Tokayev announced a five-year moratorium on increasing salaries of civil servants

“I will mark the salaries of members of the government and & nbsp; deputies & hellip; I & nbsp; believe that & nbsp; salaries of & nbsp; the above categories of civil servants are quite sufficient, therefore, I consider it possible to declare a five-year moratorium on & nbsp; increasing the salaries of government members, regional akims and & nbsp; deputies & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; Tokayev noted, speaking before the & nbsp; parliament.

The withdrawal of CSTO forces from Kazakhstan will begin in two days

Mass protests in & nbsp; Kazakhstan began in & nbsp; the first days of 2022 & nbsp; & mdash; residents of the cities of Zhanaozen and & nbsp; Aktau in the & nbsp; west of the country opposed a two-fold increase in prices for & nbsp; liquefied gas. Later, protests spread to & nbsp; other cities, including & nbsp; including & nbsp; Alma-Ata, the old capital and & nbsp; the largest city of the republic: looting began there, militants attacked & nbsp; state institutions, took away weapons. In the & nbsp; response, the authorities imposed a state of emergency throughout the country until & nbsp; 19 & nbsp; January and & nbsp; began a counter-terrorist operation. According to & nbsp; UN data, in & nbsp; during the protests in & nbsp; Kazakhstan, about & nbsp; 1 thousand people were injured. According to the & nbsp; Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic, 17 Kazakhstani security officials were killed, more than 1.3 thousand were injured.

On the morning of January 5 & nbsp; President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev dismissed the government and & nbsp; headed the Security Council. At the & nbsp; first meeting of the Security Council under his leadership, Tokayev characterized the situation in & nbsp; Kazakhstan as undermining the integrity of the state and & nbsp; said that & nbsp; asked for & nbsp; CSTO help & nbsp; in & nbsp; overcoming the terrorist threat. The CSTO Collective Security Council decided to send collective peacekeeping forces to & nbsp; Kazakhstan to normalize the situation in & nbsp; the country. On January 7, Tokayev said that & nbsp; terrorists, including those who arrived from abroad, continued to resist, and & nbsp; promised to destroy those who & nbsp; did not & nbsp; lay down their arms. In addition, the President noted that & nbsp; all the demands of citizens, expressed in & nbsp; peaceful forms, were heard.



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