Mandatory vaccination against coronavirus in Austria will cover people over 18

“Compulsory vaccination starts in early February”, — he said at a press conference in Vienna. The chancellor added that the campaign will apply to persons only from 18 years old».

Earlier, the government stated that the covid vaccination would become mandatory for all residents of the republic from 14 years old.

Compulsory vaccination law should enter into force at the beginning of February this year after the support in the parliament by a simple majority of deputies of only two ruling parties. Voting on the bill is scheduled for 20 January.

Compulsory vaccination will not cover pregnant women who have been ill within six months after the disease and people for whom vaccination is contraindicated for health reasons with medical confirmation of a medical exemption.

February the population of Austria will be informed in writing about the need to be vaccinated. Corresponding letters will be sent to the place of residence of a person with registration in Austria. From March 15 monitoring compliance with the law will begin.

The police will be able to check the availability of vaccination certificates or medical exemptions from vaccination of residents on street. Refusing to vaccinate or lack of a certificate of vaccination will be punishable by a fine of  600 euros. The maximum amount of the fine during the year can be up to    3.6 thousand. Arrest for refusing to vaccinate is not provided.

Criticism of the government measure

The decision of the Austrian government to introduce compulsory vaccination against covid was unpopular in austrian society and caused unprecedented mass protests and criticism.



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