Peskov said about the high level of tension on the border with Ukraine

Moscow, according to him, wants a “very specific answer to” its very specific proposals.

  We have too much tension on the border. Too much tension in this part of Europe», — Peskov said, noting that such a situation is “extremely dangerous for” our continent.

Nuland announced 18 scenarios of sanctions and “acute pain” waiting for Russia

For this reason, according to the presidential press secretary, Russia is waiting for a “direct answer” on his concerns.

Peskov also noted that the the US provided no evidence of the that Russia was allegedly planning an escalation around Ukraine. “We still waiting for evidence,” — he noticed 

The presidential press secretary stated that you have to live  in the world of fake accusations, fake news, in the world of lies».

Earlier, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki, without presenting any evidence, said that the United States had determined the timing of the “invasion” Russia to Ukraine, probably on a"fabricated pretext". A similar statement that Moscow is looking for a reason for such actions was also made by Pentagon Speaker John Kirby.

The Russian Embassy in Washington called these statements stuffing and information pressure.

At the end of December, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov said that he did not see the threat of a full-scale invasion of Russia, the authorities did not plan to introduce martial law in the country.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly denied reports about ” “drawing up” troops to the Russian-Ukrainian border, which the West, as noted in the department, uses as a pretext for sanctions ultimatums.

Vladimir Putin also stressed that  Moscow is not going to attack anyone. According to him, the Russian threat — this is “an invention of those who wants to cash in on their role of a forward detachment in the fight against Russia, to receive some bonuses and preferences for this».

Negotiations with NATO< /b>

At the beginning of the week, a series of consultations took place between Russia, the USA and NATO on security guarantees: on January 9—10 January the issue was discussed in Geneva at meetings with the American side, on January  — at meeting of the Council of Russia — NATO, a 13 January — at the OSCE platform.

Lavrov stated that the West promised to give written answers next week to Russian proposals on a treaty with the States and an agreement with NATO. As the minister emphasized, Moscow needs a concrete answer to each article of the documents put forward — the further actions of the Russian side and the prospects for the resumption of negotiations will depend on     the prospects for resuming negotiations.

The Kremlin insists on the stopping the bloc's military cooperation with post-Soviet countries, refusing the creation of bases on their territories, and limiting the deployment strike assets near the Russian border, the withdrawal of American nuclear weapons from Europe, and guarantees of non-expansion of NATO to east.



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