The Kremlin described Putin's reaction to the format of communication with Biden

Peskov: Putin liked the format of the conversation with Biden on the eve of Russian President Vladimir Putin liked the format of the conversation with American leader Joe Biden on December 7 … This is how Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov described the reaction of the head of state to the conversation, Interfax reports on Wednesday, December 8. Peskov noted that the leaders of the two states would be ready to talk again. However, the press secretary of the Russian leader refused to announce the exact date of the new talks.

The shooter who attacked the Perm university will be expelled

Bekmansurov, who attacked PSNIU, is planned to be expelled from the university This is reported by “V” with reference to its own source. “The university is ready to expel the attacker: the corresponding order is already being prepared,” the source of the portal reports. It is noted that the educational institution is awaiting a court decision, which will become the basis for expulsion. The shooting at Perm State National Research University took place in the morning of September 20. Six people died, more than 40 were injured. The shooter was seriously wounded during the arrest. The Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) opened a criminal case on the murder of two or more persons. Bekmansurov was assigned to a detachment for the disabled in the pre-trial detention center. It is noted that the detachment is closely monitoring the health of disabled people in order to prevent the deterioration of their

Apple's second VR headset revealed

Media: Apple Starts Work on Second Generation VR Headset Apple has started work on second generation VR headset prior to first release. This is reported by MacRumors. Journalists have read the report of the authoritative insider Ming-Chi Kuo, who revealed new information about Apple's VR headset. According to him, the company has already begun work on the second version of the virtual reality helmet, despite the fact that Apple has not yet presented the first generation. The device, due out in 2024, will have a lighter body, a new design, a more advanced processor. Min-Chi Ko also noted that the first generation of mixed reality (VR/AR) headsets will be able to switch smoothly between modes. The device will weigh about 300-400 grams. The specialist confirmed the information that the device will work autonomously from a smartphone or other equipment. In addition, the insider noted that the headset focused on communication

The immunologist commented on the cases of rash in children with the omicron strain

Immunologist Kryuchkov: it is too early to draw conclusions about a possible rash in children with the omicron strain coronavirus, it is too early to draw conclusions about such a reaction to the omicron strain. So commented on the data of the doctor David Lloyd's immunologist, Ph.D. Nikolai Kryuchkov, Izvestia reports. Earlier, the British doctor Lloyd said that 15 percent of children infected with the omicron strain are faced with an unusual rash. He stressed that minors and adults have different symptoms of COVID-19. “Maybe in reality it turns out that this is not the case. In reality, it turns out that rash occurs in children, in principle, and not only in children with covid. But this is not the most frequent symptom, and it is not yet clear why suddenly such a high percentage of children, “said Kryuchkov. According to him, we need to wait for data from Europe

The Kremlin urged to promote vaccinations within the framework of common sense

Kremlin spokesman Peskov: vaccination promotion should be carried out within the framework of common sense common sense. This was stated by the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, reports TASS. “Everything should be within the framework of common sense, but the fact that you need to continue to convince citizens to get vaccinated is unambiguous,” the Kremlin spokesman said./p>

There are new details about the death of the son of the former Russian governor

In the hotel room where the son of the ex-governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Ishaev died, there were drugs In the hotel room where they found dead 49- summer Dmitry Ishaev, the son of the former governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Viktor Ishaev, were narcotic substances. KP.RU reports on the new details that have appeared in the case of the death of the ex-governor's son. The newspaper has at its disposal photographs from a room in the Khabarovsk hotel “Parus”. The pictures show a dead man with tattoos on the floor. Presumably, this is Ishaev. According to preliminary data from the investigation, the official's son died of cardiac arrest. Dmitry Ishaev was found dead in a hotel in Khabarovsk on December 4. According to local media reports, the man had previously complained of heart problems. Viktor Ishaev was the governor of the Khabarovsk Territory from 1991 to 2009. On February

Russian private space company gathered on the stock exchange

Success Rockets wants to go public via SPAC Russian private space company Success Rockets wants to go public within two to three years. She was going to do this through a merger with a SPAC company, said the general director of the enterprise Oleg Mansurov, RIA Novosti reports. “” ). We are now looking more at European sites. All space companies go through SPAC because they need a lot of funding at an early stage, “he said. SPAC (special purpose acquisition company) is a special purpose acquisition company that is being set up to merge with a private firm. to put the latter on the stock exchange without an IPO. If the entire unified holding is taken out on the IPO, the capitalization will amount to $ 10 billion, Mansurov said. If only the core (rockets, satellites, software), then about three billion dollars, added the CEO of Success Rockets. The

The owner of “Rive Gauche” was detained in St. Petersburg

Kommersant: the owner of Rive Gauche, Meyer, was detained in St. Petersburg in connection with the theft of 2.3 billion rubles The owner of the network Reeve Gauche ”and co-owner of the Internet retailer“ Yulmart ”August Meyer was detained in St. Petersburg on suspicion of embezzling 2.3 billion rubles from Sberbank. This was reported by Kommersant and RBC with reference to sources. According to the interlocutors of the editions, his wife and business partner Inna Meyer was also detained. It is specified that the funds were received by Yulmart “In the form of loans for business development shortly before the collapse of the company, which ceased operations in March 2020. Currently, Meyer and his wife are being interrogated as suspects. According to sources, in the near future they may change their status, becoming accused.