Day in History: December 29

253 years ago , Catherine II introduced Russia paper money On December 29, 1768, the Supreme Manifesto was issued signed by Catherine II, on the basis of which in For the first time, the Russian Empire introduced paper money, called banknotes by the Empress. The first banknotes were printed in four denominations – 25, 50, 75 and 100 rubles, and were exchanged for copper coins. For one 100-ruble banknote, 100 kilograms of copper five-kopeck coins were given. The need for monetary reform was explained by the acute shortage of silver and the weight of old copper coins: it was possible to transport an amount of 500 rubles only by cart. At the same time, an Assignation Bank was created to exchange new banknotes for copper: Count Andrey Shuvalov was appointed its first director. “Annushka” On December 29, 1911, the tram “A”, the famous “Annushka”, began to run in the capital. Then the

Poroshenko announced Zelensky's gift to Putin

The politician believes that & nbsp; Zelensky made a gift to Putin when he announced suspicions in & nbsp; Poroshenko's address, which “ fought back for five years Russian aggression. '' Zelenskiy hates me, Zelenskiy is afraid of me, Zelenskiy is engaged in illegal political persecution through the & nbsp; system of twisted justice '', & nbsp; & mdash; said & nbsp; he. According to Poroshenko, this has been going on for almost three years. Earlier, the ex-president announced his readiness to clarify the criminal case on & nbsp; high treason and & nbsp; financing of terrorism against him, which was initiated in & nbsp; Ukraine, when he returned to & nbsp; country. The politician noted that & nbsp; he “ has his own schedule '', which he & nbsp; “ is not & nbsp; going to break because of & nbsp; illegal desires ''; Zelensky. He & nbsp; did

The State Department announced that the meeting of the Russia-NATO Council is scheduled for January 12

WASHINGTON, December 28 & nbsp;/TASS /. Meeting of the Council Russia & nbsp; & mdash; NATO is scheduled for & nbsp; 12 & nbsp; January, after which contacts will take place on the & nbsp; line of the Organization for & nbsp; Security and & nbsp; Cooperation in & nbsp; Europe (OSCE). The corresponding statement was made on & nbsp; Tuesday at a & nbsp; briefing for & nbsp; journalists by the head of the press service of the US State Department Ned Price. He & nbsp; stressed that & nbsp; the United States and & nbsp; their & nbsp; NATO allies in & nbsp; Ukraine & nbsp; are united in & nbsp; our desire to adhere in & nbsp; respect to Russia diplomacy based on & nbsp; principles. 10 & nbsp; January & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; indicated by Price. “ In addition, it is clear that &

In Ukraine, they talked about the “plan B” in the issue of containing Russia

Markarova said that & nbsp; and & nbsp; Kiev, and the & nbsp; USA know what & nbsp; to do to & laquo; contain Russia. “ Now we are & nbsp; everything: Ukraine, USA, West & nbsp; & mdash; working on & nbsp; & ldquo; option A & rdquo; & nbsp; & mdash; diplomatic containment & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; noted the diplomat. She added that & nbsp; Ukraine is also developing a 'plan B'. The representative of the country did not & nbsp; clarified that & nbsp; this is what it means, but & nbsp; the journalist's assumption about the & nbsp; possibility of war and & nbsp; the West's preparation for & nbsp; did not & nbsp; deny it. Earlier it was reported that & nbsp; Western countries did not & nbsp; ; sanctions policy in the & nbsp; issue of Russia. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba

Sobyanin promised minimal restrictions in case of distribution of Omicron

“We have already lived with Covid for two years and have already adapted. The city and the economy live a normal life, all industries and transport work, and education, and healthcare, and social assistance, and industrial enterprises. Therefore, build your life the way you usually build. If there are any “omicrons” or something else, then I think that, as before, we will try to make minimal, point-based restrictions so as not to disrupt the rhythm of the city’s work,” Sobyanin said (quoted by TASS). On December 28, Sobyanin said that in In recent weeks, Moscow has recorded one of the lowest rates of coronavirus incidence in Of Russia. “In Moscow, we have found such a golden mean: to preserve people’s health, on the one hand, but also, on the other hand, to live a normal life is also very important,” said the mayor of the capital. According to the operational headquarters for

Bastrykin accused the West of radicalizing Russian youth

our country. It's no secret that & nbsp; such methods are used & nbsp; in relation to & nbsp; other states, and & nbsp; before & nbsp; me & nbsp; many experts have already touched on this topic & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; said the head of the TFR in an & nbsp; interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta. According to & nbsp; he said, the number of crimes committed by teenagers increased slightly in & nbsp; compared to & nbsp; 2019 after a six-year decline. For & nbsp; 11 months of this year, 7761 criminal cases on & nbsp; crimes committed by minors were sent to the court & ldquo; sewn & rdquo; in & nbsp; the plot of many very popular and & nbsp; talented works of even fantastic genre, which & nbsp; makes them & nbsp; also a latent weapon of propaganda & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash;

Rospotrebnadzor told who carries “omicron” the hardest

“The virus spreads very quickly, it has a very high level of contagiousness, it is much more contagious than those strains, the changes that we have seen. But from what we have seen on the territory of the Republic of South Africa, it does not cause a very heavy current there,” Popova said. According to her, the disease is more severe in unvaccinated people who have become infected with omicron. “It affects a large number of people at once, and the severe course is only for those who are not vaccinated — this is absolutely the case for those who have concomitant diseases, those with severe diabetes and severe oncology,” she said. No one in the world has accurate predictions about how the coronavirus will develop further, but only one thing is known for sure: “if we do not vaccinate today and comply with the sanitary measures that we take,

Brothers from the USA have been giving each other the same box of chocolates for 30 years

Watch: New Hampshire brothers have been regifting same box of candy for 34 years — (@ZyiteGadgets) December 27, 2021 A couple of brothers from New Hampshire have been observing an unusual holiday tradition for more than three decades — every year they give the same box of chocolates for Christmas. As Ryan Wasson told reporters, in 1987 he jokingly gave his brother Eric a box of chocolates in the Christmas style, because he knew that his brother would definitely not like such a “sugary” gift. Eric didn’t even touch the candy. He waited a year and gave his brother on Christmas is the same box. So there was a funny tradition. “Neither of us gives up, because we are two boots in a pair,” Ryan Wasson said in a comment on WMUR-TV. The brothers said their annual gifts to each other have become creative, with elaborate pranks involving