Moscow has said it is frustrated with the Russian Consulate in San Francisco Russian flag

The Russian Embassy in Washington announced that the American government tore down the flags from the closed consular of Russia in San Francisco.

“Another shameful event. In San Francisco stole the flags from the buildings of the Consulate”, — the publication reads.

Embassy on the page in Facebook stated that the American side was sent strong protest. “See this as an extremely unfriendly step. Demand the immediate return of Russian state symbols in place and to prevent the incident in future,” — added in the Embassy.

On 3 October, the Russian foreign Ministry has published in his Telegram-channel video in which several people are under the supervision of the police break the lock of the Consulate General. “The Americans, breaking into our overseas missions, has agreed to the possibility of similar treatment with their representative offices in Russia”, — concluded the Minister.

August 31, the US authorities have demanded from Russia to close until 2 September, the General Consulate in San Francisco to stop using the buildings of the trade mission in Washington and new York. These actions, as explained in the White house, were a response to the reduction of the U.S. deprecative in Russia.