Foreigners will be put on infectious registration

On December 29, amendments to the laws “On the legal status of foreign citizens” and “On State fingerprint registration in the Russian Federation” developed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs come into force. From this date, all citizens of the EAEU countries older than seven years must, within a month after arrival in Russia should provide the Ministry of Internal Affairs with medical certificates – with the results of drug testing and the presence of infectious diseases, in particular tuberculosis, leprosy (leprosy), syphilis, HIV and COVID-19. It is assumed that they will be valid for a year — after that, the tests will have to be taken again. “Now there is no document that regulates a specific deadline, but it will appear in the near future,” Vadim Kozhenov, president of the Russian Federation of Migrants, told Kommersant. Previously, almost the same requirements were established for citizens of the CIS countries: when

Day in History: December 27

Greater Poland (Poznan) Uprising The historical region of Poland, the Greater Poland Province, after the third partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1795, became part of Prussia. Under German rule, Poles were subjected to systematic discrimination and oppression. December 27 , 1918 in There was an armed uprising in Poznan, called Greater Poland, when armed units of the Polish Civil Guard occupied the building of the Prussian Police Presidium of Poznan. Fighting between Poles and Germans continued until February 1919, when the Entente countries signed an armistice with Germany, which extended to the territory of Greater Poland. On June 28, 1919, the Versailles Peace Treaty was signed, according to which Greater Poland was incorporated into the Polish state along with the territories conquered by the rebels. Introduction of a unified passport system in the USSR On December 27, 1932, a decree was signed “On the establishment of a unified passport system

Peskov called Russia “absolutely democratic” country

& laquo; Russia & nbsp; & mdash; an absolutely democratic country where really strong, very proud and & nbsp; very free people live. If someone & nbsp; declares & nbsp; the opposite, he & nbsp; simply does not & nbsp; know and & nbsp; does not & nbsp; understand our country & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; said Peskov. Commenting on the host's question, is & nbsp; is Russia a dictatorship or a democracy, the Kremlin spokesman stressed that & nbsp; it is & nbsp; first and foremost a sovereign state. We are the Russian Federation, we are a sovereign state. In the hands of President [Vladimir] Putin is concentrated the power that is provided for by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, no more and no less. Dmitry Peskov ; some & nbsp; & mdash; no, and & nbsp; held by the USA on December 9 & mdash; 10

Kadyrov answered the question about the appointment of a woman to the post of head of Chechnya

“A woman [head] of the Chechen region? I think no. The head of the family is always a man. Therefore, the head of the republic must be a man & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; said & nbsp; he. Earlier, Kadyrov said that & nbsp; would think about & nbsp; participation in the & nbsp; elections for the & nbsp; post of the head of Chechnya when the time comes. On December 24 & nbsp; he & nbsp; said that & nbsp; & nbsp; afraid to die without & nbsp; taking revenge on his critics, and & nbsp; will not & nbsp; forgive descendants if they & nbsp; do not & nbsp; take revenge. Kadyrov also warned opponents that & nbsp; they had little time left before & nbsp; until they got to & nbsp;. The video recording with & nbsp; his speech was published by the speaker of the

Scientists have discovered the ability of the coronavirus to penetrate the brain

Members of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the National Institute of Oncology and the University of Maryland School of Medicine also participated in the study. The results of the work were published in the scientific journal Research Square. The article states that scientists performed autopsies on 44 patients with COVID-19. It turned out that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus had spread widely in the body even of those patients who had a mild form of the disease. In Italy, they said that the effectiveness of vaccination against covid decreases by 40% after five months Experts have found the RNA of the virus in several areas of the brain. Moreover, traces of coronavirus were observed 230 days after the first appearance of symptoms. The researchers concluded that the virus can multiply and infect human cells outside the respiratory system. However, it practically does not cause inflammation outside the lungs, the

Boxing Day: the most unusual gifts in history are named

A city and seven islands for a wedding When the King of England, Scotland and Ireland Charles II Stuart married the Portuguese Princess Catherine of Braganza in 1662, as a wedding gift he received from the bride the North African city of Tangier, and in addition to it the Seven Islands of Bombay – part of the Portuguese possessions in India. Bowling in the White House In 1947, US President Harry Truman was given a bowling alley for his birthday. The tracks were installed right in the White House. Truman, who hasn’t played a game since he was 19, immediately hit seven pins on the first throw. The gift was paid for by supporters of the president from his home state of Missouri. Hanging Gardens According to legend, one of the The Seven Wonders of the ancient world was built by the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II for his beloved wife, the

Putin joked about what he will do on New Year’s Eve

He told about this in an interview with Pavel Zarubin in the program “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin” on the channel “Russia 1”. Peskov compared Putin to a grandmaster “Well, what? To sit together with loved ones, celebrate the New Year, listen to the president … congratulations of the president,” Putin said. Earlier, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov told how the President of Russia will celebrate the New Year. “Traditionally – with family and friends, with friends,” he said. At the same time , the Christmas week at Putin will be held in partially operational mode. According to Peskov, the president constantly has to work with documents and other data, so he rarely spends the first days of January “like New Year’s holidays.” Also, Peskov, congratulating journalists on the upcoming New Year, wrote that after the strain “omicron” “there are not so many letters left.” It

The Kremlin expects a “bleak” year in terms of a pandemic

“Indeed, it was a difficult year, indeed, in terms of a pandemic, probably, the beginning of the year also does not promise us anything rosy. It is clear that some number of the next waves are waiting for us ahead,” Peskov said in an interview with the Moscow program. Kremlin. Putin” (quoted by TASS). The Ministry of Health clarified Murashko’s words about cases of infection with omicron in Russia But there were positive moments in the outgoing year, for example, in the economy, according to the Kremlin. According to Peskov, Russia has already “climbed out of the covid pit.” He recalled the President’s words that it was time for the authorities to gradually move from crisis management to systematic work to ensure an economic breakthrough. There is an increase in the real disposable incomes of Russians, although it is “modest and insufficient,” Peskov concluded. On December 24, Vladimir Putin called

In Italy, they said that the effectiveness of vaccination against covid decreases by 40 after five months%

“150 days after the completion of the vaccination cycle, the effectiveness of drugs in preventing the disease decreases from 71.5% to 30.1%,” the document says. At the same time, it is indicated that the effectiveness of vaccination in preventing the severe course of the disease during infection remains high: 92.7% in those who were vaccinated less than five months ago, and 82.2% in those who were vaccinated more than 150 days ago. A day earlier in Italy, the anti-record for daily coronavirus infection was updated – almost 55 thousand cases. In the country, more than 85% of the population over the age of 12 have been vaccinated with two doses. The total number of residents who have received at least one dose and recovered from covid over the past six months exceeds 89%. Even more interesting things about science and technology

Peskov compared Putin to a grandmaster

“Putin does not calculate & nbsp; one move forward, not & nbsp; two moves forward, but & nbsp; calculates, like a real chess ; in & nbsp; such matters, you must have abilities higher than & nbsp; even a grandmaster. Therefore, & nbsp; I have no doubts that & nbsp; President Putin is calculating everything & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; said & nbsp; he. On December 15 & nbsp; the Russian Foreign Ministry handed over to the American side the draft treaty between Russia and the US on & nbsp; security guarantees and & nbsp; agreement on & nbsp; security measures & nbsp; RF and & nbsp; states & nbsp; & mdash; members of NATO. Later, Peskov said that & nbsp; Russia is interested in & nbsp; to get a response from the US and & nbsp; NATO as soon as possible to & nbsp; their proposals on &