The residence of Santa Claus was photographed by satellite

Do you know where the main Santa Claus lives? ? Even without coming to the city, you can see it with the help of satellites that monitor from orbit what is happening on the planet. On the eve of the coming 2022, #ResursP photographed Veliky Ustyug. – ROSCOSMOS (@roscosmos) December 30, 2021 Earth remote sensing satellites monitor not only the environment, but also Santa Claus. The Russian spacecraft Resurs-P photographed Veliky Ustyug, the birthplace of Santa Claus, where his residence is located. “Do you know where the main Santa Claus lives? Even without coming to the city, you can see it with the help of satellites that monitor from orbit what is happening on the planet. On the eve of the coming 2022, Resurs-P photographed Veliky Ustyug,” Roscosmos writes. The tourist project “Veliky Ustyug – the birthplace of Santa Claus” has been operating since 1999. Every year during the winter

Giant begonia discovered in Tibet

Dr Daike Tian sa jedinkom Begonia gigantica. Zasluge: Qing-Gong MaoSa preko 2050 poznatih vrsta, Begonia jedan je od najvećih biljnih rodova…. # # # # # # # — Vijesti.TV |BA|HR|EU|US| ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? (@vijesti_tv) December 31, 2021 Researchers have discovered in China a previously unknown species of giant begonia, the height of which can exceed twice the human height. There are more than 2 thousand species in the begonia family. Most of them are small weeds, so the wild giant plant found in Tibet surprised scientists extraordinarily. The new species was given the name Begonia gigantica. Researchers have found a small population of these plants. They grew in Southern Tibet on the slopes along streams at an altitude of 450 to 1400 meters. The tallest of the begonias reached 3.6 m in height, and the thickest part of its stem was about 12 cm in diameter.

Forecasters predicted the weather warmer than normal in the first days of the year

Mikhail Leus, a leading specialist at the Phobos Weather Center, explained to RBC that a cyclone will form the weather in the coming days. It will be cloudy, light snow will pass in places, and the temperature in the afternoon of December 31 will be minus 2-7 degrees. “On New Year’s Eve, warming will continue in the region, so a frost of 3-5 degrees is expected, and snow will also pass,” the Hydrometeorological Center told RBC. Further temperature increases, snow and sleet are expected in the afternoon. The temperature will range from minus 1 to plus 1 degrees. On Sunday, January 2, the cyclone will continue its path to the east, and the region will be in its rear part, so the temperature will drop. “There will be a clearing in the clouds during the day, the snow will become short-lived and will pass only in places, the temperature will

Skvortsova questioned the end of the coronavirus pandemic in 2022

“According to & nbsp; forecasts in 2020, the pandemic should have ended somewhere & nbsp; in & nbsp; July-August 2022. This is the & nbsp; original that & nbsp; was understood in & nbsp; 2020. But, since there is now an accelerated mutation and & nbsp; we & nbsp; see that & nbsp; each line acquires new properties, here, of course, it is impossible to unequivocally answer when and & nbsp; how, what will be the end of & nbsp; this epidemic & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; She said. Omicron Skvortsova described the coronavirus strain discovered in & nbsp; early November this year in & nbsp; southern Africa as “ ambiguous. '' This option carries 32 mutations & nbsp; & mdash; more than all previously known strains. This makes it more infectious, while it causes a less severe course of COVID-19, said the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova. Skvortsova

Five lynxes got on one picture in the USA

Check out this pic that my Dad caught on his #TrailCam in Washington County on the afternoon of Christmas Eve – five bobcats! #SEOhio #Appalachia #WildOhio #Family @ohiodnr @OhioDivWildlife @OhioFindItHere [?: Bill West, Marietta, #Ohio] — Kimberly Murnieks (@Kim_Murnieks) December 27, 2021 A camera trap in Ohio captured five lynxes at the same time. A rare frame was shared by the Department of Natural Resources of the state. In the picture, the animals are so well camouflaged against the background of fallen leaves that it is not possible to see them right away. Lynxes are considered loners and get caught on camera extremely rarely. The fact that the camera trap managed to “catch” several animals, experts called it a great success. It is noteworthy that lynxes in Ohio were exterminated by hunters back in the 1850s. Only in the 1990s were they brought back to the state — the

