Kiev has predicted a large-scale offensive on the militia

The militia of the breakaway republics of Donbass could launch an attack across the line of contact between the parties. This is with reference to intelligence reports the press center of headquarters of the antiterrorist operation (ATO) in Facebook. “In particular, the enemy is planning to intensify its sabotage and reconnaissance groups at military installations of the Armed forces of Ukraine, objects of energy and transport infrastructure, to increase the number of provocative attacks in the direction of our positions and residential quarters of settlements near the line of differentiation”, — the publication reads. In the headquarters of ATO believe that these plans are connected with the decision of the defence Ministry to withdraw Russian officers from the Joint center for coordination and control of the ceasefire in the South-East of Ukraine (SCCC). They passed RIA Novosti, leave the centre till December 25. In addition, in Kiev believe that the

Wife trump was more popular than the wife

Melania trump and Donald trump Most Americans — 54 percent — are satisfied that Melania trump holds the position of first lady. Reported by the New York Post. While 33 percent say that a negative attitude to her candidacy, 13 percent of respondents could not answer this question. According to the publication, in late January of this year when Donald trump just entered the White house, the popularity rating of Melania reached 37 percent. According to the survey of experts by Pew Research Center, the ranking of the most Donald trump’s 32 per cent — the lowest figure since February of this year. In 2009, at the beginning of the first term of Barack Obama, the activities of his wife Michelle on a post of the first lady has approved 61 percent of Americans. More important news Telegram-channel “Tape days”. Signed!

Kill people the President of the Philippines attended the happiness of gays

Rodrigo Duterte The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte said that he has changed his views on sexual matters and from now on advocates of same-sex marriage. He said this, speaking at a meeting of the LGBT community in his hometown of Davao city, reports the New York Post. According to the head of state, he is even ready to make the necessary changes to the Family code of the country. “Why impose a morality that no longer works?” — asked the President, adding that he is for gay marriage, “since it’s the trend of modern time.” “If it will make you more happy, then I’m for it,” he said. The President also invited those present to elect a candidate who will represent their interests in government. According to The Telegraph, informed Duterte had a reputation in local media a staunch opponent of same-sex unions, stating that marriage in the

In Canada found strangled billionaire pharmacist

Canadian billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife honey were found dead in their home in Toronto. As reported by the Toronto Star, they died by strangulation. The founder of the pharmaceutical company Apotex discovered a real estate agent who helped the couple with the sale of their house for 6.9 million dollars. He failed to get through to them, and then decided to come to them and discovered the bodies in the pool. As one of versions the consequence considers murder-suicide. The death of a billionaire is estimated as “suspicious”. The family of Sherman has issued a statement in which he called on the police to conduct a thorough, intensive and impartial investigation. The state of Sherman is estimated at 4.6 billion dollars. Apotex factories worldwide, employs over 11 thousand employees. More hell and strange news Telegram-channel “Tape bottom”. Subscribe!

Upgrading the U.S. air base in Eastern Europe for $ 200 million

The United States intends to spend $ 214 million on the construction and modernization of air bases in Iceland, Norway and Eastern Europe to “deter Russian aggression.” This writes the newspaper Air Force Times. According to the signed by President trump 12 Dec military budget, the air force gets the right to buy and develop land outside the country. According to Air Force Times, some of these bases will place the F-22 Raptor and F-35. The group plans to strengthen the intelligence machinery to hunt for Russian submarines in the North and Baltic seas. In particular, on the basis of Keflavik in Iceland over 14 million plan to build hangars for anti-submarine patrol aircraft Boeing P-8 Poseidon, the Hungarian air force base of Kecskemet will invest 55 million. This money will expand fuel storage, a parallel taxiway and upgraded runway. Only the US military budget for 2018 “containment” of Russia

Gaddafi’s son wanted to be the Libyan President

Seif al-Islam Gaddafi The son of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi considers the possibility of their participation in the elections of the President of the country. About this newspaper Egypt Today, with reference to Basema al-Hashimi al-Soula, the head of the tribe and a representative of the Gaddafi family. According to him, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi “will run in the upcoming presidential elections”. The vote could take place in mid-2018. As-Soul said that the son of the former leader of Jamahiriya has prepared its own program, which intends shortly to publish. In it, in particular, reports on the hope to help Libya with the UN. In early June the armed groups, “Abu Bakr as-Siddiq” said that the release of Seif al-Islam free. It took him almost six years ago and kept all this time. After the family’s lawyer said that the son of the former Libyan President to engage in political

Found a way to cope with obesity epidemic

Researchers from John Hopkins University came to the conclusion that labels warning of the dangers of consuming soda and other sugary drinks, will help to prevent the spread of obesity. About it reported in a press release on the website MedicalXpress. The study used a computer model based on real data, simulating the consumption of the population of the United States of food and drinks containing sugar. Scientists have discovered that the presence of warning labels in grocery stores in three U.S. cities (Baltimore, San Francisco and Philadelphia) reduce the prevalence of obesity and overweight. The labels contained a message stating that sugar contributes to tooth decay, weight gain and diabetes. According to experts, the warning label is able to reduce the likelihood that people will buy a sweet drink, four percent. A computer model called “Virtual population for the prevention of obesity”, reminiscent of the game SimCity. It includes

The CPS has listed criteria for a proper choice of Santa clauses and snow maidens

The Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor) have listed the main criteria which recommended to invite entertainers for children’s parties. Detailed information is published on the Agency’s website. First and foremost, experts recommend to study the market. For this we need to spend some time online, see the pricing and programs, as well as ask advice from friends and acquaintances. Opted for a specific grandfather Frost, the snow maiden or another fairytale character, the Department recommends that you sign two copies of the contract of compensated rendering of services in writing. It should be spelled out the conditions, terms, costs and responsibilities of each party. In addition, the CPS recalls the scams that aktiviziruyutsya before the holidays. When the “safe” option, to a child on holiday are not Santa Claus, there’s also the possibility of criminal offenses by reanimatorom, in particular, of thefts. More

The amount of spending on the presidential campaign 2018

Ella Pamfilova For the preparation and conduct of presidential elections of 2018 from the state budget will be allocated 14,807 billion. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the head of the Central election Commission Ella Pamfilova. According to her, December 18, in day of official start of election campaign, the CEC will approve the plan for the upcoming campaign. Also from this point the party starts to hold Congress to their nominees. His desire to run for the highest office expressed 23 people. Among them the Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky, TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak and Catherine Gordon, the businessman Sergey Polonsky and the business Ombudsman Boris Titov. Acting President Vladimir Putin announced the entry into the presidential race on 6 December. In the night of Monday, the Russian newspaper published the decision of the Federation Council of the start of the election campaign of 2018.

The builders had accidentally disconnected the busiest airport in the world

One of the largest airports in the world, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta (USA), was de-energized. On it informs TV channel Fox News. According to media reports, the cause of the accident was the builders accidentally cut the power cable. The incident turned out to be the power supply has lost several airport areas. In particular, passengers may not get your Luggage, and doors with electric drive won’t open, trapping people in the building. Air harbour had ceased to accept and send flights. Airport representatives said that ground personnel are working to resolve the collapse. In mid-June 2016 in Brussels airport happened one and a half hour blackout. Because of the outages were having difficulties with working on the passenger check-in. Then, despite the difficulties, several flights departed with a delay, but none of them was cancelled. More important news Telegram-channel “Tape days”. Signed!