In Russia, 10.7% more people infected with COVID-19 were detected per day than yesterday

Regions are leaders in the number of new cases: Moscow — 4635 (for all time – 2,060,459), Saint Petersburg – 1512 (867 028), Moscow region — 855 (653 071), Sverdlovsk region — 368 (203 126), Rostov region — 358 (197,474). Per day in 783 cases died in Russia, which is 5.67% more than yesterday (741). The total number of deaths reached 317,687. During the day, 25,216 people recovered, a total of 9,732,018. Regions-leaders in the number of deaths: Moscow – 68 (since the beginning of the pandemic — 37,533); Saint Petersburg – 66 (28,698); Moscow region — 38 (12,558); Chelyabinsk region — 26 (6,329); Altai Krai and Nizhny Novgorod Region — 25 each (6,852 and 10,078). Rospotrebnadzor is waiting for a rise in the incidence of COVID-19 after the New Year holidays. By January, the level of collective immunity in Russia has reached 62.6%. This year, the vaccination campaign against coronavirus among

Three cats occupied a box with a blender for an unknown reason

Additional @Vitamix boxes arrived. One is out. The decoy initially attracted attention, but only temporarily…we’ll see what they make of the other two. — Jessica Gerson-Neeves (@JessStarlite) January 9, 2022 The sentient soccer ball is very cute and charming. An intellectual giant, however, he is not. Here, have 29 seconds of him trying to kill his own tail on Decoy Box 1. His brother Lando was manning the One True Box at the time. — Jessica Gerson-Neeves (@JessStarlite) January 10, 2022 “We are used to our cats constantly playing with boxes, but it hasn’t come to this yet. We tried a lot, even moving the box to another part of the kitchen, hoping that changing the location would somehow help. One day I got up in the middle of the night and once again saw one of the cats on it,” says Gerson-Nivez. The owner of the cats

A man with the heart of a pig. An animal heart was transplanted to a patient in the USA for the first time in the world

According to surgeons, the operation, which lasted seven hours, was performed on Bennett three days ago, and now his condition remains good. “For me, the choice was between death and this transplant,” Bennett, 57, said on the eve of the operation. — I understand that my future fate is completely unknown, but for me this is the last chance.” Specialists from the University of Maryland Medical Center received special permission from the authorities for the operation, explaining that without it the patient would die. Whether the transplant will be crowned with success is still completely unclear. For surgeons, the operation was the result of many years of research. They hope that their success will help save the lives of many people around the world. In its statement, the University of Maryland quotes surgeon Bartley Griffith, according to whom the operation is designed to “bring the resolution of the crisis with

A potentially dangerous coronavirus was found in the blood of cats

“To our surprise, 70% of blood serum samples taken from cats in Before the outbreak of the pandemic, the University of Tennessee tested positive for antibodies against the receptor-binding domain SARS-CoV-2 and related SARS-CoV (the causative agent of SARS – Ed.),” the scientists said. The article clarifies that blood samples were taken long before the start of the coronavirus pandemic from various regions of the United States. According to the researchers, this is due to the fact that cats came into contact with a virus whose spike protein is similar to a similar protein of the causative agent of coronavirus infection, which caused the release of cross-reactive antibodies against it in the animals’ body. According to preliminary data, cross-reactive antibodies to the coronavirus could appear after the collision of the cats’ immune system with the SARS-CoV virus, which caused an outbreak of SARS in Asia in the early 2000s. Scientists believe

“Dear Mother! I hope to see you soon.” A letter from the front was delivered to the family of an American soldier 76 years later

“Dear mother,” John wrote, “I received another letter from you today, I am very glad that everything is fine with you. I’m fine too, I’m coping with everything. But the food is pretty lousy for the most part.” “I love you and kiss you, your son Johnny. I hope that I will see you soon,” the soldier concluded his letter. ​In the USA, the second time capsule found under the statue of General Lee was opened John Gonsalves died in 2015, his mother much earlier. But the US Post found the widow of Sergeant Angelina, whom John met five years after returning from the war and who still lives in Woburn is her husband’s hometown in Massachusetts. Angelina will turn 90 in January. The letter was delivered to her shortly before Christmas. According to her, these were the best holidays since John died, because it was as if he had come back

What measures did the President of Kazakhstan Tokayev suggest after the protests? The main thing

Law enforcement reform Security system Kazakhstan will be reorganized. “The work of the armed forces, law enforcement agencies, national security agencies, foreign intelligence will have to be reorganized. New units of the National Guard and special forces will be formed, the border service will be strengthened. 'Increase the salaries of employees of special forces of all law enforcement agencies. To increase the legal protection of police officers, to toughen responsibility for & nbsp; attack on & nbsp; a government official and & nbsp; disobeying legal requirements. '' The CSTO is completed. After & nbsp; two days, their & nbsp; output will begin, the process will take no & nbsp; more than 10 days. Economic and & nbsp; social measures The Development Bank of Kazakhstan (DBK) is being reformed. In essence, DBK has turned into a & nbsp; personal bank for & nbsp; a narrow circle of people representing financial, industrial

Tokayev announced a five-year moratorium on increasing salaries of civil servants

“I will mark the salaries of members of the government and & nbsp; deputies & hellip; I & nbsp; believe that & nbsp; salaries of & nbsp; the above categories of civil servants are quite sufficient, therefore, I consider it possible to declare a five-year moratorium on & nbsp; increasing the salaries of government members, regional akims and & nbsp; deputies & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; Tokayev noted, speaking before the & nbsp; parliament. The withdrawal of CSTO forces from Kazakhstan will begin in two days Mass protests in & nbsp; Kazakhstan began in & nbsp; the first days of 2022 & nbsp; & mdash; residents of the cities of Zhanaozen and & nbsp; Aktau in the & nbsp; west of the country opposed a two-fold increase in prices for & nbsp; liquefied gas. Later, protests spread to & nbsp; other cities, including & nbsp; including & nbsp; Alma-Ata,