Grishkovets named the possible reason for the rejected claim from Zemfira

Grishkovets believes that because of the apology he made, the court dismissed Zemfira's claim … This is reported by “Gazeta.Ru”

Grishkovets believes that the Ostankino court of Moscow dismissed the claim because of his apology. “Probably, this could have influenced the court, the judge – in the sense that I do not take a confrontational position and am ready for dialogue. How Zemfira herself reacted to this – I do not know. I was ready to apologize personally, but there were no contacts, “the writer noted.

He explained that he is currently on tour, so he does not know the details of the court's decision. Grishkovets admitted that he was happy with the end of the court proceedings.

The reason for the singer's appeal to the court was Grishkovets's statement about her album “Borderline”. He called Zemfira a “drug addict”, and her songs – “drug addict.”

On June 18, it became known that Zemfira went to court with a claim for the protection of honor and dignity. According to her, Grishkovets' statements “were defamatory” and also negatively affected her reputation. She demanded to recover from the author 1.5 million rubles in compensation for moral damage, as well as to recognize his words as untrue and oblige him to refute them.

Grishkovets later said that he regrets his words. In his video message, he stressed that his statements about Zemfira were meaningless and spontaneous.



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