Day in History: January 4th

Isaac Newton Isaac Newton, English mathematician, mechanic, physicist and astronomer, was born on December 4, 1643. Newton is an outstanding English scientist who discovered the law of universal gravitation and laid the foundations of modern natural science, the creator of classical physics, a member of the Royal Society of London (1627) and its president since 1703. His works relate to mechanics, optics, astronomy, mathematics. Newton’s scientific creativity played an extremely important role in the history of the development of physics. The unit of force in the International System of Units, Newton, is named in his honor. 142 years ago, the Russian army liberated Sofia On January 4, 1878, Russian troops led by General Joseph Gurko entered Sofia. The Turks lost all the battles on the outskirts of the Bulgarian capital, lost almost the entire army, artillery and supplies. Therefore, the Turkish units did not fight directly for Sofia — the

The second of the Bogdanov twin brothers died in France

“In peace and love, surrounded by his children and family, Igor Bogdanov passed away on Monday, January 3, 2022,” the family said in a statement. The causes of death of the showman are not called. Twin brothers Igor and Grigory Bogdanov were born on August 29, 1949 in the French city of Saint-Lary in the family of Russian artist Yuri Ostasenko-Bogdanov and Maria (Maya) Dolores Franciszka Kolovrat-Krakowska (illegitimate daughter of an Austrian countess with Czech roots Bertha Henrietta Katerina Nadine Kolovrat-Krakowska. – “Kommersant”). Both gained fame in the 1970s due to the fact that they popularized various popular science programs on French television. The worldwide fame of the brothers was brought by their non-standard appearance. The twins have done a lot of plastic surgery, but they have repeatedly denied this information. In 2010, a scandal broke out around the main activity of the Bogdanovs. The National Committee for Scientific Research

Israel will resume receiving vaccinated foreign tourists from January 9

“The Prime Minister and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Health, Interior, Tourism and Transport have decided that from Sunday, January 9, 2022, foreigners vaccinated against coronavirus or who have had covid, according to the definition of the Israeli Ministry of Health, from countries on the orange list (not included in the red list for the threat of the spread of coronavirus – approx. TASS) will be able to obtain an entry permit provided they fill out an online form beforehand, pass a PCR test or an antigen test before boarding the plane, as well as pass a PCR test upon entry into Israel, followed by isolation for 24 hours or until they receive a negative PCR test,” the press service of the Ministry of Health said in a statement. “For permission to enter [Israel] vaccinated with Sputnik V [tourists], the Israeli Ministry of Health is waiting for the publication of

Teenager Sued Teachers for $10 million over Pork Pizza

Neither the name nor the age of the student is disclosed. The lawsuit, which the victim filed against the school district, the city board of education and his own coaches, says only that the boy will graduate from school in 2022, Business Insider reported. The ECHR banned teachers from insulting schoolchildren According to the student, in the spring of 2021, the coaches demanded that all members of the school team be present at all off-season training sessions. but the young man missed one of them, as he injured his shoulder while practicing with dumbbells. When he came to the next training session, the coaches decided to punish him. The student was seated in the center of the gym, given a pizza box in his hands and ordered to eat it. The young man refused and even pushed the box away — this moment was caught on CCTV cameras, but the

The British were delighted with the monuments of Soviet architecture

The reason for the discussion was a book by French photographer Jason Guilbeau, in which he demonstrated part of the heritage of Soviet architecture using the Google Street View service. Plinths topped with submarines and sculptures of fighter planes frozen in flight: Fascinating book showcases the surreal street monuments of a forgotten Soviet empire — Showbiz (@showbiznotices) December 16, 2021 Most users were delighted not only with the appearance of the monuments, but also with the fact that they managed to be preserved after so many years. “It’s great that they haven’t been spoiled or damaged. This suggests that people still have respect for what the Western world has already forgotten,” wrote Dyslexic1. “They are all in well-maintained condition and are still highly appreciated by Russians who honor their history,” said Just a passenger. “Russians know how to build monuments!” concluded Howard the 1st. Some commentators have noticed

Leaders of the Russian Federation, China, USA, Britain and France adopted a joint statement against nuclear war

“ People's Republic of China, Russian Federation, United Kingdom of Great Britain and & nbsp; Northern Ireland, United States of America and & nbsp; its primary responsibility is to prevent war between the states possessing nuclear weapons, and & nbsp; reducing strategic risks & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; the document says. The transit of Russian gas through Ukraine to Slovakia fell again “We & nbsp; declare that & nbsp; ; in a & nbsp; nuclear war, there can be no winners and & nbsp; it should never & nbsp; be unleashed & nbsp; & nbsp; & mdash; it says, in & nbsp; in particular, in the & nbsp; statement. The further proliferation of nuclear weapons in the & nbsp; world must be prevented. “ Each of & nbsp; us intends to maintain and & nbsp; further strengthen our national measures to & nbsp; prevent the unauthorized or unintentional use

Putin instructed to think about the closure of mines with a high risk of accidents

Coal mining in & nbsp; Russia should eliminate the risk of accidents at & nbsp; production. This is stated in & nbsp; instructions that President Vladimir Putin gave after a meeting on the & nbsp; situation in the & nbsp; coal industry of Kuzbass. The document was published on the & nbsp; Kremlin website. The President instructed the government, following a discussion with & nbsp; trade unions and & nbsp; other interested organizations, when it is necessary to introduce the following measures: completely prohibit the issuance of new permits for & nbsp; mine method of coal mining; Gradually close all coal mines with & nbsp; high risk of accidents. With this, Putin instructed to take into account the economic and & nbsp; social consequences; develop and & nbsp; implement coal mining methods that exclude the possibility of 'group accidents'. In & nbsp; including prohibiting miners from working at & nbsp;

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs named the terms of certification of “Nord Stream – 2”

“The regulations of the procedure are such that & nbsp; they allow not ;), and & nbsp; namely, to carry out this consideration in the & nbsp; first, second conditionally instance, stretching it out for many months & hellip; Yes, it can last & nbsp; until & nbsp; summer & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; said & nbsp; he. While & nbsp; Pankin did not & nbsp; ruled out that & nbsp; the certification process could be complicated by the & nbsp; US side. The transit of Russian gas through Ukraine to Slovakia fell again “ Yes, after that there might be an American sledgehammer & nbsp; & mdash; why not & nbsp; imagine that & nbsp; Americans will tell the Germans not & nbsp; a gram of Russian gas via & nbsp; & ldquo; Nord Stream & rdquo; not & nbsp; buy? He & nbsp; may be certified, but

In Russia, the minimum number of people infected with COVID was detected in a day since mid-June-19 — 16 343

Regions are leaders in the number of new cases: Saint Petersburg — 1341 (for all time — 856 251), Moscow — 1335 (2,036,375), Moscow region — 1180 (645,259), Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions – 445 each (200 040 and 146 573), Krasnodar Territory — 432 (119 993). Per day in 835 patients died in Russia, which is 2.96% more than yesterday (811). The total number of deaths reached 311,353. 24,037 people recovered during the day, a total of 9,548,076. Regions-leaders in the number of deaths: Moscow – 70 (since the beginning of the pandemic — 36,977); Saint Petersburg – 55 (28,204); Moscow region – 43 (12,235); Krasnoyarsk Territory — 37 (8,726); Nizhny Novgorod region — 29 (9,874). Rospotrebnadzor expects the situation with COVID-19 to worsen after the New Year holidays, including due to the new strain of omicron. Reuters sources in the Russian government also said that the Russian authorities are waiting