Published the names and pictures of wanted in the case of Catalan attacks

In Catalonia the police are looking for four people who may be involved in terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils. On Friday, August 18, the newspaper La Vanguardia with reference to the documents of the investigation, caught at her disposal. The publication notes that the guards looking for Moussa Akabira, Younes Abalakova, said Aalu and Mohammed Hachami. Suspects from 17 to 24 years. At present, detained four people, one of them is Driss Kabir, brother of the main suspect — Mousse Kabira. According to Drissa, brother stole his identity to rent the vans. On the evening of 17 August, the minibus ran into people in the street of Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Later on Avinguda Diagonal is unknown on a truck attacked the police officers guarding the area of the attack. Injured two guards. That same night in Cambrils, South of Barcelona, another group of terrorists attempted to commit a

Putin ordered to build a bypass road around Kaliningrad

Photo: RIA Novosti The President of Russia Vladimir Putin ordered to build a bypass road around the Kaliningrad, RIA “Novosti”. “We need to build a bypass road, ring around Kaliningrad”, — said the head of state at a meeting with acting Governor of the Kaliningrad region by Anton Alihanova, noting that the corresponding task will be included in the list of orders at the end of last Wednesday’s meeting on development of transport infrastructure. Putin recalled that the first phase of the project was commissioned in 2008, but “work not completed”. “In my opinion, to Baltiysk was planned (to finish the track —

Ulyanovsk authorities intend to equalize

Photo: RIA Novosti The administration of the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region has prepared amendments to the Federal anti-corruption law allowing regions to identify the leaders in state-owned enterprises, which will be subject to the requirements on conflict of interests, Declaration of income, removal from office. This was reported TASS the head of the state legal Department of the administration Alexey Preobrazhensky. He added that the amendments to the administration in August will present to the Council of legislators under Federal Assembly. Preobrazhensky noted that now in relation to governors, their deputies, heads of Executive authorities, there is a norm related to anti-corruption. “They can be removed from office for loss of confidence, they pass the Declaration, with details about income and expenditure, there is a norm on the conflict of interests… But we have positions that are not covered [under this rule]. For example, managers of state-owned enterprises, various

The majority of Russians said about the need to wisely spend on the wedding

The majority of Russians said about the need to wisely spend on the wedding Most Russians believe that wedding spending must be approached intelligently. It follows from the results of a survey of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM), received by RBC. That when organizing a wedding it is reasonable to spend money, said 77% of respondents. To arrange the wedding expensive and luxurious holiday, consider a 9%. As the time for celebrating Russians prefer summer and autumn. During the celebration festivities in the summer voted 51% of respondents, a fall of 45%. In winter and spring to celebrate a wedding prefer 3% and 5% respectively. Mandatory elements of the wedding ceremony, 75% of respondents called registration in the registry office. Another 61% said that wedding is impossible without friends. 59% believe that at the wedding, the most important thing — the clothes of the bride and

In Switzerland they sell burgers with bugs

In Switzerland they sell burgers with bugs Representatives of the Swiss supermarket chain Coop has announced that soon the seven stores the company will sell Burger patties and meatballs, made from flour beetles. Pack of two chops, protein-containing insects, will cost 9.25 USD. The same will have to pay for a pack of meatballs. The Coop representatives say their new product Essento Insect Burgers has a “superior nutritional value.” Besides Zhukov, in the unusual cutlets will include rice, carrots and various spices. The new products will go on sale before the end of August, reports UPI. “The food from insects huge culinary potential. This is the perfect addition to many modern diets,” — said the representative of the supermarket chain. Directorate of Coop has promised to expand the range of insects to the end of the year. Earlier it was reported that in the menu of Belgian cafés have appeared

Zvyagintsev’s film “Dislike” going to put forward on “Oscar” from Russia

Zvyagintsev’s film “Dislike” going to put forward on “Oscar” from Russia In the words of producer Alexander Rodnyansky, the chances of the movie “Matilda” in the race for the “Oscar” is low. Moscow. August 18. INTERFAX.RU — the creators of the film “Dislike” to present the tape for “Oscar” from Russia, said producer Alexander Rodnyansky, expressing confidence that the painting “Matilda” by Alexei Uchitel little chance of success in the race for the prestigious American award. “Just say that it is not about choosing the best Russian film that is impossible, too subjective selection criteria. It is important to put the picture, is able to win the vote of the members of the American Academy” — said the producer of “Dislike” Rodnyansky “Interfax” on Friday. “That is why we will nominate the film Andrei Zvyagintsev’s “Dislike” and are confident that he has a chance in the struggle for “Oscar”. From

Putin appointed new Russian Ambassador in India

Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin has appointed the Deputy Director General Secretariat of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Nikolay Kudashev new Ambassador of the Russian Federation in India. The corresponding decree was published on Friday, August 18, on the official Internet portal of legal information. “To appoint Kudasheva Nikolay Rishatovich Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in the Republic of India,” the document says. The previous representative of the Russian Federation in India Alexander Kadakin, who was in this position since 2009, passed away in late January due to heart disease. The past six months, Moscow to new Delhi was represented by charge d’affaires of the Embassy Anatoly Kargapolov. Nikolay Kudashev is a career diplomat and specialist in South East Asia. In 2014-2015 was the Russian Ambassador to Micronesia (country in Oceania) and the Marshall Islands.

From the Neva caught a body of the man with the valve on the neck

Malookhtinsky embankment The security services of St. Petersburg recovered from the Neva river the body of a floater attached to the neck reinforcement. As reported on Friday, August 18, “Fontanka”, the incident occurred the night before. It is noted that the body washed up on Malookhtinsky embankment in the Central area of the city. Judging by the condition of the corpse, the man died a few weeks ago. The visible remains of a strong putrefactive changes, reports Nation News. In view of the deceased from 45 to 50 years. The body sent to the morgue for examination, established the identity of the deceased. In early August, information appeared that in the South of the capital near the Moscow river were found fragments of human bodies were in plastic bags and cardboard boxes cemented. It is established that the remains belong to a man and a woman. In addition, there is

The number of victims of the attacks in the Finnish Turku grew to

The number of victims of the attacks in the Finnish Turku grew to Moscow. August 18. INTERFAX.RU — the Number of deaths in several attacks with a knife that occurred in the Finnish city of Turku has increased to two, said on Friday the law enforcement agencies of the country. Another six people were injured. The police confirmed that the assailant was wounded by police officers detained the attacker. According to eyewitnesses, in the area of the RAID were heard, according to various sources, one or more shots recorded several attacks with a knife. As reported by the media, the chief of police Seppo Kolehmainen, it is too early to say who was behind the crime and whether the manifestation of international terrorism.

One person was killed in series of attacks in the Finnish Turku

One person was killed in series of attacks in the Finnish Turku Moscow. August 18. INTERFAX.RU Police carried out a special operation in the squares Boutari and Kauppatori in the centre of the Finnish city of Turku. According to eyewitnesses in the area had heard different reports, one or more shots recorded several attacks with a knife. On Boutari, as told by the eyewitnesses, one person was killed and two were wounded. At Kauppatori, too, there are several wounded, according to the portal Yle broadcasting. The police was wounded in the leg of one of the suspects in the attacks, he was detained. Local residents advised to avoid the Central part of the city. Pelolle valtaa ei saa antaa? Yksittäistapaus? Olisiko aika siirtyä loppuunkäytetyistä fraaseista toimintaan? #turussa #turku #terrorismi — Rasmus Rantanen (@rantanen_rasmus) 18 Aug 2017 During the download an error has occurred.”No need to be afraid of? Isolated

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