Kazakhstan demanded to stop accusing Nazarbayev of all sins

According to Baibek, thanks to Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan gained independence and recognition from the world community. He  noted that  the merits of the Elbasy (in Kazakh “head of state” or “leader of the nation” — approx. “Lenta.ru”) will be adequately appreciated in the historical perspective, despite the inevitable in  the reign of error.

«To blame Nursultan Nazarbayev today for all sins after leaving the post of head of state — it's low and does beautify individual citizens», — Baibek said.

The first president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, has not appeared in public and has made the situation in the country since 28 December 2021. The ex-head of the Kazakh special services, Alnur Musaev, even admitted a serious illness, to whom or the death of the former head of state. There were rumors that the former head of state had left for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), but the Embassy of Kazakhstan in UAE denied this information.

On 5 January, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev sent ;Nazarbayev's resignation from the post of head of the Security Council for life and he assumed this position.



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