On Kuban the man fired at employees of Regardie and killed himself

Drunk man, armed with a gun, attacked employees of private security of Regardie in the Slavic region of Krasnodar Krai. About it “Interfax” on Saturday, September 23, reported in the regional Department of the MIA. “Previously convicted a man born in 1974, being in an alcohol intoxication, about 08:45 GMT penetrated into the protected object, the alarm went off. When the alarm on call arrived employees of private security of Regardie, he opened fire on them from behind the closed door”, — noted in the regional head office. After this object with the attackers were surrounded, and the surrounding area was cordoned off. Some time later, the man committed suicide. The reasons and circumstances of incident are established. On the night of 6 April in the Leninsky district of Astrakhan, a group of attackers opened fire on a post of Regardie. All four of the attackers was wanted for the

In the Voronezh region five-year-old boy stole a car and got in an accident

Employees of the interior Ministry of Russia to Borisoglebsk (Voronezh region) opened a criminal case against 47-year-old resident of the village of Bohan son to where you stole the car and got in an accident. On Saturday, September 23, reported on the website of the main Directorate of internal Affairs in the region. The woman is charged with dereliction of parental responsibilities (article 156 of the criminal code), to it can threaten till three years of imprisonment. The incident occurred in Borisoglebsk on September 11. The police received a report that a young child was driving the car, got in an accident, crashing into two parked cars. At the scene arrived investigative team, discovered the frightened boy. The child could not give your name or explain how he ended up in the vehicle without relatives. The boy was taken to hospital and, although the accident he was not injured, he

Investigators opened the case after the death of seven people in an accident near Kaliningrad

The investigative Committee (SK) opened a criminal case on the fact of inadequate provision of services which caused the death of seven persons in road accidents in the Kaliningrad region. On Saturday, September 23, the official representative of SK Svetlana Petrenko, reports TASS. “The fact of rendering of services of inadequate quality, which entailed by negligence the death of seven persons in the accident, a criminal case under part 3 of article 238 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Rendering services not meeting safety requirements”),” — said Petrenko. The authorities of the Kaliningrad region initiated additional inspections of carriers in connection with the accident. “Monday will be held a meeting at which a decision will be made about the initiation of new audits of carriers and tightening control over their activities,” — said TASS in the press service of the regional government, noting that the control over the work

Opposition leader Udaltsov said on his arrest before the festivities

Sergei Udaltsov The coordinator of the movement “Left front” Sergei Udaltsov said on his arrest in Moscow before the event “anti-capitalism”. On Saturday, September 23, Interfax reports. According to Udaltsov, except him, were arrested five more people. It happened on the way to the venue of the protest planned on Strastnoy Boulevard. “At a time when I was detained, no banners, no flags were not, we were just sitting at a stoplight, wanted to cross the road with me were a few dozen people. Consider his detention illegal,” he told reporters. According to the leader of the “Left front”, he is in a police bus. On the strip and declare that the action was unauthorised, and asking people to disperse. Journalists do not have a formal review of the security forces. Earlier it became known that the city authorities have not agreed on the application of the “anti-capitalism”. 22 Sep

Syktyvkar Archbishop forgave the theft of his Audi A8

Archbishop Pitirim A criminal case against a teenager accused of carjacking Archbishop of Syktyvkar and the Komi-zyryansky Pitirim, discontinued. On Saturday, September 23, reports “Interfax”. “The Syktyvkar city court satisfied the petition of the victim’s representative to discontinue the criminal proceedings against the defendant in connection with reconciliation of the parties”, — said in court. Earlier in the case about the theft belonging to the Archbishop of Audi A8 was arrested two 16-year-old, one of whom attends school, the other in secondary school. Both are relatives of Church employees, are guided into the inner rooms of the temple and familiar with the routine. Choosing a moment when nobody could follow their actions, the young men stole the car keys and went to her gate. They were detained and taken to the police station, they admitted that they took the car for fun to drive. Was a criminal case under article

In Donetsk an attempt on the Minister of revenues and duties DND

Alexander Timofeev In Donetsk an attempt on the Minister of incomes and fees of the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic (DND) Alexander Timofeev. On Saturday, September 23, reports Donetsk news Agency. “Today was undermined the car of the Minister. Where the explosive device was laid, we don’t know. With the Minister just spoke, he is alive and well”, — said the press service of the Ministry. On the official website of the DNI said that the explosion occurred at the intersection of prospect Mira and street Ulrich. “According to preliminary data, in the explosion injured 8 people. The scene cordoned off. Are law enforcement officers”, — stated in the message. In turn, the RIA Novosti source in law enforcement agencies DNR said that there were two explosions. According to the interlocutor of Agency, Timofeev is in critical condition. 8 February in his office was killed the commander of the militia battalion

In a car accident near Yaroslavl, killing four people

On the highway Yaroslavl — Kostroma faced two cars. Four persons were lost, two are hospitalized. On Saturday, September 23, reports “Interfax”. The accident occurred about two o’clock on the 11th kilometer of the driveway to Kostroma. The car VAZ-2112 and a Renault Megane collided head-on. Accurate information about the circumstances of the accident yet. According to the Department of internal Affairs of the Yaroslavl region, all the victims were men, residents of the Kostroma region. Checks are made to ascertain the circumstances of the incident. In the evening of 22 September in Kaliningrad, the bus collided with an SUV. The victims were seven people.

SK started checking after the death of seven people in an accident near Kaliningrad

Investigators began checking on the fact of inadequate provision of services, which caused the death of seven persons in a road accident involving a minibus and an SUV in the Kaliningrad region. This was reported in the press release of the Investigative Committee (IC) received by the editors”.ru” on Saturday, September 23. According to preliminary data, in the time of the accident in the van there were at least 15 people, while the maximum allowable 8. In addition, part of the seats were not equipped with seat belts and were not installed at the factory. Currently, the investigators find out all the circumstances of the incident and interview the drivers and eyewitnesses. Will also be requested and reviewed required documentation. After that it will be a procedural decision. The accident occurred Friday night on route Kaliningrad —Chernyakhovsk near the village Soldatove guard district. As a result, seven people were killed,

In the center of Donetsk explosion

In the Central part of the Donetsk explosion. On Saturday, September 23, the correspondent of RIA Novosti. The incident occurred around 8:30 GMT on Prospekt Mira. On a scene there arrived police officers and law enforcement agencies of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic. They cordoned off the blast site. The number of deaths and casualties yet, comments from authorities have been reported.

The idea to restrict the right of veto for the UN security Council members supported 114 countries

The idea to limit the veto to the permanent members of the UN security Council currently supports 114 countries. This was stated by the foreign Minister of Liechtenstein, Aurelia Frick. Her words RIA Novosti. “The response to this initiative has been exceptional,” Frick said. In Moscow said he did not agree with the proposal. Deputy of Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vladimir Safronkov said that “any ideas that lead to infringing upon the prerogatives of the current permanent members of the Security Council including the veto” unacceptable. According to the diplomat, the possibility of a veto is an incentive to search for balanced decisions, and to encroach upon it “would be wrong from a historical and political point of view.” The Secretary of state under the Minister of foreign Affairs of France Jean-Baptiste Lemoine suggested to abandon the right of veto during the discussion of the genocide. He stressed

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