In the election headquarters trump told about his indifference to the election results

Donald Trump Campaign Manager of the candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump said that her boss indifferent to the election results. On Tuesday, November 1, reports The Independent. According to Kelleen Conway, the billionaire said he would not be upset if you lose. “He said, “I think we will win. If not, then too bad”,” — quoted political consultant trump’s words. Conway added that such a response is a Republican pissed her off. The billionaire also told his Manager that in case of defeat in the elections “will return to a normal life.” “I’m going to give myself a very long vacation”, — said the candidate of the Republican party. The U.S. presidential election scheduled for November 8, the main rival trump — democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. According to the data, which lead on November 1, researchers from Real Clear Politics, Clinton is ahead of trump by

At a nuclear facility in the United States announced the alarm because of a suspicious object

The alert was declared on the territory of a nuclear burial ground at Savannah river in South Carolina, USA. On Thursday, November 3, reports The Post and Courier. The incident occurred on 2 November at about 16:30 local time. An emergency at the nuclear facility for military purposes was caused by a suspicious item found in one of the toilets of the National nuclear laboratory Savannah river located on the territory of the burial ground. Experts of the Ministry of energy, which manages the burial ground, after a thorough examination of the subject established that he is not dangerous. At 17:40 the alarm was canceled, and the laboratory is returned to standard operating mode. According to the State, the suspicious subject was an air freshener with the red flashing light, wrapped in paper towels. The laboratory staff was unable to explain who and why built such a device. Enterprise storage,

The New York Post reported Clinton ordered the fireworks in honor of the victory in the elections

Hillary Clinton The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton is scheduled to hold in new York, fireworks in honor of the victory in the elections in half an hour after the polls closed in that state on 8 November. This became known to the newspaper the New York Post. According to the newspaper, employees of the fire services and the police were instructed to prepare for securing a pyrotechnic show over the Hudson river, near the place where they will count the votes. Fireworks should begin at 21:30 local time (4:30 GMT) and will last no longer than two minutes. Some guards said that a politician behaves quite arrogant. According to them, they fear that the security of this event may look like they support Clinton. “I wonder if she loses, I agree to resell the [pyrotechnics] Trump for half the price?” — leads the publication the

In Mississippi in support of trump was set on fire and desecrated the Church

In the U.S. state Mississippi was set on fire and desecrated the Church, having painted it with slogans in support of the candidate in US presidents from Republican Donald trump. On Wednesday, November 2, reports Reuters. The incident occurred in Greenville. For an unknown reason caught fire was built in 1905 by Baptist Church that was mostly attended by blacks. The building is seriously damaged, none of the parishioners and Ministers were not injured. The walls of the temple were later discovered the inscription “Vote for trump” made by the spray paint. Although the police reported that the cause of the fire is not yet established, the congregation has already said that it was arson. The parishioners of the churches of the small Protestant sects and movements in the American South have traditionally supported the Democratic party. The U.S. presidential election scheduled for November 8, the main rival trump —

French police protest in Paris

French police have held another demonstration in Paris in defense of their rights. It is reported BFMTV. Several hundred employees of the interior Ministry held a rally near the building of the Louvre. thus they intended to demonstrate dissatisfaction with the activities of sectoral trade unions, which, in their opinion, do not protect the interests of law enforcement officers. “The government wanted to buy our loyalty, promising the money [for bringing order to the police infrastructure]. But they must understand that only by these measures can’t solve all the problems. It is necessary that all the police rallied, and the unions all too often take the side of the government,” explained one of the protesters. Protesters held in hand posters with inscriptions: “Police pants” and “I’m proud of being a COP”. Passing cars expressed their solidarity with the audience giving signals. Mass protests French police are held in major cities

Kerry announced the US response to hacking attacks from Russia

John Kerry The decision about the response to the Russian cyber-attacks on American servers has long been accepted by the President of the United States Barack Obama. About this U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry said in an interview with the network edition of Wired. According to him, the answer will follow, when the President deems necessary. While it may be invisible to the General public, said Kerry. At the same time, the head of the state Department said that Washington is not interested in the beginning of the confrontation in cyberspace. “We don’t want to slide down along the way. We had the arms race, when we increased its nuclear capabilities. The last thing we need is a cyber arms race”, — he stressed. On October 17 it became known that the US administration considers various options to respond to Russia’s actions, which Washington has accused of hacking and

Attempts by the FBI to catch trump in relations with Russia has failed

Donald Trump The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) found no evidence of an undeniable connection of the candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump with the Russian government. It is reported by The New York Times (NYT), citing its sources in the Department. For much of the summer, the FBI conducted an extensive investigation in search of evidence of Russian influence on the presidential campaign in the United States. Agents are carefully investigated possible financial ties of the people around trump with Russian banks and financial institutions. However, found no direct or circumstantial evidence. As specifies the edition, in the ongoing investigation also was not confirmed that a hacking attack on the servers of the Democratic party, which allegedly was Russia, was aimed at ensuring victory trump in the presidential election. According to the FBI, whose words cites the NYT, these hacks were made to disrupt the presidential

The constant next to the guy the Indonesian publicly flogged with rods

In the Indonesian province of Aceh 20-year-old girl publicly whipped with rods because she was standing too close to her boyfriend. On Monday, October 31, reports the Daily Mail. As notes the edition, the girl accompanied by two women led to the courtyard in front of the mosque, put on his knees and gave her a public spanking. She received 23 blows with rods. In March of this year in this province carved 18 people for gambling and drinking alcoholic beverages. Aceh is the only province in Indonesia where Sharia laws. They were introduced in the period from 2005 to 2013 and formally apply not only to the local Muslims, but also to the residents of Aceh and other faiths as well as tourists. In the province banned the drinking of alcohol, sexual contact between a man and a woman, unmarried, a ban on public appearance with his head uncovered

North Korea threatened the United States and its allies pre-emptive strike

In case of provocations by the US and its allies, including Japan, Korea can apply them a pre-emptive strike. This is stated in the message Agency KCNA that Saturday, October 29, quoted by RT. “Our revolutionary armed forces (…) ready for preemptive strike on enemies in case of the slightest provocation from their side in the interest of protecting the sovereignty of the people’s Republic and the right to exist,” said KCNA. As RT writes, the statement of the North Korean Agency warns Tokyo of sanctions against Pyongyang. This week, as recalled by TASS, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Japan, Fumio Kishida said that the Parliament “was discussed sanctions against companies of third countries, operating with North Korea”. “Currently we are considering several solutions to this problem, including the expansion and strengthening of sanctions,” he added. In September, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has instructed to prepare an additional package