Remains of five Ice Age mammoths found in England

“ . . . twice or three times the weight of an African elephant”

Richard Dawkins

— Richard Dawkins (@RichardDawkins) December 19, 2021

An unusual find was made by archaeologists in the county of Gloucestershire in the south-east of England. During the excavation of a gravel pit in Cotswolds experts have discovered the remains of five mammoths more than 220 thousand years old. It is reported that the bones belonged to two adults, two young and one cub. All of them were nearby and preserved in almost perfect condition.

Next to the bones, archaeologists found various tools that were probably used by Neanderthals to hunt mammoths. 

Scientists call this excavation site a real gold mine. In addition to mammoths, archaeologists discovered the remains of ancient giant moose in the quarry, which were twice as large as modern ones and had horns up to three meters. There, researchers also unearthed very tiny snails and dung worms, as well as seeds, pollen and fossils of plants, many of which have long disappeared.

Scientists note that these findings are among the most important discoveries in British paleontology in recent years. Since the excavation of the quarry has not been going on for a very long time, experts hope to find many more surprises there that will be able to tell about the flora, fauna, climate and life of Neanderthals in the harsh conditions of Britain during the Ice Age, about which little is known yet.

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