Day in History: December 20th

Decree of Peter I on postponing the celebration of the New Year in Of Russia Since 1492, the “Byzantine” calendar was introduced in Russia, according to which the next year was counted from September 1. However, on December 20, 1699, the Russian tsar Peter I signed a decree on the transition of Russia to a new chronology and the postponement of the celebration of the beginning of the year to January 1. In the document, the tsar ordered to decorate houses with pine, spruce and juniper branches, and to congratulate each other as a sign of fun. In addition, fireworks, cannon and rifle salutes were arranged on Red Square, and city residents were told to fire muskets and launch rockets near their homes. The festivities on the occasion of the New Year lasted until January 6 and ended with a procession to the Jordan. For residents of West Berlin, passage through

Roscosmos denied information about a banquet for six million rubles

The state corporation also reported that they regret the desire of “certain individuals to discredit the work of Russian research teams.” The ceremony of awarding the Yuri Gagarin Awards in the field of space activities took place on November 29 at the Cosmonautics and Aviation Center at VDNH. The award takes place once every five years since 2011, the winner can be a Russian team that has made an outstanding achievement and has shown special merits in this field. Earlier, Roscosmos told about the cost of vouchers to the Vostochny cosmodrome. The cost of a visit does not exceed 10 thousand rubles for adults and five thousand rubles for children, the press service of the corporation reported.

The director of the film “We are from the future” Andrey Malyukov has died

“Andrey died today at 02:00 at night—” Bondarchuk said. —He has been very seriously ill for the last two years, but he was mowed down by covid.” The actress added that the farewell to the director “will not be held because of the situation with the coronavirus.” The place of the funeral has not yet been determined. “We are with Andrey has been together all his life—” Bondarchuk added. – We filmed together, worked together. My most favorite films he has are “In the zone of special attention” and “We are from the future”, in this picture my son Ivan Burlyaev was the composer. We are all grieving, we understand that a terrible tragedy has happened. He was very much loved.” Director People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Andrey Malyukov was born on January 6, 1948. Among his works: “In the zone of special attention”, which received the State Prize of

MPs ask the government to set requirements for road complexes

On & nbsp; Friday, the State Duma considered in the & nbsp; first reading the draft law introduced by the first vice-speaker of the Federation Council, Andrey Turmishator ; Irina Rukavishnikova. The Code of Administrative Offenses is supplemented by a framework rule, according to which the requirements for road cameras, software, photo and video materials, as well as the rules for placing complexes must be established by the government. If these rules are not observed, the fines imposed on drivers will be canceled. Complexes for recording violations have been used in & nbsp; Russia since & nbsp; 2008, now there are more than 23 thousand of them (stationary and & nbsp; mobile) in & nbsp ; the whole country. In & nbsp; 2019, President Vladimir Putin ordered to develop requirements for & nbsp; cameras and & nbsp; a system excluding fines from & nbsp; complexes installed with & nbsp; violation

Trump demanded $ 60 trillion in compensation from China for coronavirus

“I & nbsp; I think the original source of the virus is obvious. It & nbsp; came from the & nbsp; Wuhan laboratory. Anyone who thinks differently is simply deceiving themselves. China has to pay reparations, but & nbsp; it doesn't have that kind of money. It seems to me that & nbsp; damage to the whole world & nbsp; & mdash; I & nbsp; I'm not talking & nbsp; only about & nbsp; USA & nbsp; & mdash; about & nbsp; $ 60 trillion. & Nbsp; China does not have this money, but & nbsp; they have to do something & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; Trump said in an & nbsp; interview with Fox News. The ex-president also scolded his successor Joe Biden – in Trump's opinion, the Democrat did nothing to stop the pandemic. “ Today we set a record for & nbsp; incidents! One of the

Peskov spoke about the deaths from COVID-19 in the presidential administration

“Employees of the presidential administration and their relatives are also dying from COVID, we are trying to transfer some of the people to remote work,” the Telegram channel of the Zvezda TV channel quotes him as saying. At the same time, Peskov is sure that no one will infect Putin with the coronavirus himself: enough measures are being taken to avoid this. “Well, listen – he’s Putin, who will infect him?” – TASS quotes him. Peskov called opponents of vaccination “dangerous fools.” In response to the question of how one word can describe people who do not get vaccinated and agitates others to refuse vaccination, the head of the Ministry of Health Mikhail Murashko, in response to the same question, said that such calls are “unreasonable actions”. According to the operstab on December 19, 27,967 new cases of coronavirus were detected in Russia during the day. The total number of

Spider interrupted the minister’s press conference in Australia (video)

Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’ath was forced to interrupt a press conference because of a large hunter spider that began climbing up her leg at the time of the woman’s speech. D’ath spoke about the need for companies to comply with the latest vaccination rules. At that moment, someone present noticed the animal. “Okay, can someone take it off?”  D’ath asked. Chief health officer John Gerrard tried to drive the spider away with papers, and he ran away in a panic. “That was the moment, wasn’t it?” the minister said. “We have not only COVID, but also spiders,” she joked. Hunting spiders can inflict painful bites, but in general they are not dangerous to humans. New Year’s sale: discounts up to – 60% Anna Lysenko Even more interesting things about animals

France opposed a return to the Cold War with Russia

“We & nbsp; do not & nbsp; want to go back to the Cold War. To avoid this, we & nbsp; do not & nbsp; must go to the & nbsp; aggravation and & nbsp; must remain calm. We & nbsp; want to maintain a dialogue with & nbsp; Russia, as initiated by the President of the Republic [Emmanuel Macron] in & nbsp; 2019. We & nbsp; conduct a frank and & nbsp; direct dialogue with & nbsp; the Russian side, because & nbsp; we & nbsp; must be able to talk to each & nbsp; other & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; the head of the department explained. According to & nbsp; her words, Russia is under sanctions, which at any moment can be toughened and & nbsp; thereby politically isolate the country. But & nbsp; this is not & nbsp; is an end in itself of Western states,

Ginzburg told how many times you can be revaccinated by Sputnik V

Alexander Ginzburg also said that the use of a nasal vaccine excludes the possibility of transmission of infection, which gives a great advantage in terms of population immunity. A person who has been vaccinated intranasally, he will never be a carrier of this infection. A person who was vaccinated as a result of an injection will not get sick, but he can transfer the virus on his mucosa, and when he gets into the environment of unvaccinated people, if he coughs, sneezes— he will release this virus, and others may get sick.Alexander Ginzburg Earlier, Alexander Ginzburg said that vaccination with Sputnik V and revaccination protect against omicron. Even more interesting things about science and technology