In Russia, 31,252 cases of coronavirus were detected during the day

For the entire period of the pandemic in Russia has identified 10,865,512 cases of the disease. 9,902,935 patients recovered from the virus, 322,678 died. In Moscow, 8342 cases of coronavirus were detected during the day — the indicator exceeded the level of 8000 for the first time since June 18. 821 patients were hospitalized with COVID-19 per day. There are 507 people on the ventilator. A high daily increase in morbidity was also registered in St. Petersburg — 4078 cases, Moscow region – 2754, Krasnodar Territory – 715, Sverdlovsk region – 597, Rostov region – 554 cases. According to the operstab on January 14, the level of collective immunity to coronavirus in Russia is 63.7% with a goal of 80%. About 80.2 million Russians were vaccinated with the first component of the vaccine, 76.5 million people were fully vaccinated.

A flounder-like Cyprus was shown from space

The island of #Cyprus, located in the Mediterranean Sea, is a real treasury of ancient cultural monuments. Here you can find a lot of different sights: prehistoric catacombs, ruins of Roman palaces, the rich heritage of Ancient Greece… — Anton Shkaplerov (@Anton_Astrey) January 17, 2022 Cyprus from space really looks a bit like a flounder, as pilots like to repeat. Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov shared a photo of the island taken from the International Space Station. “The island of Cyprus, located in The Mediterranean Sea is a real treasure trove of ancient cultural monuments. What is not here – and antediluvian catacombs, and the ruins of Roman palaces, and the richest heritage of ancient Greece …” he wrote. Cyprus is the third largest and third most populous island in the world. The Mediterranean Sea. Located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, geographically belongs to Asia. Most of the island is

Kazakhstan demanded to stop accusing Nazarbayev of all sins

According to Baibek, thanks to Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan gained independence and recognition from the world community. He  noted that  the merits of the Elbasy (in Kazakh “head of state” or “leader of the nation” — approx. “”) will be adequately appreciated in the historical perspective, despite the inevitable in  the reign of error. «To blame Nursultan Nazarbayev today for all sins after leaving the post of head of state — it's low and does beautify individual citizens», — Baibek said. The first president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, has not appeared in public and has made the situation in the country since 28 December 2021. The ex-head of the Kazakh special services, Alnur Musaev, even admitted a serious illness, to whom or the death of the former head of state. There were rumors that the former head of state had left for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), but the Embassy of Kazakhstan in UAE denied this information. On 5 January, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev sent ;Nazarbayev's resignation from the post of head of

The State Duma listed benefits that Russians might not know about

This is stated in the publication on the chamber’s page on the VKontakte social network. Improvement of housing conditions Thus, citizens with two or more children have the right not to pay personal income tax when selling an apartment to improve living conditions. At the same time, new housing must be purchased in the year of sale of the previous one or no later than April 30 of the following year. The area of the new apartment or its cadastral value should be higher than that of the sold one. At the same time, the cadastral value of old housing cannot exceed 50 million rubles. In addition, at the time of purchase, family members should not own housing, the area of which is 50 percent larger than the size of the new apartment. Property tax Pensioners have the right not to pay property tax. To do this, they need to

Scientists have learned that cell death can be reversible

Necrotic cell death in the human body can be reversed in the future. Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago have discovered a mechanism in cells that regulates this process, and predict that it will soon be possible to take control of it. Pyroptosis, a type of cell death, is usually caused by infections and leads to excessive inflammation in the body. It is observed in sepsis, certain types of cancer, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), which is one of the main complications of COVID-19, and other diseases. For a long time, this process was considered irreversible. The GSDMD protein is involved in pyroptosis. This phosphoprotein forms large pores with a diameter of approximately 21 nm in the plasma membrane to control cell death. Scientists have created a unique method of tracking this process by “highlighting” it from the inside. Observation of the protein showed that its pores respond

In the registry offices of the Rostov region, it was forbidden to laugh during the wedding

The resolution came into force from the moment of publication, on Monday. The document, in particular, states that those wishing to marry can ask to hold the ceremony in a solemn atmosphere, choosing an available date and time. The wedding is held in the hall of ceremonies, where the flag and coat of arms of Russia should be located. The event assumes the existence of a scenario for its holding. The resolution also describes the rules of conduct of the participants of the ceremony. “During the marriage ceremony in a solemn atmosphere in the premises of the registry office is not allowed: loud conversations (including on the phone), exclamations, laughter,” the document says. It is also forbidden to be in dirty shoes, outerwear and with large bags in the hall of ceremonies. The participants of the ceremony are not allowed to walk around the hall, eat, smoke, drink alcohol, as

Adviser who criticized Zelensky for bureaucracy resigned

Arestovich explained his departure for personal reasons. On the eve of his dismissal, he criticized President Volodymyr Zelensky for bureaucracy. According to the former adviser, the election campaign of the Ukrainian leader was built on the fact that he spoke sincerely with people. But the president hasn nowhere spoke not on record». «Our s strength is that the president speaks with everyone directly, this is his main chip — explain your policy. Where is it all? Who have we become? Bureaucracy, reference, protocol. You couldn't have hit yourself harder in the balls. It   the worst   we  — “become bureaucratic”” — said Arestovich. In he believed Zelensky's team was supposed to be “funny, driven guys” who would take revenge on the oligarchs and reform the country, but this did not happen. Previously the former speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov went into opposition. He announced his intention to run for president in the next election. According to a November poll, most Ukrainians would vote in          Zelensky in the second round of the presidential election.

The Russian Foreign Ministry commented on the NYT publication that Russia is taking diplomats out of Ukraine

NYT refers to a high-ranking Ukrainian security official. According to him, Russia has already evacuated almost 50 people from their consulates in Kiev and Lvov. Diplomats from two more Russian consulates in Ukraine are also preparing for the evacuation. It is not known what the reason for the evacuation. According to foreign media, Western countries are waiting for Russia's attack on Ukraine in early 2022. The Ministry of Russian foreign said that the USA spread these rumors in order to have a pretext for the attack itself.

An unusual headband with headphones is sold on AliExpress at an attractive price

Unusual headphones-armband with Bluetooth Ordinary headphones, even the most comfortable, are not always suitable for active sports or sleep. But Aliexpress found a very cool sports armband that will easily cope with this task. The soft and elastic fabric has a small and thin Bluetooth display and almost invisible speakers that allow you to listen to music or audio files while sleeping, meditating or playing sports. The mask is made of high-quality material, it can also be used as an eye mask for a comfortable sleep. At an average volume, one battery charge is enough for 10 hours of listening. The mask is also easy to wash, having previously pulled out the electronic elements.  Go to the store >>>>>Click on the picture to find out more reviews are being written: The headphones are soft, warm enough to protect from the wind, cool enough so that the head does not sweat.

Experts predicted a “twindemia” in Europe due to the return of the flu

Due to strict restrictions, the flu virus almost completely disappeared in Europe last winter, but this year it is returning at a much faster pace, Reuters reports, citing data from the EU medical regulator. This process raises concerns about a double epidemic or “twindemia”, especially since this year the most dangerous strain of the H3A influenza virus is circulating for the elderly. According to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), since mid-December, influenza viruses have been circulating in Europe at a higher than expected rate. In December, the number of flu cases in European intensive care units steadily increased, reaching a peak of 43 patients in the last week of the year. This is significantly lower than the level that was before the pandemic, for example, in 2018, the number of weekly flu cases in intensive care units reached more than 400. But this is more than