Ask a question to Putin, the student will be able to study for free in two specialties

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the participants of the “Grown-up conversation with Vladimir Putin” in Sochi A student of the Central music school (CMS) at the Moscow Conservatory, Maria Andreeva, asked the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, will be free to study at the second specialty. About it “” on Sunday, July 23, announced the Deputy Director of Department of science and education, culture of Russia Svyatoslav Golubenko. “The question of Mary, of course, encouraged to find solutions to the problems associated with the fact that many talented children in the music schools want to master two majors. The Ministry of culture has taken this issue under control, and we together with the expert community will develop a mechanism that will allow you to master two majors, but at the same time would not contradict the current legislation in the field of education,” said Golubenko. Speaking about the

Military Prosecutor of Ukraine arrested in absentia in Russia

Ruslan Kravchenko Basmanny court of Moscow arrested in absentia of the military Prosecutor of Ukraine Ruslan Kravchenko and the investigator for particularly important cases of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s office Vadim Primacare. On Sunday, July 23, TASS reported the press Secretary of the court Juno Tsarev. According to her, the hearing on which the decision was made, passed on July 20. Kravchenko and Primacom are charged under part 2 of article 299 of the criminal code (“Attraction obviously innocent to criminal liability or unlawful institution of criminal proceedings, connected with accusation of committing serious or especially grave crime”). According to TASS, the military Prosecutor and the investigators are in Ukraine the criminal proceedings against Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Kravchenko also heads the investigative group on the case of high treason of former President Viktor Yanukovych. A criminal case against Shoigu and several senior Russian officials were opened in the

The leader of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate refused to blame Russia the loser Clinton

Chuck Schumer The leader of the Democrats in the US Senate Chuck Schumer said his party must cease to lay the blame on Russia for the defeat of their candidate Hillary Clinton in the presidential elections. He stated this in an interview with The Washington Post, published on Saturday 22 July. Excerpts from the conversation leads to The Hill. “When you lose someone, who has a 40% popularity, you don’t blame someone else (…), you blame yourself. (…) So what did we do wrong? People didn’t know what we stand for, only what we are against [Donald] trump. And they still believe it,” said Schumer. The United States presidential election held in November 2016, the victory was won by main rival Clinton, the Republican trump. The latter repeatedly accused of communications with Russia, and the Moscow of meddling in the election of the President. So, in July the New York

Four children died in a fire in the Chelyabinsk region

Archive photo The fire in the Chelyabinsk region killed four children, one adult injured. About it RIA Novosti was informed in the press service of the main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the region. The fire occurred in the night of Sunday, July 23, in the village of Upper Kubanka. The first fire units arrived at the scene four minutes after receiving the signal. Burned a house in the area of 30 square meters. During a fire in the house was the father of three daughters and a niece. Managed to save only man. The reasons for the fire accurate data yet. According to the acting head of the Department of Constantine, Gandau, the victims were probably asleep and didn’t smell of smoke. On the morning of Monday, July 17, in the Orenburg region in the village of Koltubanovskiy Buzuluksky district a fire killed five people, including three young

In Germany said about the possible deterioration of relations with Russia over Siemens

In the German foreign office see the threat of deterioration of relations with Russia because of the turbines, manufactured by Siemens, which, according to Germany, was staged in Crimea in violation of the sanctions. About this newspaper Bild am Sonntag said the press-Secretary of Department. According to him, the Federal government repeatedly warned about the threat of violation of the sanctions regime and the violation of Russian companies assumed the contractual obligations. The edition reminded that President of Russia Vladimir Putin in conversation with the current Minister Sigmar Gabriel, the economy Minister, assured that the turbines are not intended for the Crimea. “The Federal government wishes to remind the Russian government of its obligations, and notes that such mass violations of the sanctions can again create tension in relations with Russia”, — said the representative of the foreign Ministry. Friday, 21 July, Siemens announced the termination of the license agreement

The Israeli army reported fired from Gaza rocket

From the Gaza strip into Israel a rocket was fired. Information about this appeared in Twitter, the IDF (Israel defense forces) on 23 July. According to the report, the rocket exploded in the air, as a result of incident nobody has suffered. Newspaper the Times of Israel notes that in connection with the incident, the alarm has not been announced, as the missile detonated at the initial stage of the flight. The Times of Israel also indicates that the attempted attack was made on the backdrop of the escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. On 14 July, the Israeli police shot and killed three Palestinians staged a gunfight on the Temple mount in Jerusalem. The criminals tried to escape on the territory of the al-Aqsa mosque, after which access was blocked by security forces. Believers started to put the mosque three days later, however, on 21 July it became known that

The Pentagon has described Russia as the most powerful of threatening Washington countries

Joseph Dunford The Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of the Armed forces of the United States Joseph Dunford said that Russia has the greatest potential in the military sphere among all States that pose a threat to Washington. This statement reports TASS, it was made on Saturday, July 22, during a speech at a security conference in aspen. The General noted that “Russia is the most serious threat” from those faced by the United States.” Among the countries that pose a threat, he has ranked North Korea, Iran and China. Dunford explained that among these States, Russia has the greatest potential in the military sphere and has “the largest cumulative capabilities” in this area. In particular, he pointed to Moscow’s nuclear potential and capability to act in cyberspace. According to Dunford, the US does not have the ability to concentrate only on one of those threats, adding that

The head of the NSA was that it would be premature to cooperate with Russia in the field of cybersecurity

Mike Rogers The head of homeland security and the US cyber command Admiral Michael Rogers believes that now is not the time to create a joint Russian-American group on cyber security. Such opinion as transfers RIA Novosti, he said during a forum on security organized by the Aspen Institute. “If to speak about my views on the matter, I would say that now is probably not the best time to do it”, — he stressed. While Rogers added that the creation of this group in the future may not be the worst thing. Earlier at the same forum, the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo said that Russia has no plans to leave Syria, and will continue to interfere in the Affairs of the United States. He noted that Moscow was trying to influence the presidential campaign in the country.

The UN security Council will hold an emergency meeting on Jerusalem

The UN Security Council on Monday, July 24, will hold an extraordinary meeting on the situation in Jerusalem, where the clashes between the Palestinians and the Israelis killed several people. About this TASS said a diplomatic source in the headquarters of the world organization. According to him, the discussion will take place behind closed doors after the morning session of the Council. The meeting is expected to take part, the special coordinator middle East peace process Nikolay Mladenov. Previously with a call to discuss possible steps to de-escalate the situation in Jerusalem was made by the security Council members, Egypt, France and Sweden. On Friday, July 21, Halliche located on populated mainly by Palestinians in the West Bank of the Jordan river, killing three Israelis. The criminal with a knife broke into the house and attacked the occupants. A man was killed 60 years, a woman of the same age

The Kremlin has responded to US plans to impose new sanctions

Dmitry Peskov The Kremlin is “very negative” to assess the bill on sanctions against Russia and Iran, which is considered in the U.S. Congress. On Saturday, July 22, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov. “Extremely negative”, — he said in answer to the question, how do you evaluate this bill in the Kremlin. Earlier on Saturday on the website of the U.S. Congress published the text of the bill. Measures should relate to the oil and gas and banking sectors of the Russian economy. The document, in particular, provides resistance to the project “Northern stream-2”. A number of major us financial and industrial conglomerates, including BP, Exxon, MasterCard, Visa, Citigroup, Ford, Dow Chemical, Procter & Gamble, General Electric and Caterpillar, have criticized the draft of the new restrictions. Also dissatisfaction expressed by the European Union, stating that in the case of a law can be consequences that

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