Bitcoin broke the third record for the day

Bitcoin exchange rate broke the third record for the day. This is evidenced by the data service CoinMarketCap. The price of bitcoin has reached the maximum in the history the level of 20 thousand dollars in electronic trading. It happened on Sunday, December 17, approximately at 16:00 Moscow time. Total market capitalization of bitcoin exceeded $ 336 billion. On Monday is scheduled to start futures trading on the crypto currency on the Chicago Mercantile exchange (CME Group Inc). A pioneer in a new market was the Chicago Board options exchange (Chicago Board Options Exchange CBOE), which began trading shares on 10 December. 16 Dec cryptocurrency for the first time crossed the mark of 18 thousand and 19 thousand dollars for one bitcoin. Two days earlier, it was reported that the overall capitalization of the cryptocurrency market exceeded $ 500 billion. Bitcoin — a cryptocurrency that you can issue any member

Suicide bombers in Pakistan have shot and blew up the congregation of the Christian Church

Quetta, December 17 Two suicide bombers dressed in vests Packed with explosives attacked a Christian Church in the city of Quetta in the southwestern Pakistani province of Balochistan. About it reports The Independent. The militants opened fire from machine guns and tried to break into the Church building, but in a gunfight with them came the guards. “We killed one, the second exploded when he got shot,” explained the local police chief Moazzam JI. According to him, in the time of the attack in the temple was about 400 believers. However, in the attack five people died, 18 were injured. The police chief of Balochistan Moazzam Ansari praised the work of guarding the Church of the members of the security forces. According to him, if terrorists managed to detonate a bomb inside, the victims would have been much more. Currently, police are tracing two possible accomplices to the attackers who

The head of the British foreign Minister has compared Russia with Sparta

Boris Johnson The British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson compared the confrontation between Russia and the West with the history of the hostility of the Greek city-States of Sparta and Athens. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the interview of Johnson by the Sunday Times. “I read the history of the Peloponnesian war of Thucydides. For me it was obvious that Athens and their democracy, their openness, their culture and civilization was similar to the United States and the West. Russia for me were the closed, unfriendly, militaristic and anti-democratic as Sparta,” — said the head of Department. Johnson noted that in relations between Moscow and the West were “a time of hope and change” after the destruction of the Berlin wall, but on the background of the current crisis in relations “seems to be an absolute illusion.” As an example of the hostility of Russia to the interests

NATO has tripled the number of rapid reaction forces

Jens Stoltenberg NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced the tripling of the number of rapid reaction forces of the Alliance over the past three years. He stated this in an interview with Journal du Dimanche. “After the crisis in Ukraine in 2014, the Alliance decided to proceed to a serious strengthening in recent years. We have three times increased the number of rapid reaction forces NATO to 40 thousand people. Five thousand of them ready to deploy within a few days,” — said Stoltenberg. According to him, NATO has stepped up exercises and air policing of the Baltic States. Stoltenberg added that a serious threat to the countries of the block is cyber attacks, with the result that it was decided to consider cyberspace as a military environment. “Cyber defence is now an integral part of collective defence, which means that a serious cyberattack could lead to zadeystvovany the Fifth

Finnish journalists revealed the secret of spying for Russia

The President Of Finland Sauli Niinistö In Finland criminal case against the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, published an article about military intelligence with the use of classified documents. It is reported President Sauli Niinistö stated that the materials were handed over to the newspaper illegally. “Disclosure of highly sensitive documents is a risk to our security, and the consequences can be serious”, — reads the statement of the head of state. In an interview with he said that he is concerned about it is the scale of the leak. According to TASS, published materials concerning 2004 and 2010. It is spoken that the research intelligence centre Finnish defence forces, located on the territory of the city of jyväskylä in the Central part of the country, “was interested in everything connected with Russia.” One such issue was “the project of a gas pipeline under the Baltic sea from Vyborg to

