Five lynxes got on one picture in the USA

Check out this pic that my Dad caught on his #TrailCam in Washington County on the afternoon of Christmas Eve – five bobcats! #SEOhio #Appalachia #WildOhio #Family @ohiodnr @OhioDivWildlife @OhioFindItHere
[?: Bill West, Marietta, #Ohio]

— Kimberly Murnieks (@Kim_Murnieks) December 27, 2021

A camera trap in Ohio captured five lynxes at the same time. A rare frame was shared by the Department of Natural Resources of the state.

In the picture, the animals are so well camouflaged against the background of fallen leaves that it is not possible to see them right away. Lynxes are considered loners and get caught on camera extremely rarely. The fact that the camera trap managed to “catch” several animals, experts called it a great success.

It is noteworthy that lynxes in Ohio were exterminated by hunters back in the 1850s. Only in the 1990s were they brought back to the state — the population began to slowly recover.

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