Three cats occupied a box with a blender for an unknown reason

Additional @Vitamix boxes arrived. One is out.

The decoy initially attracted attention, but only temporarily…we’ll see what they make of the other two.

— Jessica Gerson-Neeves (@JessStarlite) January 9, 2022

The sentient soccer ball is very cute and charming. An intellectual giant, however, he is not. Here, have 29 seconds of him trying to kill his own tail on Decoy Box 1. His brother Lando was manning the One True Box at the time.

— Jessica Gerson-Neeves (@JessStarlite) January 10, 2022

“We are used to our cats constantly playing with boxes, but it hasn’t come to this yet. We tried a lot, even moving the box to another part of the kitchen, hoping that changing the location would somehow help. One day I got up in the middle of the night and once again saw one of the cats on it,” says Gerson-Nivez.

The owner of the cats hoped that during the departure on At Christmas, the cats’ interest in the blender box will disappear, but this did not help — after returning, they noticed that they still do not leave their place and change while one of them eats or sleeps. As a result, the woman turned to the blender manufacturer and asked to send three of the same cardboard boxes to give them to the cats and finally pick up her blender. The company reacted with understanding and has already sent the boxes to Jessica.

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