A schoolboy from the USA saved a classmate in one day and helped a neighbor in a fire

A sixth grader in Oklahoma was honored for heroism for jumping into action to save a classmate who was choking and rescue a woman from a house fire all in one day. https://t.co/vUPjXN7vh9

— CNN (@CNN) December 22, 2021

On December 9, Johnson literally saved the life of his classmate, who began to choke because of an accidentally swallowed bottle stopper. Davion did not lose his head and used the Heimlich technique, which helped push the plug out of the trachea, and the boy was able to breathe again.

Later that day, a schoolboy saw a fire in a private house and a woman trying to get out. Johnson rushed to her aid and helped her down from the porch and get to the car.

The heroism of the child did not go unnoticed. The Muskogee County Police Department presented him with an honorary officer’s certificate, the sheriff’s department awarded him the title of honorary deputy, and the school board presented him with an award for heroism, CNN writes. Receiving thanks, Johnson noted that he dreams of becoming a doctor and saving people’s lives.

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