Popova allowed an increase in the incidence of COVID-19 to six-digit numbers per day

“Our epidemiologists, mathematicians, and analysts have developed approaches to predicting the development of the epidemic situation, and these approaches are integrated, nonlinear in nature. And, of course, we draw forecasts both short-term and long-term, both pessimistic and optimistic. And what we see today, unfortunately, creates a pessimistic forecast for the possible growing detection of the number of cases associated with covid infection, up to six figures in Russia, with unfavorable development and non-compliance with the requirements that we have been talking about for two years.” The chief sanitary doctor stressed that specialists see signs of deterioration of the situation. Thus, in 35 regions, the incidence rate exceeds the national average. Popova urged employers to pay attention to the health of employees and not to allow those who have symptoms of ARVI to work. Speaking about the spread of the omicron strain of coronavirus, the head of Rospotrebnadzor noted that cases of

A herd of deer stopped traffic on a highway in the United States

A herd of deer caused traffic delays on Highway 441 in Cherokee, near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina. Several dozen animals took to the road and slowly moved along it, periodically changing direction and crossing the roadway. It is reported that drivers were even forced to stop traffic for a while. A highway patrol came to the aid of both motorists and deer, who monitored the safety of a part of the highway. Local resident Dean Cloer took a video from his car, which shows how slowly the deer wander along the road, interfering with the drivers of cars. Then the animals turn into the parking lot and head to the green lawns near the houses. Wapiti deer are indigenous to these areas, but their population declined due to over-hunting by European settlers in the late 1700s. The National Park Service began repopulating deer in the

Zakharova accused Psaki of incompetence

“This is a man (Jen Psaki. & mdash; & ldquo; Kommersant & rdquo;), which repeatedly represents the American leadership and this American & nbsp; she substituted the leadership with her statements, because & nbsp; demonstrated incompetence, unprofessionalism & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; said Zakharova on the & nbsp; air of “ Russia 1 '' (quoted by & nbsp; RIA Novosti). Earlier, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry criticized Ms. Psaki for & nbsp; her statements about & nbsp; the course of negotiations between Russia and & nbsp; the United States. A White House spokeswoman said “no one should be surprised if Russia spreads disinformation.” on the & nbsp; results of negotiations. Maria Zakharova believes that & nbsp; such statements “ evoke deep sympathy. '' Talks between Moscow and & nbsp; Washington were held in & nbsp; Geneva yesterday, 10 & nbsp; January. Jen Psaki called them & nbsp;

Kremlin responds to US plans to leave Russians without imported electronics

Journalists asked Peskov to comment on possible sanctions from & nbsp; Washington, which threatens to prohibit the import of smartphones and refrigerators into the RF ;. According to the & nbsp; press secretary of Vladimir Putin, this is not & nbsp; the most terrible threat. Thank God, after all, dishwashers do not belong to the category of the most holy, as you say. In our society, they do not belong to the category of the most holy. Although this is very important for the convenience of everyday life. Dmitry Peskov is the press secretary of the President of Russia (quoted by RIA Novosti) A Kremlin spokesman clarified that & nbsp; “ American opponents continue to publish threats like a mantra about & nbsp; impending sanctions. '' He called such statements “ informational stuff. '' Peskov noted that & nbsp; this information can only be called “ artillery preparation before &

WHO: more than half of Europeans will become infected with the omicron strain in the coming weeks

According to him, currently 50 out of 53 countries in Europe and Central Asia have reported cases of omicron. Kluge added that this variant of COVID-19 is rapidly becoming dominant in Western Europe and is now spreading to the Balkans. “The Institute for Health Indicators and Assessment predicts that more than 50% of the population of the (European) region will be infected with omicron in the next 6-8 weeks,” Kluge said at a press conference on Tuesday. According to him, the data collected in recent weeks confirm that omicron has a high transmissibility, since the mutations it has allow it to be more easily fixed on human cells, and it can infect even those who have been ill or vaccinated. At the same time, Kluge stressed that currently approved coronavirus vaccines continue to provide good protection against severe disease or death. The head of the WHO European Bureau also said

