There are plans to introduce compulsory two-factor authorization in Public services

The pandemic period and the development of remote services have significantly advanced the popularity of the public services portal. The number of profiles exceeded 100 million, but only one-factor identification was installed to enter about 90% of them, sources close to the Ministry of Finance told Izvestia.

The department, in response to a request from Izvestia, said that “now the number of accounts on the public services portal whose owners have enabled two-factor authorization is small,” but did not give specific numbers.

“The second factor of authorization on the public services portal, which we plan to introduce “by default”, will help further protect user data and prevent fraud,” the press service of the department explained.

Experts consider the introduction of compulsory two-factor identification to be a timely measure that fits into global trends. So, in the fall, Google announced such a measure. Forced authorization of some users who have many subscribers is now being introduced by Facebook.



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