Russian Su-27s escorted French Aerospace Forces over the Black Sea

Ministry of Defense: Russian fighters escorted French Aerospace Forces aircraft over the Black Sea Mirage-200 “and” Raphael “. This is reported by TASS with reference to the Ministry of Defense. “The crews of the Russian fighters identified the air targets as two tactical fighters Mirage-2000 and Rafale, as well as the C-135 tanker aircraft of the French Aerospace Forces and escorted them over the Black Sea, “the message says. It is specified that foreign military aircraft deployed from the Russian state border, after which the Russian fighters returned to the home base. “Violations of the state border of the Russian Federation were not allowed,” the military department said. The military also noted that Russian fighters flew in accordance with international rules for the use of airspace – without dangerous convergence and crossing of air routes.

The United States spoke about the risks of turning Russia into an appendage of the PRC

Former Trump adviser John Bolton: Russia risks becoming an appendage of China how Russia risks becoming an appendage of China. Former national security adviser to ex-US President Donald Trump John Bolton spoke about the risks of Russian-Chinese relations, reports RT. According to the politician, he repeatedly mentioned in the negotiations the danger of close interaction between the PRC and the Russian side. “I would like Russia to realize that there are issues on which we can find a common language. For example, the problem of China, ”said Bolton. In November, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow was not worried about the growth of China's military potential, since the Russian state had an unprecedentedly high level of diplomatic relations with Beijing. Putin added that the increase in China's military power is a natural consequence of China's economic success.

Russian defectologist called an unusual symptom of COVID-19

Defectologist Barabanov: with COVID-19, the voice may disappear With COVID-19 disease, partial or complete voice loss may occur. An unusual symptom of the disease was named by the Russian defectologist-phonopedist, associate professor Rodion Barabanov, he is quoted by URA.RU. He explained that such a problem arises against the background of inflammation of the larynx and respiratory dysfunctions – the vocal folds begin to lose their elasticity become loose. According to him, this leads to a partial loss of voice, which is called dysphonia, or a complete lack of ability to speak – aphonia. “That is, if the voice starts to disappear during COVID-19, it means that the infection has descended through the respiratory tract. to the lower sections and reached the laryngeal mucosa, ENT-vocal folds, ligaments, “the specialist added. Earlier, the head of the Yekaterinburg Research Institute of Viral Infections at the Vector Center of Rospotrebnadzor, Alexander Semenov, said that

Russian woman has achieved the demolition of the house of a large family

In Astrakhan, bailiffs demolished a two-story house of a large family neighbors. This is reported by “Point-A”. A mother of three children bought an old house on the site, demolished it and built a new one. The citizen did not have an official building permit, and the distance from the erected building to the neighboring house was less than three meters. The neighbor went to court with a statement of claim. According to other residents of the street, the woman decided to achieve the demolition of the house due to the fact that the building was blocking the sun for her. The court ruled to liquidate the illegally built house. The homeless owner emphasizes that the house she bought initially was badly worn out, which is confirmed by certificates of its unsuitability for habitation. “When I bought the building, my neighbor began to demand money from me for what I

The Kremlin spoke about NATO's attempts to “crush” Ukraine

Peskov: NATO is trying to crush Ukraine for itself, for the Russian Federation actions are a “red line” actions for Russia are a “red line”. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov spoke about these attempts, Izvestia writes. According to him, Russia does not threaten anyone, but only takes measures against the “creeping threat” spreading towards its borders. “But in any case, Russia, everything that it does – everything is done within the territory of the Russian Federation,” he stressed. The press secretary of the head of state added that non-Russian soldiers come, for example, to Latin America, and American. Previously, Peskov also said that Russia is extremely concerned about the possibility of deploying NATO troops in Ukraine. He noted that this situation forces Moscow to take measures to protect its interests and to insure against what is happening.

Putin congratulated the new chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany on assuming office

Russian President Putin congratulated German Chancellor Scholz on assuming office Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a congratulatory telegram to Olaf Scholz on the occasion inauguration of the Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG). The corresponding letter was published on the Kremlin's website. The Russian leader noted that relations with the FRG are of great importance not only for the peoples of our countries, but for the whole of Europe. He expressed hope for the establishment of a constructive dialogue between states and joint work on topical issues of the bilateral and international agenda. Earlier, the Kremlin representative Dmitry Peskov expressed hope for constructive relations between the head of state and the new German chancellor. According to him, the authorities also hope that Berlin will continue to proceed from the understanding that there is no alternative to dialogue for resolving the most difficult differences. The election of the