Day in History: January 1st

The last gladiator fights in Rome January 1, 404 was the last day in the history of gladiatorial fights in the Roman Empire. It is believed that it was on this day that the Christian monk Telemachus descended into the arena of the Colosseum and tried to stop the fight of gladiators, for which the spectators of the bloody spectacle threw stones at the monk. Later Telemachus was ranked among the holy Martyrs of Victory. By that time, gladiatorial fights were already gradually declining. The last mention of gladiatorial schools dates back to 397. And although gladiator fights were officially banned much later, they practically stopped after the conversion of most of the Romans to Christianity. Introduction of the Julian Calendar in Of Russia In 1700 on this day in The Julian Calendar was introduced in Russia. According to the order of Peter I, instead of January 1, 7209, “from the Creation

American actress Betty White has died

The owner of one of the longest creative careers, White began her work on radio in the early 40s of the last century, and by the end of the decade she was already working on a Hollywood TV show. In total, the actress has about 115 roles on her account, but her work in the series “Golden Girls” (The Golden Girls, 1985-1992) about three middle-aged women living together in Miami brought her the greatest fame. During her life, the actress has received many awards, won the American Actors Guild Award three times and won the Emmy Award five times. According to the portal, White until recently led an active lifestyle and intended to start a page on the social network Facebook, she did not live to see her anniversary for only a few weeks.

Biden intends to hold a telephone conversation with Zelensky on January 2

“President Biden plans to speak on & nbsp; on & nbsp; by phone with & nbsp; US President Zelensky to confirm his support and support territorial integrity of Ukraine, to discuss the build-up of the military presence of & nbsp; RF at & nbsp; borders of Ukraine, and & nbsp; also to discuss preparations for & nbsp; forthcoming diplomatic contacts in & nbsp; in order to facilitate the de-escalation of the situation in the & nbsp; region & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; said the official, quoted by the White House press pool.

Skvortsova: Convasel vaccine can be registered before the end of the first quarter of 2022

“We plan to submit a report by the end of this year. Here, of course, the regulator will decide, there are different approaches. If we say that everything was, this is six months of observation after the introduction. If so, then it will be until the end of the first quarter, [due to] the need to monitor those whom we started vaccinating in August – September,” she said. Skvortsova also noted that the recombinant drugs workshop created on the basis of the St. Petersburg Institute of Vaccines and Serums “fully meets any GMP requirements, the highest, and it allows you to easily scale up to 30 million doses [of vaccines] per year, that’s for sure, and maybe more.” “If some kind of re-profiling is needed, there is an opportunity to quickly carry out re-profiling. Therefore, an industrial site is ready for the vaccine,” she added. Skvortsova said that not a

The largest family with albinism was found in the UK

“One blessing was that our albinism made us closer than other siblings because we all shared something different, very unique.” via @GWR; — JerriLynn (@Jerri_Lynn25) December 30, 2021 A British family of six siblings entered the Guinness Book of Records in the category of albino relatives. Residents of Coventry named Nasim Akhtar, Ghulam Ali, Haider Ali, Mukadas Bibi, Musarat Begum and Mohammed Rafi were born with a genetic disease, due to which they lack the pigment that gives color to their skin, hair and iris, reports UPI. Parents of siblings also suffer from albinism. One of the sisters, Nasim Akhtar, decided to apply for the Guinness Book of World Records to celebrate the family reunion after several months of separation during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Over time, I began to like my condition because it makes me unique. I am Asian by origin, but white, it gives me a unique perspective

The bank mistakenly paid 175 million dollars to residents of the UK

Santander Bank mistakenly paid a total of 130 million pounds (175 million dollars or 13.2 billion rubles) to its customers in the UK. 75 thousand erroneous transactions affected about 2 thousand physical and legal clients of the bank, CNN reports. It is noteworthy that they received an unexpected surprise on Christmas Day on December 25. However, the amount will still have to be returned, the bank says. “We regret that due to a technical problem, some payments from our corporate clients were incorrectly duplicated on the recipients’ accounts,” Santander said in a statement. In the coming days, the bank intends to cancel all erroneous transactions. New Year’s sale: discounts up to – 60% Anna Lysenko Even more interesting things about people

Oncologist of the Ministry of Health denied the connection of COVID-19 with lung cancer

According to him, thanks to the pandemic, oncologists have really become more likely to detect lung cancer at an early stage. However, according to Stilidi, this is not due to the virus itself, but to the fact that Russians have become more likely to undergo lung examinations using computed tomography, fearing pneumonia. “Due does not mean as a result. There is no data on the connection of COVID with the occurrence of malignant formations,” the oncologist stressed. Earlier, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection, Candidate of Medical Sciences Tatyana Solomatina said that those who have had coronavirus can develop lung or gastrointestinal tract cancer. According to her, inflammation due to COVID-19 can become the initial stage for the development of oncological diseases. In May 2020, the head of the operstab information center for monitoring the situation with coronavirus, the chief physician of Moscow Hospital No. 71,

UN mission employee from Russia declared persona non grata in Kosovo

According to the diplomat, the decision & nbsp; to declare the Russian representative persona non grata was made at the & nbsp; request of the Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin p> The reason is allegedly harmful activity due to “which violates the national security of the Republic of Kosovo.” On November 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the & nbsp; unchanged position of the country on the Republic of Kosovo, Moscow supports Belgrade. The Russian leader expressed confidence that & nbsp; the issue of & nbsp; settlement of the situation in & nbsp; Kosovo will be resolved in a manner that meets the interests of citizens. In & nbsp; 2008, the Kosovo-Albanian structures in & nbsp; Pristina declared independence from & nbsp; Serbia. According to the Serbian constitution, the territory of the unrecognized state is an autonomous region of Kosovo and & nbsp; Metohija in the & nbsp; part of

Saakashvili on New Year’s Eve said that he has an illegitimate daughter

“This is the first New Year when the smallest participant of the New Year concert of Mtavari Arkhi TV channel Alice Maria Saakashvili — my most beloved girl and the youngest daughter — will greet you from the TV screens together with her mother,” he wrote. The former head of Georgia also congratulated the residents of the country on the upcoming New Year and wished that 2022 would be a year of change. On the eve of Saakashvili returned to prison after treatment in a military hospital after a hunger strike. According to him, he is “physically weak, but morally courageous.” His supporters said that the authorities returned Saakashvili to prison by force, he did not want it himself. In October, Saakashvili announced that he was in a relationship with Ukrainian MP Elizaveta Yasko.

Putin in New Year's address expressed words of support for those who lost loved ones due to the pandemic

“Dear citizens of Russia, dear friends! The year 2021 ends, very soon time will take us from the & nbsp; past to the & nbsp; future. Yes, it happens every day, minute and & nbsp; second. But & nbsp; this continuous passage of time we & nbsp; clearly hear when we celebrate the New Year. We are waiting for it as an important milestone in life. All of us are now united by the hope of & nbsp; good changes, but & nbsp; we & nbsp; understand that & nbsp; them & nbsp; cannot be torn off, separated from & nbsp; events of the outgoing year & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; Putin said. In his New Year's address, Putin expressed words of support to everyone who & nbsp; lost loved ones due to the & nbsp; pandemic. Improving the welfare and & nbsp; quality of life of people will