Gates said that the spread of COVID-19 will decline after the outbreak of the omicron strain

Gates stressed that the spread of the omicron strain in a particular country puts serious pressure on its health care system. “The majority of severe cases of the disease will occur in unvaccinated people,” he said. At the same time, he stressed that thanks to the omicron option, many will develop immunity to the coronavirus, which will last for at least a year. “As soon as an outbreak of omicron-strain infections takes place in a particular country, there will be a decrease in the number of infections during the year, and COVID-19 can be treated as a seasonal flu,” Gates believes. “Sooner or later we may come to the point that we will need to be vaccinated against coronavirus once a year,” he believes. According to Gates, at the moment there are no prerequisites for the appearance of a more contagious strain of infection, but the possibility of its occurrence

A test system developed by the FMBA to detect omicron has been registered in Russia

“The regents’ kit was developed on behalf of the head of the FMBA of Russia Veronika Skvortsova and is intended for use in clinical laboratory diagnostics of acute respiratory infections to study RNA samples from human biological material obtained from individuals who have been diagnosed with COVID-19,” the message says. The FMBA stressed that thanks to a special set from the “AmpliTest” line, it is possible to distinguish the “omicron” strain from the “delta” variant within an hour and a half.

The Ministry of Health invited Russians to learn about the “lost years of life”

The Ministry of Health has developed a system of operational control and analysis of the indicator “lost years of life” in various regions of Russia and in the whole country. The system was created by the Center for Expertise and Quality Control of Medical Care of the Ministry of Health, you can get acquainted with its work here. The authors of the system noted that the indicator “Years of Life Lost” (YLL) was developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to assess premature deaths. “It shows the number of years lost from premature death based on the maximum projected level of life expectancy of the population by 2050, which is 92 years,” the description of the project says. The model of the calculation of PGA, which was used in the Ministry of Health, allows you to analyze the situation by diseases and age groups, both at the level of the

EU regulator continues evaluation of Sputnik V vaccine

“In the context of the evaluation of the Sputnik V vaccine, European inspectors conducted checks of good clinical practice and good manufacturing practice in Russia during 2021. While the assessment is ongoing, the EMA cannot comment on the information studied (including the results of inspections). Detailed information about the inspection, including the inspections carried out, will be contained in the final report of the EMA,” the agency interlocutor said. He added that the report will be published after the end of the vaccine evaluation procedure. “The examination continues. The EMA will be able to talk in detail about the possible timing of the decision (on the approval of the vaccine in the EU – ed.), when the task force of the EMA will invite the developer (vaccines – ed.) to submit an application to the agency for a registration certificate. Such a proposal will take into account the reliability of the

NATO will not revert to 1997 configuration, US ambassador said

“The Alliance will not & nbsp; return in & nbsp; time to & nbsp; a completely different era, when we & nbsp; and & nbsp; had a completely different alliance more modest scale & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; She answered & nbsp; a question about & nbsp; attitude to & nbsp; Russia's demands to “ go to & nbsp; the milestones of 1997. ” ; USA 9 & mdash; 10 & nbsp; January in & nbsp; Geneva held consultations on & nbsp; Moscow's proposals on & nbsp; security guarantees, after which a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council will take place in & nbsp; Brussels, and & nbsp; & nbsp; Vienna & nbsp; & mdash; consultations on the & nbsp; platform of the Organization for & nbsp; Security and & nbsp; Cooperation in & nbsp; Europe. Russia has repeatedly rejected accusations of the West and & nbsp; Ukraine in &

Zakharova commented on the statement of the ex-Foreign Minister of Poland about Russia

& laquo; Russia & nbsp; & mdash; female. Apparently, Sikorsky fell victim to the concept of gender diversity '', & nbsp; & mdash; wrote Zakharova in & nbsp; her Telegram channel. Earlier, Sikorsky responded to & nbsp; the words of the Minister of Foreign Affairs & nbsp; of the Russian Federation Sergei Lavrov, who called NATO a “ project for & nbsp; development of abandoned land after the disappearance of the Warsaw Pact (OVD) and & nbsp; USSR land. '' “ We are & nbsp; not & nbsp; became derelict land because & nbsp; you were not & nbsp; our master. More like a serial rapist. We will not miss & nbsp; this. And & nbsp; if you try to capture us again, then & nbsp; will get on & nbsp; eggs & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; Sikorsky wrote in & nbsp; his Twitter account (quoted from & nbsp;

In the USA, vandals have ruined rock paintings of ancient Indians

On December 26th, a panel of ancient petroglyphs in the Indian Head area of Big Bend National Park was irreparably… Published by Big Bend National Park Wednesday, January 5, 2022 In early January, employees of the Big Bend National Park in Texas posted on social networks a picture of a stone with an ancient petroglyph, which was almost destroyed by tourists at the end of December. On top of the patterns that were created by the indigenous peoples of America from 4 to 8.5 thousand years ago, unknown vandals scratched their names “Adrian”, “Ariel”, “Isaac” and “Norma” and the date “December 26, 2021”. According to the park staff, after the discovery of the stone, specialists treated the scratched surface, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to completely restore the ancient petroglyph. The exact location of the damaged artifact is kept strictly secret to protect it from other vandals