The ROC stated that the decision on the formation of the Patriarchal Exarchate of Africa is final

“Of course, we will not turn off, we will not turn off from nowhere. Wherever we go, we will not go out from anywhere. There will be no waste in the African direction, we will only strengthen and expand,” Metropolitan Leonid said on the Vesti FM radio station, commenting on the plans of the exarchate. He clarified that even if there are any changes in the position of Patriarch Theodore of Alexandria or the Patriarchate of Alexandria, who recognized the Ukrainian schismatics, then in The Russian Orthodox Church will “talk only from the position of what we already have, no one will give anything back.” “It’s not just “there is no smoke without fire” — there is a terrible story here: people have already been brought to such a state that they are ready to wait for years and years, but not to return to the control of the Patriarchate of

Reuters: Russian authorities expect that after the holidays the incidence of COVID-19 will exceed 50 thousand per day

One of the sources in the Russian government told Reuters that so far the course of the disease with omicron looks easier than with the delta strain. According to him, the task of providing a sufficient number of hospital beds in the country has already been solved. “It is expected that omicron can lead to fewer hospitalizations than Delta, people will just stay at home,” he explained. The agency’s interlocutors clarified that the situation with the pandemic was discussed at meetings in the Russian government. The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has not yet commented on the information about the forecasts for a new wave of coronavirus. The record for the number of cases per day was set in Russia in November (41,335 people). As of December 30, the level of collective immunity to COVID-19 reached 61.8%, and in some regions — 80%. More than 100 people infected with

The Ministry of Health has issued a permanent registration to the drug for the treatment of coronavirus “COVID-globulin”

“The development of the holding “Natsibio” of Rostec State Corporation during clinical trials has confirmed the effectiveness, safety and ability to neutralize the coronavirus. According to the results of the research, the drug “COVID-globulin” received a permanent registration certificate of the Ministry of Health of Russia,” the publication says. COVID-globulin is based on the blood plasma of people who have had a coronavirus infection and received antibodies. The introduction of the drug helps to prevent the transition of the disease into a more severe form and to overcome the infection. Clinical trials have shown that the use of COVID-globulin as part of therapy in 70% of cases prevented the occurrence of a number of complications in patients. The drug showed the greatest effectiveness when used in the early stages of the disease COVID-19. In September of this year, the drug “COVID-globulin” passed the first phase of clinical trials. It was

Lavrov accused the United States of trying to “bargain” unilateral concessions

, & nbsp; & mdash; quotes the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RIA Novosti. According to & nbsp; he said, Washington does this “ not & nbsp; just like that '', but & nbsp; to “ bargain '' for & nbsp; himself, unilateral concessions from & nbsp; Russia. Putin threatened Biden with a complete breakdown in relations if new sanctions were imposed on Russia < p> As the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized, nothing & nbsp; prevents the US Embassy from filling the quota of 455 employees and & nbsp; stabilizing the work of its consular service. Speaking generally about the & nbsp; situation with & nbsp; visas, Lavrov noted: & nbsp; unfortunately, the situation is still difficult. with & nbsp; vital emergencies. “ This is & nbsp; & mdash; sovereign decision of the USA '', & nbsp; & mdash; he pointed out. Lavrov also

In the Chinese capital, the use of pyrotechnics will be banned from next year

This ban, according to representatives of the administration, will be in effect, including during the New Year holidays. In addition to the ban, all points of sale of pyrotechnic products were closed in the Chinese capital. A fine will be imposed for violating such rules. However, completely fireworks in Beijing will not be banned – only when holding major festive events at the national and city level after a special order of the government. Fireworks will also be allowed at the Universal Beijing Resort Recreation Park, which will be opened in 2022 in September. Andrey Tyazhelnikov, the chief freelance specialist in primary health care for the adult population of the Moscow Department of Health, said that sparklers can also be dangerous if handled carelessly, since a spark can cause a burn, especially dangerous if it gets into the eye. Therefore, any pyrotechnics should be handled carefully. Danila Titorenko