Reuters: US sanctions in case of Russian attack on Ukraine will affect the supply of smartphones

According to the & nbsp; source, the & nbsp; number of goods whose import into & nbsp; Russia may be limited & nbsp; & mdash; smartphones, automotive and & nbsp; aviation components, and & nbsp; also materials from & nbsp; a number of other sectors. The scenario is being considered & nbsp; in the event that Russia attacks & nbsp; Ukraine.

The restrictions, & nbsp; according to the agency's source, could seriously affect & nbsp; consumers, industry and & nbsp; & nbsp; employment in & nbsp; Russia. Their & nbsp; is planned to be discussed at the & nbsp; meeting of high-ranking officials in the & nbsp; White House.

The sanctions will be implemented through legal instruments laid down by Mr Biden's predecessor, Donald Trump, before the & nbsp; ban on & nbsp; the supply of advanced semiconductor technologies to the Chinese company Huawei, a source added to Reuters … The US plans to hold close consultations on the & nbsp; sanctions issue with & nbsp; key partners in Europe and & nbsp; Asia who may be affected by the decision and & nbsp; urge them & nbsp; to act together.



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