There are plans to introduce compulsory two-factor authorization in Public services

The pandemic period and the development of remote services have significantly advanced the popularity of the public services portal. The number of profiles exceeded 100 million, but only one-factor identification was installed to enter about 90% of them, sources close to the Ministry of Finance told Izvestia. The department, in response to a request from Izvestia, said that “now the number of accounts on the public services portal whose owners have enabled two-factor authorization is small,” but did not give specific numbers. “The second factor of authorization on the public services portal, which we plan to introduce “by default”, will help further protect user data and prevent fraud,” the press service of the department explained. Experts consider the introduction of compulsory two-factor identification to be a timely measure that fits into global trends. So, in the fall, Google announced such a measure. Forced authorization of some users who have many

Day in History: December 22

164 years ago, the first postage stamps appeared in Russia On December 22, 1857, the Postal Department issued a circular “On the introduction of postage stamps for general use.” The trial copies of the stamps were approved by Tsar Alexander II and “deigned to call them postage stamps instead of stamp ones.” The stamp depicted the state emblem of Russia – in a blue oval on the background of a mantle crowned with a crown (the author of the drawing is the senior engraver of the Expedition of State Paper Procurement F. M. Kepler). Energy Day Annually on December 22 in In Russia, employees of the energy industry celebrate their professional holiday – the Day of the Power Engineer. For the first time, a professional holiday, the Day of the Power Engineer, was established in memory of the day of the adoption of the State electrification plan of Russia. The GOELRO

Putin fulfilled the dream of a boy from the Moscow region and talked to him on the phone

In a telephone conversation, they discussed the boy’s favorite musicians. Mark admitted that he doesn’t know how to play the guitar yet, but he really wants to learn. “And where do you live now? Do you have any music schools or clubs nearby? Are they far from the place where you live?” the president asked. The boy’s mother told him that they live with a friend of a large family. Putin promised to help them in honor of the New Year, talk to the governor and think about what can be done to make both families live in comfortable conditions. “I want to congratulate you on the upcoming New Year and wish you all the best. I think you will succeed,” the Russian leader said to Mark at parting. And earlier, Vladimir Putin realized the dream of a 13-year-old schoolgirl from Stavropol. The girl wanted to visit the Mariinsky Theater.

Reuters: US sanctions in case of Russian attack on Ukraine will affect the supply of smartphones

According to the & nbsp; source, the & nbsp; number of goods whose import into & nbsp; Russia may be limited & nbsp; & mdash; smartphones, automotive and & nbsp; aviation components, and & nbsp; also materials from & nbsp; a number of other sectors. The scenario is being considered & nbsp; in the event that Russia attacks & nbsp; Ukraine. The restrictions, & nbsp; according to the agency's source, could seriously affect & nbsp; consumers, industry and & nbsp; & nbsp; employment in & nbsp; Russia. Their & nbsp; is planned to be discussed at the & nbsp; meeting of high-ranking officials in the & nbsp; White House. The sanctions will be implemented through legal instruments laid down by Mr Biden's predecessor, Donald Trump, before the & nbsp; ban on & nbsp; the supply of advanced semiconductor technologies to the Chinese company Huawei, a source added to Reuters …

Blinken: the United States is engaged in both diplomacy and containment in relation to Russia

WASHINGTON, December 21 & nbsp;/TASS /. The United States is engaged in & nbsp; in relation to Russia, both diplomacy and & nbsp; containment, ready to respond toughly to those steps of Moscow, which, according to Washington's version, are aggressive. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said this on & nbsp; Tuesday, answering & nbsp; questions from journalists in the & nbsp; State Department. Russia on & nbsp; Ukraine and & nbsp; US actions in & nbsp; connection with & nbsp; this. “ We are & nbsp; engaged [in relation to & nbsp; RF] diplomacy and & nbsp; deterrence at the same time. They run in parallel. President [US Joe] Biden, during his first meeting with President [Russian Federation Vladimir] Putin in Geneva a few months ago, told President Putin that & nbsp; we & nbsp; strongly prioritize a more predictable and & nbsp; stable relationship between Russia and the

British Supreme Court denies Nicolas Maduro access to Venezuelan gold

This is & nbsp; the third decision of the British courts on & nbsp; gold of Venezuela: the Supreme Court of Britain overturned the decision of the Court of Appeal in July this year overturned the decision of the High Court of England and & nbsp; Wales. As a result, at & nbsp; at the moment, from the & nbsp; point of view of the British judicial system, the only one who & nbsp; can dispose of Venezuela's gold reserves & nbsp; & mdash; this is the opposition leader Juan Guaido, whom Britain recognizes as the legitimate leader of the country. At & nbsp; while & nbsp; at the same time, de facto Britain is in contact with the Maduro government, since it is he who controls the country. In the & nbsp; first half of last year, the Maduro government tried to take gold from the Bank of England,

Ministry of Health: Omicron’s symptoms are similar to the flu

“We see that the clinical picture of omicron is dominated by such signs of acute respiratory viral infections as sore throat, subfebrile fever, myalgia. General symptoms, intoxication are sometimes very similar to the course of the flu, ” Murashko said at a meeting on the fight against coronavirus. Popova said that in Russia has already identified 41 cases of infection with omicron. All patients are in the hospital. “And already today an important result of our research: we clearly see that mice and rats are infected with the new omicron strain. We have not observed this for the previous types of strains,” the head of Rospotrebnadzor said. “Omicron” began to spread from Africa in November. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people who have been ill and vaccinated get sick with it, and the effectiveness of existing vaccines against the new strain has not yet been confirmed. Rospotrebnadzor called this

Remains of five Ice Age mammoths found in England

“ . . . twice or three times the weight of an African elephant” Richard Dawkins — Richard Dawkins (@RichardDawkins) December 19, 2021 An unusual find was made by archaeologists in the county of Gloucestershire in the south-east of England. During the excavation of a gravel pit in Cotswolds experts have discovered the remains of five mammoths more than 220 thousand years old. It is reported that the bones belonged to two adults, two young and one cub. All of them were nearby and preserved in almost perfect condition. Next to the bones, archaeologists found various tools that were probably used by Neanderthals to hunt mammoths.  Scientists call this excavation site a real gold mine. In addition to mammoths, archaeologists discovered the remains of ancient giant moose in the quarry, which were twice as large as modern ones and had horns up to three meters. There, researchers also unearthed very tiny