The Ministry of Health has issued a permanent registration to the drug for the treatment of coronavirus “COVID-globulin”

“The development of the holding “Natsibio” of Rostec State Corporation during clinical trials has confirmed the effectiveness, safety and ability to neutralize the coronavirus. According to the results of the research, the drug “COVID-globulin” received a permanent registration certificate of the Ministry of Health of Russia,” the publication says.

COVID-globulin is based on the blood plasma of people who have had a coronavirus infection and received antibodies. The introduction of the drug helps to prevent the transition of the disease into a more severe form and to overcome the infection.

Clinical trials have shown that the use of COVID-globulin as part of therapy in 70% of cases prevented the occurrence of a number of complications in patients. The drug showed the greatest effectiveness when used in the early stages of the disease COVID-19.

In September of this year, the drug “COVID-globulin” passed the first phase of clinical trials. It was reported that this is the world’s first specific immunoglobulin against coronavirus.



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