Peskov spoke about the deaths from COVID-19 in the presidential administration

“Employees of the presidential administration and their relatives are also dying from COVID, we are trying to transfer some of the people to remote work,” the Telegram channel of the Zvezda TV channel quotes him as saying. At the same time, Peskov is sure that no one will infect Putin with the coronavirus himself: enough measures are being taken to avoid this. “Well, listen – he’s Putin, who will infect him?” – TASS quotes him.

Peskov called opponents of vaccination “dangerous fools.” In response to the question of how one word can describe people who do not get vaccinated and agitates others to refuse vaccination, the head of the Ministry of Health Mikhail Murashko, in response to the same question, said that such calls are “unreasonable actions”.

According to the operstab on December 19, 27,967 new cases of coronavirus were detected in Russia during the day. The total number of infections in the country since the beginning of the pandemic has reached 10,214,790.



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