Brothers from the USA have been giving each other the same box of chocolates for 30 years

Watch: New Hampshire brothers have been regifting same box of candy for 34 years

— (@ZyiteGadgets) December 27, 2021

A couple of brothers from New Hampshire have been observing an unusual holiday tradition for more than three decades — every year they give the same box of chocolates for Christmas.

As Ryan Wasson told reporters, in 1987 he jokingly gave his brother Eric a box of chocolates in the Christmas style, because he knew that his brother would definitely not like such a “sugary” gift.

Eric didn’t even touch the candy. He waited a year and gave his brother on Christmas is the same box. So there was a funny tradition. “Neither of us gives up, because we are two boots in a pair,” Ryan Wasson said in a comment on WMUR-TV.

The brothers said their annual gifts to each other have become creative, with elaborate pranks involving family members, friends, colleagues and even the local sheriff.

“There was a year when the candies melted, and since then they don’t look good,” Eric added, saying that since then the sweets have acquired an additional box, but they themselves have remained the same.

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