10 unexpected facts about snow are named

Snow is not white The grains of frozen water are transparent. Snowflakes seem white because their edges reflect visible white light. Sometimes, looking at a snowflake under a magnifying glass, you can see that it shines with rainbow colors. This is sunlight refracted by passing through ice. Snowflakes always have six sides Hydrogen and oxygen molecules, which make up water and, accordingly, snowflakes, can only be combined in such a way that a hexagonal ice crystal is obtained. Two identical snowflakes can exist There is a myth that two identical snowflakes cannot be found in nature. But in 1988, Nancy Knight, a scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado, discovered two identical snowflakes that appeared during a storm in Wisconsin. Snow warms Since fresh compacted snow consists of about 90-95% air, it is an excellent insulator. For this reason, many animals burrow deep into the snow in

Bucharest photographed from the ISS

It is the third most populous city in the whole of Eastern Europe among all capitals and cities in general. Welcome to #Bucharest! The modern Romanian capital is a blossoming city with many infrastructural projects, which have already significantly changed its ancient appearance pic.twitter.com/OuiOGX86Xy — Anton Shkaplerov (@Anton_Astrey) January 15, 2022 The capital of Romania impresses with its scale even in pictures from space. It is not surprising, because Bucharest ranks 3rd in terms of population among all the capitals of Eastern Europe. Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov shared a picture of the city taken from the International Space Station. “The modern Romanian capital is a flourishing city with many infrastructure projects that have already significantly changed its ancient appearance,” the cosmonaut wrote. Super discounts of up to -70% on electronics, fashionable clothes, shoes and many other prices Anna Lysenko Even more interesting things about nature

Folk signs for January 16: making forecasts for March

On January 16, the church honors the memory of the Prophet Malachi and the Martyr Gordius of Cappadocia. In the people, several signs about the weather are associated with Gordeev Day. For example, if a halo appeared around the moon— the frost will increase the next day. Hares and forest birds have reached out to the villages in search of food – it will soon get very cold. Frost on the trees — the weather will be dry and clear. Clouds quickly float across the sky – to a change of weather and snowfall. Trees crackle – to frosts. A strong blizzard was considered a good omen, meaning that bees would bring a lot of honey in the new year. The people tried to remember what the day was on January 16. It was believed that March would be the same. Even more interesting things about nature

Scientists warned about new strains of coronavirus after omicron

“The faster omicron spreads, the more opportunities there are for mutations that can lead to the emergence of new variants,” Leonardo Martinez, an epidemiologist at Boston University, is quoted by the Associated Press as saying. Johns Hopkins University infectious diseases specialist Stuart Campbell Ray confirmed that a “very widespread infection” is needed for the emergence of new strains. At the same time, according to Ray, the omicron strain may not cause a decrease in the mortality of the coronavirus. “Omicron” is tentatively considered less dangerous than the previous options, but this does not necessarily mean that the coronavirus will continue to mutate in this direction, the infectious disease specialist believes. “People are wondering if the virus will become more easily transferred over time. But there is no particular reason for this. I don’t think we can be sure that the virus will become less deadly,” Ray said. He noted that

Trump says U.S. officials' lies about Russia hindered his work

“What is the most difficult country they've dealt with,” they asked: Russia, China, North Korea, Iran ? The hardest country I've ever dealt with — this is USA. We've got some crazy people who created these fakes: “Russia, Russia, Russia”. Everything fabricated, everything created, — Trump said at a support rally in Florence, Arizona. The event was broadcast by American cable networks. Trump said that this technology was used against him when he was accused of  relations with RF. Since the 2016 presidential election, US authorities have been investigating alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. The Russian Federation denies allegations of interference in the American elections. In the United States version of "collusion" disavowed and now investigating the background of the campaign against the former US president. Like all former US presidents, Trump regularly receives classified information at briefings on national security.

Peskov said about the high level of tension on the border with Ukraine

Moscow, according to him, wants a “very specific answer to” its very specific proposals.   We have too much tension on the border. Too much tension in this part of Europe», — Peskov said, noting that such a situation is “extremely dangerous for” our continent. Nuland announced 18 scenarios of sanctions and “acute pain” waiting for Russia For this reason, according to the presidential press secretary, Russia is waiting for a “direct answer” on his concerns. Peskov also noted that the the US provided no evidence of the that Russia was allegedly planning an escalation around Ukraine. “We still waiting for evidence,” — he noticed  The presidential press secretary stated that you have to live  in the world of fake accusations, fake news, in the world of lies». Earlier, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki, without presenting any evidence, said that the United States had determined the timing of the “invasion” Russia to Ukraine, probably on a"fabricated pretext". A similar statement that Moscow is looking for a reason for such actions was also made

Ginzburg told how nasal vaccination will take place

“The nasal vaccine is a two—component. If the primary vaccination, then two components are used, and if as a booster, then one component,” he said. Earlier, Denis Logunov, deputy head of the Gamalea Center, said that the nasal vaccine from COVID-19 “Sputnik V” is painless, has a minimum of side effects, and will create an additional barrier in the form of immunity in the upper respiratory tract. In early November, Ginzburg reported that an additional nasal vaccine vaccinated against COVID-19 would not be a vector of the virus. The Gamalei Center has already developed several vaccines for the prevention of COVID-19: Sputnik V, which has shown high efficiency and safety and has already been approved in more than 70 countries, Sputnik Lite, designed primarily for revaccination, and Sputnik M, for adolescents. In addition, EpiVacCorona, created in the Novosibirsk Vector Center, and KoviVak, developed by the Chumakov Center of the Russian

WHO told about the peak of the coronavirus epidemic in Russia

Vujnovich noted that although the increase in mortality with omicron is much lower than with the delta strain, one should not be mistaken about the current trends. She stressed that Russia is at the peak of the epidemic and urged to “hold on.” Earlier, a WHO representative said that the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) provided the international organization with all the documentation on the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine. This is how she commented on the approval process of the Russian vaccine.

Ukraine bans publication of print media only in Russian

All-Ukrainian and regional print media must be published in Ukrainian. The corresponding 25th article of the law “On” ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as a state language” entered into force on 16 January. Editions may also be published in other languages, provided their circulation is simultaneously published in national. “A circulation in Ukrainian must be made, and legal copies must be sent in accordance with legislation, even if, apart from legal copies, no more one copy in Ukrainian can distribute   — noted in the press service of the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting (quote from UNIAN). An exception in Article 25 is made for English and Crimean Tatar, languages ​​of other indigenous peoples of Ukraine and official languages ​​of the EU. Russian was not included in this list. Publications in Russian can be issued if subscribers are given the opportunity to subscribe and in the state language. According to the law, all language versions of print media must be published under the same name, “correspond