Day in History: December 25

Catholic Christmas On December 25, Western Christians – Catholic, Protestant denominations and Orthodox of several countries – celebrate one of the most important Christian holidays — Christmas. This holiday is a state holiday in more than 100 countries of the world. Christmas is preceded by a 40-day fast, the strictest day of which is the last. The day before Christmas Eve, on Christmas Eve, it is customary to refuse food until the first star appears in the sky. The meal usually begins with sochiva – wheat and barley grains boiled with honey. On the eve of the holiday, Old Testament prophecies and events related to Christmas of the Savior. Christmas services are performed three times: at midnight, at dawn and during the day, which symbolizes the Nativity of Christ in the bosom of God the Father, in the womb of the Mother of God and in the soul of every Christian. The

Foreign Ministry calls attack on Russian Consulate General in Lviv a terrorist attack

Charge d'Affaires of Ukraine was summoned to the & nbsp; Ministry of Foreign Affairs & nbsp; RF in & nbsp; the attack on the & nbsp; general military & nbsp; , in & nbsp; which threw a bottle with & nbsp; Molotov cocktail. & Nbsp; This is stated in the & nbsp; statement of the diplomatic department published on & nbsp; its website on & nbsp; Friday, 24 & nbsp; December. The incident took place last night. According to & nbsp; this fact, a criminal case was initiated under & nbsp; & nbsp; article 296 of the Criminal Code of & nbsp; Ukraine (“ Hooliganism ''). What & nbsp; happened As reported in & nbsp; Lviv region police, an unknown person threw a bottle with & nbsp ; incendiary mixture in the & nbsp; fence of the consulate general. No one was & nbsp; hurt, no damage to the diplomatic

Coronavirus: mass cancellation of flights around the world

The American company United Airlines explained the flight cancellations by the fact that a large part of its staff was found to have coronavirus. In Australia, about 100 flights between Sydney and Melbourne were canceled. The cancellation affected thousands of passengers. On Friday, the number of people infected with the Omicron variant in the United States exceeded the peak value of the last wave of the pandemic. Experts in the United States also fear that the burden on the healthcare system is too high. “If we have millions of patients, and they are concentrated in one place, then in order to overload hospitals, only a small percentage of the “severe” is enough,” Professor Hallie Prescott of the University of Michigan told the New York Times.

Former South Korean President released from prison 18 years ahead of schedule

Park Geun-hye's presidential powers were suspended back in & nbsp; 2017 in & nbsp; as a result of impeachment. In & nbsp; 2018, Park Geun-hye & nbsp; was found guilty of & nbsp; disclosing state secrets, extortion, abuse of power and & nbsp; taking bribes. She was also ordered to pay a fine of & nbsp; 18 billion won (about & nbsp; 17.5 & nbsp; million dollars). Initially, she was & nbsp; sentenced to & nbsp; 30 years in prison, but & nbsp; and then reduced both the & nbsp; term and & nbsp; the amount of the fine.

The Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine confirmed that it intends to ask for the arrest of Poroshenko

“The & nbsp; Prosecutor's Office agreed on a petition for & nbsp; Poroshenko's arrest with & nbsp; possibility of bail & np; ; & mdash; reported in the & nbsp; office of the Prosecutor General to the agency Ukrinform. Petro Poroshenko is accused of & nbsp; articles on & nbsp; treason and & nbsp; assistance to terrorism. The case is connected with & nbsp; supplies of coal from & nbsp; Donbass. According to the & nbsp; data of the investigation, the ex-president created a criminal group and & nbsp; disrupted the supplies of coal contracted in the fall of 2014 from South Africa. The defendant in the case is also the head of the political council of the Opposition Platform & nbsp; & mdash; party. For & nbsp; life & raquo; Victor Medvedchuk.

UN urged the United States not to interfere with the work of Russian diplomats

Hack responded to & nbsp; the call of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova to & nbsp; that the UN should initiate an arbitration procedure against the United States of America ; delays in & nbsp; issuing visas to diplomats and & nbsp; seized diplomatic property of Russia. “ We made it clear that & nbsp; the host country should allow accredited diplomats to do their work & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; he emphasized. Earlier it became known that & nbsp; during the negotiations that took place on December 7 & nbsp; Russian President Vladimir Putin in & nbsp; demanded that his American colleague Joe Biden return Moscow's diplomatic property to the & nbsp; USA . We are talking in & nbsp; in particular about & nbsp; residential complexes in the & nbsp; territory of the United States, which are & nbsp; Russian

A schoolboy from the USA saved a classmate in one day and helped a neighbor in a fire

A sixth grader in Oklahoma was honored for heroism for jumping into action to save a classmate who was choking and rescue a woman from a house fire all in one day. — CNN (@CNN) December 22, 2021 On December 9, Johnson literally saved the life of his classmate, who began to choke because of an accidentally swallowed bottle stopper. Davion did not lose his head and used the Heimlich technique, which helped push the plug out of the trachea, and the boy was able to breathe again. Later that day, a schoolboy saw a fire in a private house and a woman trying to get out. Johnson rushed to her aid and helped her down from the porch and get to the car. The heroism of the child did not go unnoticed. The Muskogee County Police Department presented him with an honorary officer’s certificate, the sheriff’s department awarded

Snow clouds on Mount Shasta in the USA were shown in a timelapse

A camera mounted on Mount Shasta in California to track wildfires has captured a mesmerizing timelapse of snow clouds rolling onto a mountain peak. Although these swirling clouds look hypnotic, they bring with them a deterioration in the weather. The National Weather Service has issued a warning about the approach of heavy snowfall and gale force winds for Northern California. Such stormy weather will persist in the region for several days, and therefore travelers were strongly advised not to go to the mountains and be extremely careful because of possible avalanches. Recall that on The Caucasus is already struggling with possible avalanches. In the Elbrus region, they are shot at from special cannons. Ekaterina Gura New Year’s sale: discounts up to – 60% Even more interesting things about nature

The country of Pinochet is destroyed by the Indians

Chile for & nbsp; Russian & nbsp; & mdash; exotic country. Its only & nbsp; historical period, which is more or less known in our Palestinians, is the period of the pro-Soviet President Salvador Allende and the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet that killed him. In such cases, it is more convenient to explain the features of a particular statehood beyond the & nbsp; seven seas using & nbsp; analogies from & nbsp; Russian life. The Araucanian Indian people (self-name & nbsp; & mdash; Mapuche), living in & nbsp; most of the & nbsp; Chilean region of Araucania, can be compared with the & nbsp; highlanders of the North Caucasus, as if & nbsp; would they all speak & nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; conditions in Chile & nbsp; & mdash; Spanish). Historical for & nbsp; Russia the concept of “ highlanders '' unites many peoples, and & nbsp; Mapuche seems to

Ice flowers appeared in Bryansk

Storm chaser Mikhail Gailish photographed a beautiful weather phenomenon in Bryansk. Here ice flowers appeared on the ice. Such oddly shaped ice crystals are formed in one of two ways. In the first method, water from excessively moist air condenses in the form of crystals on the cooled ice surface. Another method is more common on the seashore or ocean: salt water rises through the pores of the ice, reaches the cold air and forms crystals. New Year’s sale: discounts up to – 60% Anna Lysenko Even more interesting things about nature