A well-known secret of Hollywood

A well-known secret of Hollywood

Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Asia Argento and the actress spoke about the violence and abuse by Harvey Weinstein.

October 5 in The New York Times published an investigation that one of the most influential Hollywood producers Harvey Weinstein for many years allowed himself unwanted sexual actions towards subordinates and the young Actresses — and then paid off from their charges. After that, Weinstein was fired from the company he founded.

Newsis Why even in Hollywood women are still treated as things

Harassment on the part of the producer said several Actresses including Romola garai, Gwyneth Paltrow and angelina Jolie, Asia Argento told The New Yorker magazine that Weinstein forced her to have oral sex with him. Some Actresses say that the behavior of Weinstein was not a secret in Hollywood. others recognized that this was a very shocking news. 11 Oct wife of Harvey Weinstein, designer Georgina Chapman, has announced that it parted with her husband. “Jellyfish” tells the story of how an investigation by The New York Times forced the industry to turn away from the legendary producer.

“The problem that really exists”

After the publication in The New York Times, co-founder of a production company Miramax and The Weinstein Company, the Oscar and BAFTA Harvey Weinstein publicly repented of their actions. October 9, Weinstein was fired from his own film Studio, and on October 10 announced that the name of the founder will be removed from the title company. Reporters learned that before the dismissal, Weinstein asked the chief agents of Hollywood celebrities and heads of studios to intercede with the Board of Directors of The Weinstein Company — but to no avail.

The producer wrote to his colleagues that he wants to temporarily retire to save his reputation and keep the position. Most of the accusations he denied. “If I go through psychotherapy and take a course of psychological consultations, as did other people, I think, will give me a second chance. All I need — that I supported the film industry”, — was stated in the letter submitted to the editorial Board of The New York Times as one of its recipients.

On the eve of consideration of the question of dismissal of Harvey Weinstein of The Weinstein Company from the Board of Directors of the company came several people. The decision was taken by the remaining four Directors — including his brother Bob Weinstein, with whom in the late 70’s Harvey founded the legendary film Studio Miramax.

In a letter to the counselor Harvey Weinstein and his brother said that “Harvey probably really need to seek professional help and solved the problem that really exists.”

He also said that democratic organizations return the money that Harvey Weinstein has donated to them to support women’s rights.

Abuse of power

The first woman who told him about the harassment Harvey Weinstein after the publication of the investigation by The New York Times, was the star of “Atonement,” Joe Wright, “angel,” Francois Ozon and mini-series “Emma” Romola Garay. According to her, it happened when she was only 18 years — in 2000-m to year, after her first big role. “Like every other woman in the industry, I had a “personal interview” from Harvey Weinstein; after listening it was necessary that he personally endorsed your candidacy,” said Garay. The actress claims that she was asked to go up to Weinstein in a hotel room where he met her in a Bathrobe. According to the memoirs of the actress, she felt she was not entitled to resist. “It was an abuse of power,” explained Garay. She added that she only spoke now because up to this point in the film industry this behavior is not considered a problem and no one would listen.

Then about abuse by Weinstein said the actress and TV presenter Lauren Sevian — according to her, about ten years ago, the producer had her pinned on the party in the corner, told to “shut up” and began to masturbate until he reached orgasm. As the woman explained, she did not report the case because they were afraid of scandal and the Weinstein, which had a large media impact. Harassment on the part of Weinstein has also written a post on Medium ex-model Zoe Brock. She recalls how at age 23 I met with the producer at the Cannes film festival, where he tricked her in the hotel saying there brought the party — and friends girls go there in another car. Brock says that they had a common close friend, Director Jane Campion, so she felt safe. When they were alone, producer undressed and tried to massage her, and Brock had to hide from him in the bathroom.

The New Yorker spoke with several women who claim that Harvey Weinstein has made against them violent actions of sexual character. Among them — the actress and Director Asia Argento, daughter of legendary Director of horror films of Dario Argento. She told the interviewer about in 1997 he accepted the invitation to the Weinstein party in the hotel, but found that the room except the two of them, no one. When the producer came out of the bathroom in a robe and with a bottle of lotion for the massage, she tried to protest, but was so scared that he did not resist. Then, she said, Weinstein pulled up her skirt and, despite her pleas to stop, began to make her cunnilingus. Argento said that for years blamed myself for not found the strength to fight back and was badly injured of the incident. As said the publication of Argento, her sense of guilt and inability to talk about the incident was aggravated by the fact that subsequently, she voluntarily worked with the Weinstein sex and accepted his help.