Moscow has said it is frustrated with the Russian Consulate in San Francisco Russian flag

The Russian Embassy in Washington announced that the American government tore down the flags from the closed consular of Russia in San Francisco. “Another shameful event. In San Francisco stole the flags from the buildings of the Consulate”, — the publication reads. Embassy on the page in Facebook stated that the American side was sent strong protest. “See this as an extremely unfriendly step. Demand the immediate return of Russian state symbols in place and to prevent the incident in future,” — added in the Embassy. On 3 October, the Russian foreign Ministry has published in his Telegram-channel video in which several people are under the supervision of the police break the lock of the Consulate General. “The Americans, breaking into our overseas missions, has agreed to the possibility of similar treatment with their representative offices in Russia”, — concluded the Minister. August 31, the US authorities have demanded from

A woman in the Congo has sentenced to rape his own stepson over a fish

Improvised Congolese militia court sentenced the woman to a public rape and death because enjoyed her meals. It is reported by France24, citing an eight-minute video. The incident occurred in the town of Luebo (Kasai province) on 8 April. By this time there ruled the militants of the little-known groups declared loyalty of tribal insurgency “Kamuina NSPU”. The footage shows how in the Central square of the town pushed a naked woman. The leader of the militants grabs her head and says that she is sentenced to death for treason. After that, her publicly raped by a stepson, the son of the husband from first marriage, and then both killed. According to eyewitnesses, some murderers drank the blood of their victims. How did you learn France24, the reason for the discontent of the terrorists was the food. In the dish that the restaurant’s owner decided to feed uninvited guests, there

Malaysian bakery became famous because of spotty cakes

Malaysian bakery became famous because of spotty cakes Bakery from Kuala Lumpur, The Cakescape established trade cakes in the shape of female faces covered with “inflamed” acne cream with purulent abscesses. In facebook bakery posted a photo realistic looking sweets, covered with sores, that you can squeeze and push back in several times without losing the shock effect. During the download an error has occurred. The owners of the bakery told reporters Mashable that the sale of spotty cakes increased significantly compared to last year, when it was ordered a total of 20 items. According to employees of the institution, such cakes are bought mainly for the celebration of marriages. Last year unusual confections handmade has brought fame to the student of Harvard Zauzmer Emily (Emily Zauzmer). In his Instagram account a sweet girl laid out copies of famous paintings such as “Starry night” by van Gogh or the Scream

A well-known secret of Hollywood

A well-known secret of Hollywood Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Asia Argento and the actress spoke about the violence and abuse by Harvey Weinstein. October 5 in The New York Times published an investigation that one of the most influential Hollywood producers Harvey Weinstein for many years allowed himself unwanted sexual actions towards subordinates and the young Actresses — and then paid off from their charges. After that, Weinstein was fired from the company he founded. Newsis Why even in Hollywood women are still treated as things Harassment on the part of the producer said several Actresses including Romola garai, Gwyneth Paltrow and angelina Jolie, Asia Argento told The New Yorker magazine that Weinstein forced her to have oral sex with him. Some Actresses say that the behavior of Weinstein was not a secret in Hollywood. others recognized that this was a very shocking news. 11 Oct wife of Harvey Weinstein,

The rules of life

The rules of life “I guess I will go down in history as the tarnished Warhol that drives me to despair”. Beauty creates a hierarchythat is clear to everyone. Men and women with special DNA have the ability to occupy a special position in society. I decided to become an artist in 26 years. I was going to be a cartoonist, and filmed the animation on eight millimeter film, but after 4 years and have not been successful. When I realized that I do not possess the necessary talent, I had the opportunity to visit the exhibition of Japanese artist, Shinro Otake. He created such paintings that I was convinced it was mine. With Warhol, we have too different backgrounds. Say that we had one thing in common: we both came from generation consumption. But I, unlike Warhol, did not aid in the form of a dynamically developing society, which

Drivers of minibuses in Omsk check on the ability to shoot rifles and pistols

State enterprise Omskoblavtotrans will hold a competition among bus drivers. October 13 contestants will have to demonstrate your skills in knowledge of traffic rules, shooting and high-speed maneuvering “gazelles” and GROOVE. It is reported IA FlashSiberia. In the competition drivers will shoot at targets with small caliber rifles and pistols at distances of 50 and 25 meters respectively. Each participant will be able to produce five test and five scoring shots. The winner will be determined by the highest number of embossed points. As explained FlashSiberia the organizers of the competition “the drivers participating in the competition, I’m not going to shoot the passengers.” In July last year in Omsk taxi driver during a conflict with another motorist opened fire from a traumatic gun. As a result, two people were hospitalized with injuries. About the detention of the taxi driver was not reported.

The Russian governors offered to check IQ

Vladimir Zhirinovsky LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky suggested the state Duma to check the level of intelligence of the Russian governors. It is reported RIA Novosti on Wednesday, October 11. “Now it’s 10 [ new] governors, who checked? And in five years will chase them in jail? Because it is necessary to check all on IQ. (…) Everything that man has said over the last 30 years, drive into the computer, and in the end will come, at least on a five-point system, one two, three, one four with a minus”, — said Zhirinovsky at the plenary session. According to the politician, “the five” pass the test only one head. What he has in mind, the liberal Democrat said. Earlier on Wednesday Vladimir Zhirinovsky has declared that is ready to measure the ratio of intelligence with the US President Donald trump and Secretary of state, Rex Tillerson. On the eve of

The government of Moscow region told about the pace of improvement of yards

About 7,5 thousand of yards you plan to finish in the Moscow region in the next few years, said Minister of housing and communal services of the region Evgeny hromushin. His words to the correspondent “” on Wednesday, October 11. The Minister explained that a particular area will choose the residents by voting on the portal “Dobrodel” which starts on 17 October. “When we launched the vote we have the core list was formed on the basis of meetings with residents, meetings. And we managed only 139 yards further to include. This year we are not holding back anything,” said hromushin. He added that by the end of this year, the region will repair about 1.5 million households. On 12 September it was reported that in the suburbs prospered for nearly 650 yards, which is 45 percent of the plan. In early August the head of the Moscow region Andrei