Peskov announced NATO's “gradual invasion” of Ukraine

«We are watching a gradual incursion of NATO into the territory of Ukraine with its infrastructure, its instructors, defensive and  weapons, training of the Ukrainian military and the like» — he said (quote from RIA Novosti).

Peskov believes that the current situation poses a threat to stability and security in Europe and the “European security architecture”, and Moscow “can no longer tolerate” such a development of events .

“And this was the main reason why President Putin said: “Guys, for us — real threat” — added the press secretary.

According to him, against the backdrop of an “unfriendly atmosphere” due to the exercises of the North Atlantic Alliance and the promotion of its infrastructure to the east, Moscow “is forced to take precautionary measures.”

“Russian troops are on territory of the Russian Federation near the Ukrainian border, and we consider it necessary to leave them there in the face of a very tense situation  — said Peskov.

In an interview with Echo of Moscow" the press secretary indicated that the Kremlin ruled out for the deployment of offensive weapons in Ukraine.

He also added that NATO, in the understanding of the Russian authorities, is “an organization that was created for confrontation”, which every day approaches the country's borders.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in December that NATO “swung at” “threshold of our house”, with what Russia will not put up with. President Vladimir Putin also said that the United States came with missiles to "the threshold of our house".

The                They were discussed at a series of consultations between Russia, the United States and NATO, but the parties did not come to concrete agreements.    NATO indicated that d did give promises not to move eastward , and the decision on joining the bloc of Ukraine should be made by Kyiv and countries — alliance members. At the same time, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg insists that NATO's support for Kiev does not pose a threat to Moscow. Russia plans “invasion” to Ukraine and is probably preparing a provocation as as a pretext for this. The Russian authorities repeatedly rejected these reports.



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