Day in History: January 10th

Gaius Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon In 49 BC, the commander Julius Caesar, returning from conquered Gaul, came to the border river of Rome Rubicon. According to the law, Caesar had to disband the army at the borders of Rome, but he deliberately did not do this, having decided to become a sovereign ruler. On January 10, with one legion of 300 horsemen, he crossed the border and marched on the city, thus marking the beginning of the civil war in Rome. Since then, the expression “cross the Rubicon” has become a catch phrase. It means the point of no return. The world’s first subway line has opened in London On January 10, 1863, the first subway line was opened in London, which was then called the non-metropolitan railway. The Metropolitan Railway company was engaged in its construction, and the length of the subway was 3.6 kilometers and consisted of

Ryabkov noted optimism after preliminary talks in Geneva

“Awesome. We & nbsp; plunged into & nbsp; matter of upcoming affairs. The conversation is difficult, it & nbsp; not & nbsp; can be easy. In & nbsp; principle, business, and & nbsp; I think that & nbsp; tomorrow will not waste & nbsp; time & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; told Ryabkov to journalists. Responding to & nbsp; Question about & nbsp; whether there is & nbsp; Lee & nbsp; optimism, it & nbsp; said that & nbsp; & laquo; optimism is never & nbsp; we lose, guided by them & raquo;. The news is being updated.

Stoltenberg did not rule out a political solution to the differences with Russia

Russia and & nbsp; NATO may find a political solution to their differences, although the threat of conflict still persists, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told Financial Times. “ You can find a solution, a political solution, and & nbsp; also take into account Russia's concerns & hellip; However, the risk of conflict persists & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; said & nbsp; he. Stoltenberg remembered & nbsp; history of Russia, which, according to & nbsp; his words, & nbsp; for & nbsp; for centuries experienced conflicts with & nbsp; neighbors. However, now there is an alternative: cooperation with the & nbsp; alliance, the secretary general pointed out. He & nbsp; noted that & nbsp; the United States and & nbsp; NATO are ready to discuss with & nbsp; Russia such possible measures to & nbsp; defuse tensions, as & nbsp; arms control and & nbsp; ensuring greater transparency of

Experts expect an increase in the incidence of coronavirus in Russia

According to official data, the incidence of coronavirus in Russia has been declining since mid-December. The minimum of the fourth wave was reached on January 6 — then only 15,316 cases were identified. The total number of COVID-19 cases in In Russia, the first week of January was the lowest since June 2021. But in the following days, the number of new cases began to grow. On Sunday, January 9, the federal operational center reported 16,246 cases per day. This dynamic is especially noticeable in Moscow. On January 6, 2357 Muscovites fell ill with COVID-19, and on January 9, 3694 new cases of infection were detected in the city. The Russians were given a way to determine the simultaneous infection of COVID-19 and influenza The World Health Organization on Thursday, January 6, reported that 9.5 million new cases of COVID-19 were registered in the world during the week. This is 71% more

Tokayev fired two deputy heads of the KNB of Kazakhstan

NUR-SULTAN, 9 Jan & nbsp; & mdash; RIA News. President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev dismissed two deputy chairmen of the National Security Committee & nbsp; & mdash; Osipov Marat Saparovich and & nbsp; Ergozhin Daulet Edilovich. The relevant decrees were promulgated by the press service of the head of state. Bakytbek Zhamalbekovich Koszhanov and Askar Baymerdenovich Amerkhanov became the new deputy chairmen of the KNB. On January 5, Tokayev also removed KNB head Karim Massimov from his post. who held this post for more than five years. The day before he was detained on & nbsp; suspicion of high treason, he faces up to & nbsp; 15 years in prison. Massimov was placed in a & nbsp; temporary detention center. On & nbsp; Friday, ex-adviser to the first president of the republic, Nursultan Nazarbayev, Yermukhamet Yertysbayev, said that & nbsp; one of the & nbsp; reasons for the crisis in

Tokayev's press secretary named the period of stay of the CSTO peacekeepers in Kazakhstan

“Perhaps they will stay for one week”, & nbsp; & mdash; Oali said in an & nbsp; interview with the Khabar 24 state television channel. In & nbsp; in early January, in & nbsp; Kazakhstan, due to & nbsp; an increase in the price of & nbsp; liquefied gas, mass protests broke out, which turned into riots. The most significant clashes with & nbsp; security forces took place in & nbsp; Alma-Ata. Tokayev called the protesters terrorists and & nbsp; turned to & nbsp; CSTO countries for help. On January 6 & nbsp; the peacekeepers started to work in & nbsp; Kazakhstan. The collective forces of the CSTO will number about & nbsp; 2,5 thousand people. Commander of the peacekeepers Andrei Serdyukov said that & nbsp; units carry out tasks to & nbsp; protect important military, state and & nbsp; socially significant facilities in & nbsp; the city of Alma-Ata

Blinken condemns Tokayev's order to shoot to kill

“I condemn this statement. If this is a national policy, then & nbsp; I condemn this policy, & nbsp; & mdash; he said & nbsp; in & nbsp; Sunday interview on CNN. & mdash; & nbsp; I spoke on & nbsp; & nbsp; on the phone with & nbsp; the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan a few days ago, the Kazakh authorities should solve the problems they & nbsp; face, peacefully and & nbsp; guarantee the protection of the rights of those who & nbsp; peacefully protest & raquo ;.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused an increase in mortality from cardiovascular diseases

According to Boytsov, in the first months of the pandemic, excess mortality among patients with cardiovascular diagnoses was the norm all over the world. “With an increase in mortality in some countries in the first wave, when there was a maximum increase in cardiovascular mortality, it reached 30 percent in one region, for example in Brazil, and in some regions [there was] a threefold increase,” he said. The spread of growth in different regions caused confusion in the coding of diseases according to the International Classification of Diseases (ICD). Over time, the situation has stabilized, and now around the world, the increase in mortality from heart and vascular diseases averages 10-12 percent. The direct impact of the new coronavirus infection on the increase in deaths was also measured. “Convincing data have been obtained that up to half of all deaths during the epidemic, primarily influenza, are associated with cardiovascular diseases.

Three unusual portraits of Kate Middleton have been published

View this post on Instagram Published by Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (@dukeandduchessofcambridge) On January 9, Kate Middleton’s 40th birthday in Three new portraits of the Duchess of Cambridge have appeared online. The author of the pictures is fashion photographer Paolo Roversi. In the photos published on the official page of the Dukes of Cambridge in the social network, Kate Middleton appears in three romantic images. Two of the pictures are processed in retro style, and in the third the Duchess is photographed in an exquisite scarlet outfit. The photos were taken as part of the project of the National Portrait Gallery, which is under the patronage of the Duchess of Cambridge. They will be on display at Berkshire Community Centers, St. Andrews University and Anglesey Island. Kate Middleton was born in Berkshire, she studied at St. Andrews University and met Prince William, and the couple lived on Anglesey Island before