One of the two Bogdanoff twins who hosted TV shows on French TV has died

The report notes that the former TV presenter “died in a Paris hospital.”

The Bogdanoff brothers have been successfully working on French television since the late 1970s. In particular, in 1982 they were the hosts of the TV show “2002: Odyssey of the Future”. A number of the brothers’ speeches, however, were met with strong criticism from the scientific community, whose representatives regarded them as anti-scientific or pseudoscientific. Popular science books published by them were also criticized no less.

In the late 1990s, the brothers defended their doctoral dissertations. However, in 2010, the National Committee for Scientific Research in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics stated that their work was not of scientific value.

The real names of the brothers are Igor Yurievich and Grigory Yurievich Ostasenko-Bogdanovs. Their father is Yuri Mikhailovich Ostasenko-Bogdanov (1928-2012), a Russian artist of Tatar origin, the son of Boris Bogdanov, a military cavalryman who died during the events of 1917. During the Second World War, 12-year-old Yuri Bogdanov found himself in the occupied territory and was taken to forced labor in Germany. He managed to move from there to Spain, and after the war he stayed in France.



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