their

The team doctor told me about the “purity” of Russian players

The football team of Russia The football team of Russia is clean, they will not have problems when passing doping control. This was announced by the doctor of the national team Edward Bezuglov, his words leads TASS. “Sure of “clean” players. Extensive work on prevention in this direction, all candidates for the team are aware of the different nuances, and we are confident that the guys will have no problems. I am sure that the doctors of the leading clubs in this issue keep the brand, otherwise the top clubs and the day will not last,” said Bezuglov. He noted that the doping control at the FIFA confederations Cup will deal with the international football Federation (FIFA). “Analysis of samples will be conducted in one of the accredited world anti-doping Agency laboratories, it can be and Lausanne, and Vienna, and Berlin. According to the regulations, the location of any team

Gennady Zyuganov was reelected Chairman of the Communist party

Archive photo Gennady Zyuganov was reelected Chairman of the Communist party. About the Agency RIA Novosti said the Secretary of the party Central Committee Sergei Obukhov. On Saturday, may 27, Moscow hosted the 17th report-election Congress of the Communist party, which was elected a new Central Committee and control Commission. According to Obukhov, Ivan Melnikov re-elected first Deputy chair Vladimir Kashin, Dmitry Novikov, Yuri Afonin — Deputy. During the Congress, Zyuganov did not rule out his participation as a candidate of the Communist party in the presidential election in 2018. According to him, the electoral race will be held “in the face of rising public discontent.” March 1, “Izvestia”, citing sources in the presidential administration reported that Zyuganov could abandon the presidential campaign. It was noted that he wants to leave the post of Chairman of the Communist party. Presidential elections will be held in March next year. About intention

Sicilian police dispersed opponents of the G7 tear gas

Italian police have used lethal weapons to disperse opponents of the summit “the Big seven” in the Sicilian town of Taormina. According to Reuters, the activists of leftist movements clashed with the police, and security forces were forced to use batons and tear gas. After one and a half thousand demonstrators demanding from the leaders of “seven” to pay more attention to the interests of ordinary people peacefully marched through the streets of the resort suburb of Giardini Naxos, a group of about a hundred people separated from the crowd and tried to break through the cordons. Many of the protesters were seen Soviet symbols. It is noted that the G7 leaders left the territory for meetings before the incident. The two-day summit “the Big seven” was held in Italy ended on may 27. It was attended by leaders of the United States, France, Britain, Canada, Germany, Italy and Japan.

Semak chose “Ufa” Zenit

Sergei Semak Head coach of “Ufa” Sergey Semak said that is not going to lead the St. Petersburg “Zenith”. His words on Saturday, may 27, brings Twitter account to “Sport FM”. “Next season I remain in the “Ufa”, “Zenith” will not head. I hope for one-two-three quality enhancement. A place in the top eight is certainly good, but I hope to fight for the European cups. Realized that he was ready to work on my own about a year ago. Was going to start next season”, — said Semak. “Zenit” under the leadership of Romanian coach Mircea Lucescu finished the championship in 3rd place and failed to get into the Champions League of the season 2017/18. Blue-white-blue will perform in the group stage of the Europa League. May 26, “Soviet sport” reported that the new head coach of “Zenith” can become the former coach of Manchester city Roberto Mancini. Semak

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