Expert: the spread of the omicron strain to the regions will take from two weeks

“From two weeks. Quickly, because the holidays ended with the fact that Omicron was brought to us from 20 countries. There were leading countries from which more or less were brought, but they scattered everywhere. Now importation from abroad is no longer a key source, there is a spread of infection within the country, the strain has appeared in the population. There is a case in Rostov-on-Don, where a child and a mother who did not go anywhere got sick at the same time,” the expert answered the question of when the new strain will reach the regions.

Gorelov added that airborne transmission of infection speaks for itself. In addition, according to the expert, the omicron strain is gradually replacing the delta strain in Moscow, the Moscow Region and St. Petersburg. He noted that as they approach the Far East, the delta strain circulates, since it reached these regions late.

“There is one situation in the European part, and it is somewhat different beyond the Urals,” Gorelov noted.

The epidemiologist also said that the situation is being constantly monitored. “There are reference points in every region of Russia, 24 institutes of Rospotrebnadzor control each of them,” he added.



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