Giant begonia discovered in Tibet

Dr Daike Tian sa jedinkom Begonia gigantica. Zasluge: Qing-Gong Mao
Sa preko 2050 poznatih vrsta, Begonia jedan je od najvećih biljnih rodova…. # # # # # # #

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Researchers have discovered in China a previously unknown species of giant begonia, the height of which can exceed twice the human height.

There are more than 2 thousand species in the begonia family. Most of them are small weeds, so the wild giant plant found in Tibet surprised scientists extraordinarily. The new species was given the name Begonia gigantica.

Researchers have found a small population of these plants. They grew in Southern Tibet on the slopes along streams at an altitude of 450 to 1400 meters. The tallest of the begonias reached 3.6 m in height, and the thickest part of its stem was about 12 cm in diameter.

The plant was included in the IUCN lists with the status “endangered” and submitted an application to The Guinness Book of Records.

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