Turkish farmer bought VR glasses for cows to give more milk

A cattle breeder was inspired by a similar experiment in Moscow region in 2019. Then the Russian, with the help of veterinarians, adapted VR glasses for the heads of cows. Subsequently, the innovation helped to reduce the anxiety of animals and increase the amount of milk. It is reported that since the beginning of the use of special glasses, a farmer in Turkey has been able to increase the volume of milk produced by 22 percent. He is pleased with the results and plans to purchase 10 more pairs of glasses. Previously, Kosak turned on classical music to calm the animals. Super discounts of up to -70% on electronics, fashionable clothes, shoes and many other prices Even more interesting things about animals

Sputnik V has passed the main stage for recognition in the European Union

«​​This is one of the main stages, after which only formalities will remain. Now there are no serious obstacles to the recognition of our vaccine,” Zverev said. According to Denis Logunov, deputy head of the Gamalei Center, the EMA also had no critical comments on the issue of conducting clinical trials. The scientist clarified that work is currently underway to harmonize production standards in Europe, Russia and China. Logunov stressed that he hopes that this work will be completed in the coming months. At the end of December 2021, WHO representative Margaret Harris explained that the procedure for including the drug in a special registry takes place in three stages. As a rule, work is slowed down at the last stage – the verification of technological processes. The head of the regional office of the organization, Hans Kluge, in turn, said that WHO could approve Sputnik V in the first

Scientists have discovered a supermassive black hole in a dwarf galaxy

Astronomers using NASA’s Chandra X-ray observatory have discovered a supermassive black hole in the constellation of Hounds inside the dwarf galaxy Mrk 462, which is located about 110 million light-years from Earth. The found black hole has a mass of about 200 thousand solar masses, which makes it one of the smallest supermassive black holes. Scientists note that the new discovery is one of the first cases of the discovery of a deep-lying supermassive black hole in a dwarf galaxy. Usually such finds are impossible due to the insufficient capabilities of modern telescopes. To find signs of black hole growth, the researchers used the Chandra Observatory to observe eight dwarf galaxies that had previously shown hints of black hole activity. Of these eight, only MRK 462 showed the X-ray signature of a growing black hole. Moreover, the ratio of high-energy and low-energy X-rays from MRK 462, as well as comparison

The Gamalei Center expects a rise in the incidence of covid in Russia at the end of January

“I am absolutely sure that by the end of January or early February we will also have a significant increase in the incidence of the omicron strain,” he said on the Solovyov Live YouTube channel. He added that this strain is spreading faster, but the number of hospitalizations and deaths has been reduced. According to him, it is not worth talking about the “lightness” of the omicron coronavirus strain at the moment, since the reduced mortality and lighter course of the disease do not detract from the unprecedented high incidence of this variant of the virus. “Since the incidence rate will be very high, even this reduced mortality and reduced “weighting” during hospitalization may overlap with the number of cases, that is, the level and slope of morbidity on the scale of omicron is absolutely unprecedented, so at the moment there is no need to talk about the “lightness” of

The Kremlin commented on Shenderovich’s plans * to leave Russia

Earlier it was reported that Shenderovich* announced the decision to leave Russia after at the end of December 2021, the lawyers of businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin filed a statement with the metropolitan police about the initiation of a case under the article “slander” against him. “This cannot be the outcome of an announcement by a foreign agent, because the actual name of a foreign agent does not restrict either the rights, does not restrict the ability to carry out activities, or anything, so it cannot be related to this. If I correctly understood the media reports on this topic, then there we are talking about the fact that at one time he made some statements or publications with certain statements that are now being challenged in court. Apparently, it’s just an attempt to hide from the claims of his opponents in court in this case. This has nothing to do with any