The head of “Vector” spoke about the symptoms of the omicron with the phrase “horns do not grow”

The head of “Vector” Semyonov: the symptoms of the omicron strain do not differ from the standard coronavirus … This was stated by Alexander Semyonov, head of the Yekaterinburg Research Institute of Viral Infections at the Vector Center of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare, RIA Novosti reports. People get sick in the same way as with a standard coronavirus infection, “the specialist said. According to him, the symptoms of omicron are the same as with other respiratory viral infections: fever, cough and headache. Semenov also stressed that, according to some reports, people tolerate this strain more easily, but it is still necessary to see how the elderly will react to infection with this option. Previously, a virologist, head of the laboratory of bionanotechnology, microbiology and virology of Novosibirsk State University Sergei Netesov named the main symptoms of coronavirus with the omicron strain. In

Spaniards will be banned from smoking in the car

EFE: Spanish Ministry of Health has prepared a new plan to combat smoking products by the citizens of the country. This is reported by the EFE, 20 Minutos reports. According to the newspaper, the government delayed taking measures to combat smoking, as efforts were focused on preventing the spread of the coronavirus. According to the new plan of the Ministry of Health, the Spaniards will be banned from smoking in cars. It is noted that by 2023 the Spanish authorities plan to create more zones free of tobacco smoke and electronic cigarettes. Among the measures to combat smoking, an increase in taxes on tobacco products is also indicated. On September 30, the head of the European Office of the World Health Organization (WHO) for the Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases Kremlin Vikramasinghe called Russia an example to follow in the fight against smoking and alcohol. According to him, there is a

Land taken away from Jehovah's Witnesses

TASS: the court in Tyumen deprived the Jehovah's Witnesses of the ownership of the site and the building Jehovah's Witnesses “in the city of Surgut and the association” Jehovah's Witnesses “( an extremist organization banned in Russia ). They lost a land plot and a building in Siberia, TASS reports with reference to the judicial system in the Tyumen region. The Leninsky District Court invalidated the 2017 donation agreement, according to which the objects were donated to banned organizations. It was about a land plot of 960 square meters and a non-residential area of ​​319.7 square meters on 30 Let Pobedy Street in Tyumen. According to the court, the organizations lost their ownership rights, and the information was excluded from the unified register of real estate. As a result, the site and the building were transferred to the ownership of the state. The organization was recognized as extremist by the

The bride tried to avoid trouble at the wedding and lost her friend

The bridesmaid decided to beat off the groom because of the guest at the wedding The bride said that she tried in every possible way to avoid troubles and drama at the wedding, but could not take into account all the circumstances and eventually lost her girlfriend. Her story is published by The Sun. The woman explained that once she and her future husband met and became friends with a married couple who soon divorced. At the same time, this did not affect friendly communication. The narrator invited the woman to become a bridesmaid at the wedding, and her ex-husband was invited as a guest. However, the bridesmaid was not happy that her ex-husband would be among the guests of the holiday and asked the bride and groom to withdraw the invitation. When they refused, the woman was offended, decided to take revenge on her friend and tried to take

The best TV series of the year are named

“Loki” became the best TV series of the year according to the People's Choice Awards The best TV series of the year according to the People's Choice Awards were named. The list of winners is published on the award website. Loki became the main show of 2021. Among the drama series, Grey's Anatomy was noted, and in the category of comedy projects, I have never … television ”, and Ellen Pompeo took the first place among the artists. Dwayne Johnson and Scarlett Johansson received awards for Best Movie Actor and Best Movie Actress. Johansson's Black Widow was named Film of the Year, Cruella was named Drama, and comedy films have chosen the tape “The main character”. Luka was named Best Family Movie, and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was named Best Action Movie. Previously, the IMDb movie website presented a list of the main actors of 2021.

Russian virologist named the symptoms of the omicron strain COVID-19

Virologist Netesov: sore throat and nasal discharge may be symptoms of the omicron Netesov named the main symptoms of the omicron strain of coronavirus. His words are quoted by “Komsomolskaya Pravda.” may be symptoms of the new omicron strain. The Russian virologist noted that information about the South African strain is still contradictory. The infection is milder, but there are cases of infection of vaccinated people. Netesov believes that the vaccine works against the omicron strain, it remains to be seen how effective it is. Earlier, virologist Alexander Butenko said that the new omicron coronavirus strain could contribute to the formation of herd immunity in Russia. According to him, the virus can mutate into a variant that is safe for humans. The virologist gave an example of a live vaccine for yellow fever. It was developed many decades ago from an active and very dangerous virus that causes hemorrhagic fever.