Sergei Neverov elected leader of the faction “United Russia” in the state Duma

The Secretary General Council Of “United Russia” Sergei Neverov © Alexander Shalgina/press service of the state Duma of the Russian Federation/TASS MOSCOW, October 9. /TASS/. The Secretary General Council of “United Russia”, Deputy Duma speaker Sergei Neverov elected leader of the United Russia faction in the state Duma. This decision was taken on Monday at a meeting of the deputies of the parliamentary majority.

Omsk five-year plan Victor Nazarov

Viktor Nazarov © Cyril Kuhmar/TASS Viktor Nazarov was born in 1962 in the village of Inhale Bolsherechensky area of the Omsk region. It is on the relationship with the region and knowledge of its basic problems were noticed by the experts when assigning Nazarov for Governor in may 2012. He graduated from the law faculty of the Omsk state University, worked for several years in the Prosecutor’s office and military investigator. However, many considered him a native of the Corporation “Gazprom” — for some time Nazarov headed the company “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Omsk”. To lead the region Nazarov suggested that the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. Members of the Legislative Assembly of the Omsk region have approved his candidacy by majority vote. Nazarov was replaced as head of the region Governor-“the heavyweight” Leonid Polezhayev, who was the head of the Omsk region for 20 years. In 2015 Nazarov won

Ushakov: the Makron is expected to visit the Russian Federation as at the SPIEF, and it

The Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov © Alexei Nikolsky/press service of the Russian President/TASS MOSCOW, October 9. /TASS/. The President of France Emmanuel macron can make a visit to Russia to the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF) in 2018, told reporters the Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov. He also did not rule out that the French leader will actively participate in the forum.

Erdogan, Poroshenko promised not to recognize the annexation of Crimea to Russia

Erdogan and Petro Poroshenko Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his official visit to Kiev, said that Ankara does not recognize the annexation of Crimea to Russia. On Monday, October 9, transfers “Interfax-Ukraine”. The Turkish leader said Ankara’s interest in a speedy conclusion of the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine. According to him, the problem can be solved only on the basis of international law, RIA Novosti reported. Earlier, on 9 October, Poroshenko hoped on the accession of Turkey to the group of “friends of de-occupation of the Crimea.” This political Association was announced by Kiev for the return of the Peninsula under the control of Ukraine. In Moscow regularly emphasize that the question of the status of the Peninsula is closed, since the accession of the region conform to the norms of international law. Crimea became part of Russia after the March 2014 referendum in which the majority

Poland announced the creation of cyberarmies

The Minister of defence of Poland, Anthony Macierewicz announced that in Poland will be created kibervoyska. It is reported Onet Wiadomosci. “The destruction of sites and infecting their false reports, fake news, can be created whole societies. It is important to realize and remember that our main opponent has made information one of its most important weapons, and every day he tries to influence the formation of consciousness, in our minds and attitude to the events,” said Makarevich, speaking at a cybersecurity Forum in Krakow. Macierewicz directly accused of such actions of Russia. “During the illegal referendum in Catalonia Russian hackers helped the organizers of the plebiscite to circumvent the blockade of the online voting system, created by the Spanish government,” — said the head of the Polish defense Ministry. However, no evidence of his words he had not. The forum with participation of Prime Minister of Poland Beata Szydlo,

CNN found out secret information about the life of an arrow from the Las Vegas

At the disposal of journalists of CNN turned out to be 97-page court records for Las Vegas arrow Stephen Paddock. The document was written in October 2013, when the Paddock has filed a civil suit against a hotel, where he slipped and fell on the stairs. According to the report, the future killer was led primarily nocturnal: during the day he slept, and at night played in the casino. He could lose more than a million dollars, but went on gambling establishments in the greased pants and flip-flops. Paddock also had a habit of coming to the gaming rooms with their drinks so as not to tip the waiters. In turn, publishing the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that in June, the doctor prescribed the Paddock of a sedative drug valium could cause aggression in a patient. Earlier, on 9 October, The Sun published an interview with a prostitute whose services

See how sea stars move (and wait for the nightmares)

See how sea stars move (and wait for the nightmares) Usually we see a starfish, just lying on the bottom. But you know how they move? Almost like monsters in horror movies! During the download an error has occurred. The video was shot by Zeb of Hallock on the beach in North Carolina in 2012. At the beginning of October 2017 video noticed by the users of social networks. They even did an accelerated version, which looks even worse. Or the video — You’ll never know (@Oh_lalala_) October 7, 2017 During the download an error has occurred. But most of all they were startled by a strange object that appeared in the upper left corner of the frame at the end of the video. What is it? The leg of a giant baby? A hand, twisted at unusual angles? That’s fine, but what is this???? — #SheaButterBrittany (@LovedByBrittany)

Scientists have proven the link between sex, drugs and rock-n-roll

Scientists have proven the link between sex, drugs and rock-n-roll Scientists at the University Penn state harrisburg have investigated the relationship between sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. The paper was published in the Human Ethology Bulletin. “Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll — historically a triptych in pop culture. However, in scientific literature there is no empirical evidence that there is a positive correlation between these three phenomena,” — said in the Preface. The researchers surveyed 181 men and 286 women. The results showed that communication really occurs under certain circumstances. “Depends on how you interpret variables”, — said in the study. It turned out that women musicians are five times more likely to report short-term sexual relations without a condom. Musicians-men are three times more likely to use narcotic stimulants. Heavy music genres such as punk, metal, techno and rap were the most associated with sex and drugs. Scientists stressed that the

The guide was scared and cracked under his feet glass bridge

The guide was scared and cracked under his feet glass bridge In China, a suspended glass bridge, passing along the mountain Tianshan, equipped with multimedia panels that simulate breaking glass. A video in which one of the guides gets scared when it starts to crack the surface, posted on YouTube. During the download an error has occurred. According to Mashable, after the publication of the video online has criticized the makers of the bridge for special effect which can make the visitors a heart attack. However, the administration of the County East of Taihang explained Baizhi360 that the panel established “to provoke”, and the man in the video knew that this would happen. To dismantle the multimedia screens are planned. Publication Lishchun from Anya (@annalishchun) May 9 2017 at 7:24 PDT During the download an error has occurred.

Pamfilova told Putin about cleaned up the “tails” of the election campaign

Vladimir Putin and Ella Pamfilova The head of the Central election Commission, Ella Pamfilova at the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin asked to instruct the Prosecutor General and the Investigative Committee to “bring to mind” the case of violations committed in the course of a single day of voting. On Monday, October 9, reported on the Kremlin website. The head of the CEC briefed the President on the conduct of the single voting day and the election campaign. “I would like to say that it was quite competitive. In 16 regions where elections were held for governors, was from three to seven candidates. That is, all the talk about the fact that the campaign is not very competitive, is untenable,” — said Pamfilova. According to her, during the campaign-2017, the CEC has received “a record low” complaints. “Almost a “tails” cleaned up now “tails” in this campaign, little “tails”