The school psychologist killed herself after abuse of a student in Kazan

In Kazan has opened a criminal case after Commission of the 29-year-old psychologist one of the schools of dissolute actions concerning 10-the summer schoolgirl. This was reported in the Thursday, March 30, on the website of the Investigative Committee for the Republic of Tatarstan. According to the regional office, the girl on March 27 told the parents about what happened at school almost a month ago — on March 2. They immediately called the police. On the night of 28 March a body was found suspected in the violence of the psychologist with the signs of falling from height. In fact suicide has begun preliminary examination. The case was initiated under article “Violent actions of sexual nature against a person under 12 years of age” (item “b” of part 4 of article 132 of the criminal code). The investigators establish all the circumstances of the incident and find out whether

Ugra Governor attended to the preservation of bear cults

Natalia Komarova The Governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug (KHMAO) Natalia Komarova proposed to establish a register of carriers of traditions of the bear cults. With this initiative, she spoke at the sidelines of the forum “Arctic — territory of dialogue” in Arkhangelsk, reports TASS on Thursday, March 30. Komarov noted that Yugra, is developing the project of the festival of bears in the rites and traditions of the indigenous peoples of the North. “In order to preserve this important component of the cultural traditions we offer Northern forum (Association of heads of Northern regions of several countries, including Russia, the USA and Iceland — approx. “Of the”) to create a single register of native traditions bear cults, owning their local options and features,” she said. According to the head of the region, you should also run the center for documentary materials which will create and distribute stories about

Rosobrnadzor banned three state universities to accept students

Irkutsk state agrarian University named after A. A. Izhevskogo Rosobrnadzor on the results of inspections forbade the admission of students in three state universities. On Thursday, March 30, reported on the Agency’s website. We are talking about Irkutsk state agrarian University named after A. A. Egeskog, Saint-Petersburg state Institute of film and television and the Orel state agrarian University named after N.. Parakhina. The report said that the cause was the failure of the regulations within the established deadlines. The Department also revoked the license of the Kislovodsk Institute of Economics and law and suspended the authorization document of the Saint Petersburg Institute of humanitarian education. In addition, the Moscow branch of the Russian international Academy of tourism lost state accreditation on programs of secondary professional education “Industrial ecology and biotechnology” and “Service and tourism”. The ban on the admission of students does not limit the rest educational activities of

All the victims in Domodedovo turned out to be employees of the airport

Continued: There’s a new version of road accident with fire truck in the area of Domodedovo All six people injured in the accident at Domodedovo, were employees of the airport. Four of them were hospitalized. This was reported by the TV channel “360”. “The hospital delivered six injured, four of them hospitalized, — said the chief doctor Domodedovskaya Central hospital Andrey Osipov. Two with various injuries are in serious but stable condition, two others received minor injuries, their life is out of danger. Two people after receiving medical care from hospitalization and further treatment refused and were sent home”. The deceased woman was also an employee of the airport. According to the Federal news Agency, is a 62-year-old Tatiana sh Thursday, March 30, at 8:30 GMT, the fire truck ran into a group of pedestrians. The cause of the tragedy could be a heart attack, the 55-year-old driver Yuri F.

Putin commented on the protests

Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin has called unacceptable the use of unauthorized protests for self-promotion in the eve of the election campaign. The corresponding statement he made, speaking at the International Arctic forum in Arkhangelsk, reports “Interfax” on Thursday, March 30. “I think it is wrong if someone, some political forces are trying to use for their own selfish interests this tool is not to improve the situation in the country, and for self-promotion in the political arena on the eve of some political events, including election campaigns in the country”, — said Putin. He stressed that unauthorized protests led to the “Arab spring” (as a result of her coups occurred in a number of countries, including Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen is approx. “Of the”) and the change of power in Kiev. “What havoc have loaded these events of our neighbor, Ukraine, we are also well aware”, —