Ronaldo repeated the record of Pele

Cristiano Ronaldo Portuguese striker Madrid “real” Cristiano Ronaldo repeated the achievement of the Brazilian soccer player Pele. Reports about it “CHempionata”. The striker scored in the club world Cup final (KCHM) against Brazilian Gremio. For the Portuguese it became the seventh in the tournament. So Ronaldo repeated the record of Pele in KCHM, the analogue of the Intercontinental Cup. The Brazilian scored seven goals in the “Santos”. In 1962, Pele scored five goals against Benfica and two in gate “Milan” in 1963. Real Madrid beat Gremio in the final of the club world Cup. The meeting was held in Abu Dhabi at the stadium “Sheikh Zayed”, ended with the score 1:0 in favor of the Spanish club. 8 Dec Ronaldo called himself the best player in history. A day earlier, the fifth time he has won the “Golden ball” — prize of the best player for the year. The number

Plans for speaker at life behind bars

Alexei Ulyukayev Former Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev told what intends to do in jail. His words are quoted “I hope to continue to write poetry. And the gym there? Want to sign up. Mat for yoga with will here to pass?” he said members of the Public monitoring Commission. In addition, the speaker was dissatisfied with the fact that in jail you cannot pass on the books, while they can be purchased in the shop at the prison. A former Minister admits that it will send to the Ministry of justice its proposals for changes in the internal regulations of the detention center. Deputy Chairman of the Public monitoring Commission of Moscow eve Markachev revealed to RIA Novosti the details of his conversation with Ulyukaev. “He said that the prison officials gave him writing materials, and he will pee. Poems and just write. And will sit in

Seoul accused Pyongyang to bitcoin theft

South Korean intelligence suspected North Korea of involvement in hacking attacks on cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb. This was reported by Yonhap. According to sources, as a result of the burglary were stolen personal data of about 30 thousand users of the site. “Russian service Bi-bi-si” said that hackers attacked Bithumb in February 2017, however a cyber attack became known only in June. Then there was the stolen cryptocurrency approximately seven million dollars (at the exchange rate at the time). Now the value of the stolen is more than $ 80 million. The hackers also vowed to wipe on their media stolen information about users of the exchange, if Bithumb pay them $ 5.5 million. On 10 October it was reported that North Korean hackers stole a large number of secret military documents, including the latest operational plan actions South Korea and the United States in wartime. The attack on the joint

The Pentagon has spent millions of dollars on the study of UFOs

The U.S. Department of defense spent tens of millions of dollars on the study of aerospace threats, involving the observation of a UFO. This writes the newspaper The New York Times. The program was conducted from 2007 to 2012 and was not advertised by the Pentagon. In the framework studied flying objects, whose behavior did not fit into the known laws of physics. It is known that experts have studied the oval flying object, which in 2004 off the coast of California was pursued by two F/A-18F US Navy. The project was launched after the founder of Bigelow Aerospace, Bob Bigelow, who claimed that the Earth is visited by aliens, convinced of the need for democratic Senator Harry Reid. The official reason for closing the program was “budget savings”. In January 2016, hundreds of papers devoted to the investigation of UFO sightings around the world, declassified by the CIA. The

McGregor sent the wwe and wanted to return to MMA

Conor McGregor Irish fighter of the mixed style (MMA) Conor McGregor spoke about future professional plans. About it reports TMZ. “Let’s see what will happen next. I want my next fight was a real battle. A real fight. But the real fights we have where? Yes, my next fight will be according to the rules of the mixed single combats”, — said the athlete. To the question about participation in the event held by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) McGregor replied in the negative. “To participate in the wrestling show WWE? Fuck them, that’s WWE,” said the Irishman. In August 2017 the fighter lost to Floyd Mayweather in a Boxing match. The American won via TKO in the 10th round. His last fight under MMA rules 29-year-old held in November 2016, ahead of defeating American Eddie Alvarez. All the assets of the Irish 21 wins and three defeats in 24 fights.

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