Daily highs of COVID-19 infections have been updated in Greece, Italy and Switzerland

In Greece, 35,580 infected with COVID-19 were recorded over the past day, 72 people died. The total number of cases of the virus in the country exceeded 1.17 million, the deaths — 20 thousand, according to the report of the National Public Health Organization of Greece. In Italy, the number of cases per day for the first time exceeded 100 thousand — over the past day, 126 888 infected people were identified in the country, 156 people died, Reuters reports with reference to the local Ministry of Health. The number of infected in the country exceeded 5.9 million, and 137 thousand died. In Switzerland, 19,032 cases of COVID-19 were recorded during the day, 23 people died, the local federal public health office reported on Twitter. The number of infected in the country exceeded 1.3 million, the number of deaths — 12 thousand. More than half a million people have fallen

Ginzburg: a glass of champagne on New Year’s Eve will not worsen the production of antibodies after vaccination

“It is not necessary to completely give up alcohol on New Year’s Eve, one or two glasses of antibodies will not interfere,” he said. At the same time, the scientist noted that the abuse of alcoholic beverages in general has a detrimental effect on the body. “Alcohol abuse affects the immune system negatively, inhibits the work of immune cells and narrows blood vessels. In people who are prone to hypertension, this is another additional risk factor for strokes and heart attacks. In general, alcohol weakens the immune system and subsequently increases the susceptibility to coronavirus infection,” he concluded.

The Ministry of Defense wants to launch 3 “Hangars” with satellites next year

“For & nbsp; 2022 it is planned to launch three launch vehicles & ldquo; Angara & rdquo; & nbsp; & mdash; two heavy class & ldquo; Angara-A5 & rdquo; and & nbsp; one light & ldquo; Hangars-1.2 & rdquo ;. They will put operating spacecraft for various purposes into orbit, and it is not planned to launch mock-ups of payload anymore, & nbsp; & nbsp; & mdash; indicated in the & nbsp; message. Earlier in & nbsp; Russia conducted a firing test of a rocket engine for & nbsp; Angara-A5. The main task of operating the family of environmentally friendly carrier rockets Angara is A5 '' is the launch of modern and & nbsp; promising heavy spacecraft into & nbsp; high-energy orbits. It is assumed that & nbsp; missiles will be launched from the Plesetsk cosmodrome, which has a dual, military-civilian purpose. Danila Titorenko

Day in History: December 31

Telephone line Moscow – Petersburg On December 31, 1888, the first long—distance telephone line Moscow – Petersburg was opened. At that time, it was the longest in Europe, its length was 660 km. Even before the opening of this telephone line, the Conditions for the use of long-distance telephone communication were developed and announced. They said that the long-distance telephone line was intended for general use, and all residents of one capital, without exception, would be able to communicate by phone with any of the residents of the other. And in Moscow, and in Special Central long-distance telephone exchanges were set up in St. Petersburg, connected to the centers of urban telephone networks, with exchanges and with telephone exchange stations. The first supersonic flight On December 31, 1968, the world’s first flight of the Tu-144 supersonic passenger aircraft took place. It was the first aircraft fully designed by Alexey Tupolev, the son

Putin threatened Biden with a complete break in relations if new sanctions were imposed on Russia

Ushakov said that & nbsp; during the conversation, Vladimir Putin detailed the main principles from & nbsp; Moscow's proposals on strategic security & nbsp; guarantees The aide to the president stressed that & nbsp; Russia “ needs a result '' and & nbsp; the Russian authorities “ will seek '' him. Biden did not rule out the possibility of an early personal meeting with Putin “ The President of the United States, in & nbsp; principle, agreed with this point of view and & nbsp; reacted quite logically and & nbsp; quite seriously & hellip; Biden also stressed that & nbsp; Russia and & nbsp; the United States could & nbsp; and & nbsp; play a key role in & nbsp; efforts to & nbsp; ensure peace and & nbsp; both in & nbsp; Europe and & nbsp; in & nbsp; other places on & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

The conversation between Putin and Biden lasted almost an hour

This is the second conversation between the presidents of Russia and the & nbsp; USA over the last month. Last time they communicated via video call on December 7 & nbsp; the conversation lasted more than two hours. The second conversation was held at the & nbsp; initiative of Moscow. The Kremlin explained the need for a conversation by the importance of the upcoming talks between Russia, the United States and NATO on Moscow's proposals on security guarantees. They include, in & nbsp; in particular, the requirement for & nbsp; non-expansion of NATO to the & nbsp; east, & nbsp; refusal to & nbsp; military cooperation with & nbsp; post-Soviet countries and & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; withdrawal of the North Atlantic Alliance force to & nbsp; position 1997. US Ambassador to & nbsp; RF Jake Sullivan in & nbsp; interview to Kommersant said that & nbsp; a number