The Moscow city court upheld the decision to restore the status of lawyer Trunov

Igor Trunov The court did not nullify the decision to restore the status of lawyer to lawyer Igor Trunov. On Thursday, March 30, reports TASS. Appeal against the decision of the Lefortovo court was filed by the chamber of Advocates of Moscow. Thus, the district court’s decision enters into force. 30 Dec 2016 Lefortovo district court ruled that the deprivation of the lawyer status Trunova illegal. In September, in an interview with National news service (NSN) the lawyer expressed confidence that he will be able to restore the status of a lawyer. In the summer of the same year, the qualification Commission of the Advocates chamber of the Moscow region was deprived of the status of Trunov, seeing misconduct in his speech at the press conference. A lawyer complained to colleagues, believing that in his speech, he cast aspersions on the credibility of the legal profession. Trunov said about the

The President called nonsense message about the spy meeting the Russian Ambassador

Vladimir Putin President Vladimir Putin called nonsense the allegations of the involvement of the Russian Ambassador in the US for espionage. Such statement the President made during the International Arctic forum on Thursday, March 30, reports TASS. “Any meeting perceived hostility as a spy action. Isn’t this nonsense?” — said Putin. He stressed that the diplomat needs to maintain contacts with representatives of authorities, business in the country. The Russian leader stressed that the work of the American diplomats one does not preclude, while the “contact our Ambassador in the United States limited”. “Here sits the Ambassador of the United States. He came to our forum, — said Putin. — Can communicate with members of the government, representatives of large companies of Russia”. Earlier Thursday it was reported that the Russian leader sent greetings to the American Ambassador John Tefft’s remarks after a forum participant that the event is supposedly

There’s a new version of road accident with fire truck in the area of Domodedovo

The driver of the fire truck that hit people in the heart of Moscow Domodedovo airport, said during interrogation that mixed up first and reverse gear. On Thursday, March 30, told a source in law enforcement bodies. According to him, the information media about the fact that driving men had a hypertensive crisis, is wrong. According to eyewitnesses, the driver suddenly began to reverse and after a few seconds, brought down pedestrians. The publication also writes that the car belongs to the fire service of the air Harbor. At the Domodedovo airport has said it will provide necessary assistance to the victims and the relatives of the deceased in the accident, reports REN TV. A medical examination found no alcohol in driver’s blood. Thursday, March 30, at 8:30 on the road leading to Domodedovo, fire truck ran over a group of pedestrians. One person was killed — according to

In the Mytischi shopping centre security guard has beaten 13-year-old boy

The main Investigative Committee in the Moscow region has initiated preliminary examination in connection with the assault of an employee of a private security company on the child. About it “” on Thursday, March 30, reported the official representative of the regional Glaucus Elena Fokina. According to preliminary data, March 27, in the shopping and entertainment center “Red whale” in Mytischi the guard struck several blows with their feet 13-year-old boy. The victim was forced to turn to doctors who fixed his injuries. “Currently set all the circumstances of the incident, and it turns out the personality of the employee of a private security company, involved in the incident,” said Fokina. As told “” a source in law enforcement bodies, the day 27 March in the Mall came a group of children who behaved noisy and did not respond to requests to calm down. After they ignored the remark the

Putin has found the cause of the attacks on Russia from the US

The negative attitude towards Moscow is cultivated in the United States politicians, who thereby hope to increase their influence within the country. This was stated by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, speaking at the Arctic forum in Arkhangelsk, reports RIA Novosti. “The anti-Russian card is played in the interests of certain political forces within the United States to raise, to consolidate their own positions within the United States,” — said Putin. He stressed that Russia belongs to the United States “as a superpower with which we want to establish very good partnerships”. “All the rest is lies and fictions against Russia and provocations. All of it is used for the domestic American agenda”, — Putin said. The President also noted that Moscow and Washington are good examples of cooperation on Arctic development, which involve “enormous potential” for both countries and around the world. “I hope that we will reach

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