Day in History: January 17th

But Pope Gregory XI decided to put an end to such a dependent situation. On January 17 , 1377 , accompanied by 13 cardinals , he moved to The Vatican. Today, the Vatican is a tiny state within a state. Its area is only 44 hectares. It is located in Rome on the Mante Vaticano hill, has its own flag, anthem and government, Academy of Sciences, as well as its own newspaper and radio station. For many centuries, the Vatican has been the center of the Catholic Church in the world and the residence of the Pope. Division of the Roman Empire into Eastern and Western The era of the Roman Empire, which is one of the most important periods in the history of Ancient Rome, began in 27 BC. It was a period of the greatest expansion of borders and the achievement of the highest prosperity in various spheres of life.

France passes law on vaccination passport

According to the law, citizens will have no other way to obtain a vaccination passport other than by completing a full course of vaccinations. Residents of the country from 12 to 15 years of age can use the old rules of the sanitary passport, which allow the replacement of full vaccination with negative PCR tests. The presentation of a vaccination passport may be accompanied by the presentation of an identity card. For the use of a fake document, the law provides for three years in prison and a €45,000 fine or, in case of relapse, five years and €75,000. will be punished. The government intends to introduce vaccination passports on the 20th of January. Opponents of the law can still prevent its entry into force — file an appeal with Constitutional Council. Aleksey Tarkhanov, Paris

Peskov announced NATO's “gradual invasion” of Ukraine

«We are watching a gradual incursion of NATO into the territory of Ukraine with its infrastructure, its instructors, defensive and  weapons, training of the Ukrainian military and the like» — he said (quote from RIA Novosti). Peskov believes that the current situation poses a threat to stability and security in Europe and the “European security architecture”, and Moscow “can no longer tolerate” such a development of events . “And this was the main reason why President Putin said: “Guys, for us — real threat” — added the press secretary. According to him, against the backdrop of an “unfriendly atmosphere” due to the exercises of the North Atlantic Alliance and the promotion of its infrastructure to the east, Moscow “is forced to take precautionary measures.” “Russian troops are on territory of the Russian Federation near the Ukrainian border, and we consider it necessary to leave them there in the face of a very tense situation  — said Peskov. In an interview with Echo of Moscow" the press secretary indicated that the Kremlin ruled out

Expert: in Russia, the daily increase in patients with covid by February 1 may reach 65 thousand

A group of researchers led by Zakharov has developed a mathematical model of CIR (Confirmed cases, Infected, Removed – English “confirmed cases”, “infected”, “excluded” – recovered or deceased), which, due to new methods of predicting future values of its parameters, makes it possible to more accurately predict the spread of coronavirus for up to a month. In October, the authors presented data on the effectiveness of the model in the scientific journal “Informatics and Automation”. “Our model predicts that by February 1, the number of newly detected daily cases of coronavirus infection in Russia may reach 65 thousand. At the same time, the total number of identified cases will exceed the threshold of 11.5 million people,” the scientist told TASS. He also noted that, according to calculations, by February 1, the number of people simultaneously suffering from covid in the country will reach 1 million people. Today, the number of so-called

In Germany, Russia's disconnection from SWIFT was compared with an “atomic bomb” for the market

In an interview with the DPA, Merz compared Russia's possible disconnection from SWIFT to the "atomic bomb" for the market of capital, goods and services. There would be a massive economic downturn, and Germany “would hurt itself considerably,” said the future head of the CDU. “So Merz called for caution, because “ Germany — strong export country”. He fears serious consequences not for European-Russian trade, but for worldwide  — reports the contents of the ZDF interview. In addition, the disconnection of Moscow from SWIFT “will break the foundation of this international payment system,” Merz emphasized. In January of this year, the United States introduced a new package of sanctions against Russia in the event of an invasion of Ukraine. The document titled “Deterrence of Authoritarian Warfare Act 2022” proposes, among other things, the introduction of a ban on transactions with Russian companies in energy, financial, mining and aerospace sectors, and imposes sanctions against the SWIFT international interbank system if it does stop providing services to Russian banks and  ;companies

