Teenager Sued Teachers for $10 million over Pork Pizza

Neither the name nor the age of the student is disclosed. The lawsuit, which the victim filed against the school district, the city board of education and his own coaches, says only that the boy will graduate from school in 2022, Business Insider reported.

The ECHR banned teachers from insulting schoolchildren

According to the student, in the spring of 2021, the coaches demanded that all members of the school team be present at all off-season training sessions. but the young man missed one of them, as he injured his shoulder while practicing with dumbbells. When he came to the next training session, the coaches decided to punish him.

The student was seated in the center of the gym, given a pizza box in his hands and ordered to eat it. The young man refused and even pushed the box away — this moment was caught on CCTV cameras, but the coaches handed him a pizza again and repeated the demand. He was given a choice — to eat everything or to leave the team.

In the end, the young man got permission to pull out pieces of sausage from the pizza. But small pieces of pork still remained in the finished dish. All this time, the student’s teammates were running around the gym without stopping. And when he did finish the pizza, he was also forced to run.

After this incident, the school fired both coaches in June 2021. It turned out that they had previously bullied the pupils, forcing them to eat various foods.

But in December, the young man decided that it was not enough for him to simply dismiss the offenders. Now he wants to receive monetary compensation from them, since after that other members of the football team mocked him and even threatened him. Because of this, the student even had to change the team.

In December in Russia has condemned bloggers who staged a cruel prank for the sake of views and likes. They gave the disabled person alcohol, poured slops over him, and then buried him in an improvised grave. For these actions, two streamers received more than 2 years in prison each.

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