An artist from India has created the largest drawing in the world

42-year-old Ravi Soni from Udaipur in India broke the record by creating the largest drawing in the world. The drawing of the tree of life was created with markers and pencils on PVC sheets the size of a basketball court, Live Hindustan reports. The artist worked on it for five days. The idea of a giant drawing came to the mind of fashion designer Sony during quarantine. Forced to sit in isolation, he was looking for ways to distract himself and occupy his thoughts with something positive. Sony has applied to The Guinness Book of Records and for 8 months was preparing to bring the idea to life. The previous record belonged to the American Diamond Whipper-Young, who painted 600 square meters of paper with houses, balloons and inhabitants of the oceans. Super discounts of up to -70% on electronics, fashionable clothes, shoes and many other prices Anna Lysenko Even more

Mandatory vaccination against coronavirus in Austria will cover people over 18

“Compulsory vaccination starts in early February”, — he said at a press conference in Vienna. The chancellor added that the campaign will apply to persons only from 18 years old». Earlier, the government stated that the covid vaccination would become mandatory for all residents of the republic from 14 years old. Compulsory vaccination law should enter into force at the beginning of February this year after the support in the parliament by a simple majority of deputies of only two ruling parties. Voting on the bill is scheduled for 20 January. Compulsory vaccination will not cover pregnant women who have been ill within six months after the disease and people for whom vaccination is contraindicated for health reasons with medical confirmation of a medical exemption. February the population of Austria will be informed in writing about the need to be vaccinated. Corresponding letters will be sent to the place of residence of a person with registration in Austria. From March 15 monitoring compliance with the law will

WSJ learned about the discontent in NATO because of the negotiations between the US and Russia

According to the interlocutors of the publication, we are talking about the idea of ​​"mutual reduction in the scale of military exercises", about which some allies learned only from  the media (for example, on 7 January, before  the talks between the US and Russia, NBC reported that  Washington was ready to military exercises conducted by both sides). The      does does specify which states are in question, but   the material says that they are “especially close to Russia”. In addition, the WSJ writes, US allies would like to achieve greater clarity about Washington's proposals for the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty), from which the country officially withdrew in August 2019. According to the newspaper, some allies are concerned that since NATO rejects major Russian demands (in particular, not to expand the alliance to the east), Washington may make minor concessions in an attempt to “placate” Moscow. The                 d d made official proposals to Russia, but only put forward ideas     according to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg,

Ukraine implements 'containment package' against Russia, Kuleba says

“We doubled our efforts to mobilize international support for Ukraine. Among other things, we work closely with our allies and partners to implement a comprehensive containment package   — Kuleba said in an interview with the German publication Bild. According to the minister, the package consists of three levels: active de-escalation diplomacy, the development of a complex of “painful economic sanctions”, as well as deepening defense cooperation with Ukraine. Negotiations with Russia that took place this week were “the culmination of our common deterrence diplomacy,” Kuleba said. “The decisiveness of the West was obvious”,  — the diplomat added. At the beginning of the week, a series of consultations took place between Russia, the United States and NATO on security guarantees — On January 9 10 the issue was discussed in Geneva at meetings with USA, on January  — during the meeting of the Russia-NATO Council, January 13  — on the OSCE platform. Russia has repeatedly rejected the accusations of the West and Ukraine of  escalation, stating that it threats nobody       is not going to attack      within its

Russian scientist predicted a global catastrophe in the coming years

According to the scientist, global warming is not only due to human activity: the main cause is natural processes. People can speed up or slow down some changes. Ryabov explained that over the past 40 years, the warming on the planet has turned out to be stronger than ever: the average temperature has increased by two degrees. “And the consequence of rapid climate change will be natural disasters. The more global the changes, the more dangerous the disasters,” he warned. The scientist recalled that in There was a warning in the Paris Climate Agreement: if the planet warms by more than one and a half degrees over the next 30 years, a catastrophe will begin. And the increased frequency of natural disasters, in particular hurricanes and heavy rains, will only be an introduction, Ryabov added. “The beginning of colossal disasters may be the melting of ice in the oceans, and later